Living room in loft style: interior and photo of the hall, furniture design in Khrushchev, lighting of a small dining room

The design in the loft style will make the living room unique and unrepeatable The loft-style layout will make the living room unique and unique Loft easily breaks stereotypes that bare walls are a sign of prolonged repair, and classic sofas do not belong in modern interiors. Today, loft skillfully combines classical materials and modern, high-tech devices;Quality, expensive upholstered furniture and brick walls without a hint of finish. Having gone a long way, the loft in the interior became a demonstration of the high standard of living of the apartment owners, their creative start. What specific features are inherent in the style of the loft and what you need to consider when decorating the living room - read the article.

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Interior of living room in loft style

Design of living room in loft style is an imitation of the interior of production premises. For the halls, decorated in the loft tradition, high ceilings, absence of doors and finished interroom partitions, panoramic windows are characteristic.

If you decide to make the living room non-standard and unique, then the designers advise choosing the room layout for the loft If you decide to make the living room non-standard and unique, then the designers advise you to choose the style of the loft

for the arrangement of the room. The walls in the loft-style living rooms are often left uncovered: brickwork, concrete or plasterboard grounds best correspond to the basic principlesStyle. The design of the ceilings depends on their characteristics: low ceilings can be painted white or left without treatment, deliberately exposing the joints of slabs, the surface of the ceilings, for the design of high ceilings, you can use open ventilation ducts, structures that imitate wooden or metal frames. For flooring in loft style, all materials that are associated with industrial premises are used: wood, concrete screed, stone tile.

Lighting for living rooms in loft style presupposes the presence of spotlights, track systems, suspended spotlights. Textiles in living rooms in loft style are not welcome: windows are often used for blinds. As elements of the living room decor in the loft style, you can use a variety of posters, large-scale photos, graffiti, paintings, plants, original figurines, designer fittings.

Furniture in the loft style room

Since the loft style is characterized by free space, the furniture in the loft style room should be functional and skillfully zoned. In addition, the choice of accessories should be dictated by the appropriateness of the purchase: the loft does not tolerate the crowded space, so to furnish the hall you need to choose only really necessary fittings.

The main object of the interior of the living room in loft style is the sofa, so its choice should be approached carefully and deliberately The main object of the living room interior is in the loft style is the sofa, so its choice should be carefully and carefully considered.

The central place in the loft-style living room is occupied by a sofa. It should be comfortable, look expensive, be made of high-quality materials. If the funds for interior decoration of the hall can be saved, then savings on upholstered furniture is unacceptable. This applies to home appliances: the loft involves the use of high-performance, modern appliances and gadgets designed to simplify life and improve living conditions.

The choice of upholstered furniture and storage items depends on the taste preferences of the apartment owner and the characteristics of the room: for small living rooms, convertible sofas, compact modules, for spacious rooms - triple, wide leather sofas, high racks.

Living room loft for a small apartment

The motto of the loft style is more free, open space, which, it would seem, is incompatible with small-sized apartments. But, for modern designers there is nothing impossible: today in the network you can find a lot of photos that confirm that the style of loft in Khrushchev is not only possible, but, moreover, stylish and practical.

In order to fully make a modern loft from your apartment, you should think about the possibilities of redevelopment. Often, the owners of Khrushchev prefer a combined living room-kitchen. At the same time, the question arises about the zoning of space.

Even a small room can be decorated in a loft style, the main thing is to plan the design of a premise in advance Even a small room can be designed in loft style, the main thing is to think in advance of the design of the room

To differentiate the living room and kitchen areas in the loft style, the following can be used:

  • Kitchen accessories( mobile modules built-inWall tables);
  • Various textures in the finish of floors( for example, for a kitchen suitable tiles, tiles, concrete screed, for the living room - parquet, laminate, linoleum);
  • Intensity of lighting( bright, central chandelier can be found in the living room, and suspended systems with spotlights in the kitchen area).

For kitchen in loft style, a massive hood, chrome elements, glass surfaces, plain dishes of simple shapes, "bare" walls are suitable. The dining room can be found both in the kitchen area and in the living room. Ideal option will be if as a dining table a bar counter or a small part of the remaining interior partition will perform. It is not necessary to decorate such a semi-partition: a brick or concrete frame will perfectly fit into the general stylistics of the loft.

How to turn a one-room apartment into a modern loft

One-room apartments also have loft-style design. If the room has access to a balcony or a loggia, then it is worthwhile to think about the expansion of the space due to the demolition of the wall with the balcony door and the window frame. In this case, the balcony or loggia should be glazed and insulated. For glazing it is better to choose panoramic windows with aluminum frames. Often a wall with a balcony door is equipped with radiators. It is not worth it because of this, to abandon the idea of ​​expanding space: a part of the wall with batteries can be left as a semi-partition. This solution will not only visually expand the space, but also solve the problem with the zoning of the room. In addition, the radiators will become a spectacular decorative element: for the loft style, openness and naturalness of communications are characteristic, therefore it is not necessary to hide the batteries behind special panels or paint them in classic white.

The style of the loft is suitable for a one-room apartment with an adjacent kitchen-living room, which can be decorated in one color scheme The style of the loft is also suitable for a one-room apartment with an adjacent kitchen-living room that can be decorated in one color scheme

In the interior decoration of a small room, the same basic style principles should be adhered to:

  • Walls can be exposedTo brickwork, concrete or plasterboard;
  • For floors suitable unprocessed wood, concrete screed, laminate or parquet;
  • The ceiling should be left natural.

For loft style it is not recommended to use skirting boards, stretch ceilings, conceal wires and wiring.

When choosing furniture, you should keep a course for simplicity and functionality: give preference to sofas-transformers, minimalistic modular housings. The bed can be carried to the loggia. For the zoning of the premises, glass, plasterboard partitions and furniture elements are suitable.

The loft enables you to choose the accessories freely, without being tied to its shape, color, and character.

Cozy lounge in loft style( video)

Loft is a modern, original style, which can be used in decoration as the owner of spacious apartments, as well as the owner of a small apartment. The main advantage of the style is the freedom to choose decorative elements and accessories, open space and communications, economy, lack of finishing. Loft style is available for everyone, and the interior in this style always turns out to be unique and unrepeatable. Dare!And you will never be disappointed in decorating your living room!

living room design loft-style( interior photo)