Design of a living room with two windows: no decoration room, 2 photos and three, panorama in a private house, corner interior

Two windows are quite enough for living rooms of large and medium size Two windows are enough for large and medium sized living rooms The design of a living room with two windows and other non-standard light solutions requires a special approach. The number of windows, which differs from one, gives an extra room for imagination, but it also has its own difficulties that need to be overcome when decorating the living room. Usually it's hard for ordinary people to think up the situation of a room with a non-standard layout and they turn to experienced designers, but with a certain share of creativity you can decorate the room yourself.

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    • Modern living room 2 windows: design and layout
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    • CozyThe living room with two windows on one wall

      Two windows on one wall are the most frequent non-standard race.

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    • .Assumption windows for an apartment or in a private home. Use this feature correctly, so that the potentially original interior does not become an ordinary room.

      An excellent solution is the location opposite one window - a resting place, and opposite the second - the working area An excellent solution is the location opposite to one window - resting place, and opposite the second - working area

      You can design the living room with two windows taking into account the following recommendations:

      • You can place two windows on the wallTV or fireplace, then you get a finished composition;
      • Furniture, in particular a sofa, can be placed opposite the windows so that you can admire the beautiful view of the street or the infield;
      • It is interesting to fit a mirror into the interior by hanging it between windows or on an adjacent wall so that the sun's rays reflected in it make the room even lighter;
      • Curtains on the windows must be the same, you can draw them from two symmetrical sides, but the pattern and fabric should be identical;
      • It will be interesting to look shelves that occupy all the space on the wall between the windows.

      It is not necessary to choose exactly these design options, you can always invent something of your own.

      Modern living room 2 windows: design and layout

      However, windows can be located not only on one wall, but also on adjacent ones, then in the room there will be one light corner and one dark one. This interior feature can also be turned into a dignity and create a unique living room design. The

      The Here are some of the most common ideas for the design of such a living room:
      • It's a good idea to place a corner sofa in the corner between the windows;
      • A corner fireplace will help create a room of light, comfort and heat in the room, it can be used to install various decorative elements;
      • Near the windows on different walls you can arrange a reading area, placing a window around the chair near each window, and placing a coffee table and floor lamp in a corner;
      • Of course, we must not forget that the curtains on the windows again must be identical;
      • Heavy drapes can spoil the whole impression of light and lightness of the room, so preference is best given to tulle and silk.

      In a similar way, you can decorate a room with one large corner window. Having a bright corner in the room, you can not forget about the dark, you can place a multimedia zone or upholstered furniture.

      You can play not only with the arrangement of furniture, but also with the color design of the room.

      Bright living room with three windows

      Of course, the setting of the living room with three windows is even more complicated than with two, but it also has its obvious advantages, using it correctly to get a delightful interior.

      One large and two small windows look great in the interior, made in a classical style One large and two small windows look great in an interior made in the classical style of

      Here are some features and key moments of the arrangement of the living room with three windows:

      • The room with three windows will always be filled with light, so in the finish you can safely use dark colors without fear of visually reducing the room;
      • An interesting variant of arrangement of such a bright living room will be the location of the recreation area clearly in the middle of the room, if you install two couches opposite to each other and release the passage to the windows;
      • A small living room with panoramic windows will create a sense of closeness to nature, and therefore you can decorate the living room in a rustic style, which will give it additional comfort;
      • We should not forget about the mandatory condition for using the same curtains on the windows, no matter what size they are, and whether they are plastic or wooden;
      • If all three windows are located in one corner, you can create a beautiful light library or dining area.

      No need to be afraid of experiments, and then the living room will be really original and cozy.

      Competent design of the living room without windows

      The living room without windows, of course, is the result of redevelopment and is a particularly difficult case for design design. However, do not despair, because, given some important points, you can make the room beautiful and quite suitable for a comfortable time in it.

      If there are no windows in the living room, good lighting should be done by installing a sufficient number of lighting devices If there are no windows in the living room, you need to make good lighting by installing a sufficient number of lighting fixtures.

      Here are the key points to consider when repairing a windowless living room:

      • Lighting in the room, installing not only a chandelier, but also point lights in the room;
      • The living room without a window is deprived of not only light, but also the possibility of airing, so you need to carefully consider the ventilation system;
      • And without that the dark room should not be aggravated with dark colors in the decoration, it is better to make the walls light, although the floor, for example, can be left dark, so that the contrast visually expands the room;
      • It is recommended to leave walls as free as possible from a large number of pictures and home photographs;
      • Textile gives any room cosiness and harmony, and therefore the living room, which has lost curtains, must necessarily have in the interior of other textile elements, for example, rugs, bedspreads or blankets.

      Given these key points, a room without a window will look no worse than its lighter brethren.

      Original living room without window

      Do not worry if there are no windows in the living room, because there are several ways that the room looks beautiful and original.

      Among the most popular options are:

      • Fireplace;
      • False-window;
      • Glowing ceiling;
      • Stained-glass windows;
      • Photo-wallpaper.

      The living room, decorated in dark colors, looks good with spotlights The living room, decorated in dark colors, looks good in the presence of spotlights

      Create a cozy home atmosphere will help the fireplace. Of course, in a room without hoods this is not allowed, but a falsely-fireplace or electric hearth will very much decorate the room.

      The false window is a good design analogue of the present window, and it can be decorated with stained-glass elements with illumination or placed on the ceiling with a view of photo printing of a blue sky with clouds.

      The glowing ceiling is also able to decorate the room, it is made of a backlight evenly placed behind a translucent stretch PVC film that lets in light, but makes its sources invisible.

      Photo wallpapers on the wall can connect a room without windows with nature, and therefore give the room some zest. For example, photo-wallpaper depicting snow mountains will help to breathe freshness into the closed space of the room.

      Cozy living room design with two windows( video)

      To face the issue of the setting of a living room with an unusual number of windows, not only owners of private houses, but also families in "Khrushchev" and "centipedes" may face. Making out the living room with an unusual layout of the windows, you should always try to turn the disadvantages of the room into its advantages. A competent arrangement of furniture, choice of curtains and color solutions in the interior can create a real interior masterpiece.

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