Walls in the living room: inexpensive from the manufacturer, photo Flora, roomy colors, large views, economy with table

Beautiful wall will stylishly complement the interior of the guest room wall Beautiful stylish complement the interior of the guest room Living is a unique facades. In the interior of the living room, the wall is practically indispensable, it is universal, practical, aesthetic, and the current design is simply amazing in its range. It does not matter which wall is high or low, it's easy to choose its style for the necessary interior, because they are created for any size and decoration of the room. It is difficult to imagine, but one wall can replace several chests of drawers, shelves and even a cupboard for dishes. For a long time, the days of standard obsolete rectangular products, decorated with veneer, have become fashionable, originality, practicality and functionality have become fashionable.

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Features closets for living room: composition

walls How it will look like the future living room, it is also determined in the process of preparation for repair. Each owner chooses for himself what he wants to see this room. It can be a spacious hall with a corner sofa and home cinema or stay at the "chamber" version and organize a cozy living room with a fireplace and rocking chair.

basis of the choice made, the wall may be composed of:

  • Pollock;
  • of the Wardrobe;
  • Showcases;
  • Book shelves;
  • Sections that are arranged vertically and horizontally;
  • Equipped with a mirror.

The modern wall can consist of different modules, which you can choose yourself The modern wall can consist of different modules that can be selected independently

The wall can be positioned in any angle, for example, along the entire horizontal wall or in a compact form at the discretion of the household. Of course, do not forget that a cozy room - a spacious room, but in today's apartments have to be content with small.

Very often you can see the expansion of the room by adding a kitchen or other rooms.

what exactly is the concept of walls:

  • Great choice in favor of height;
  • The design can be not only wooden, but also other shelves;
  • Possibility to choose a modular design and then the wall will consist of several parts, which at the request of the owner can be placed in any order;
  • Radius and type-making components;
  • In modern walls there is a bar, a TV stand, clothes for dishes and books. The versatility of the walls is striking;
  • Ability to install sliding doors on the cabinet;
  • Presence of an open design, shelves that are created for books and souvenirs are moved to the side of the room;
  • It is appropriate to put it next to the bed or table.

Inexpensive living room walls: trends in fashion

Over the past few years, walls made of natural wood and other natural materials such as leather, metal or wood have been very popular.

At the moment, colors such as beige, brown or sand are fashionable for decoration, such colors can transform any room.

The most organically in the interior of the living room will be a beautiful sand wall The most beautiful thing in the interior of the living room is the beautiful wall of sand

All this is perfectly combined if the owner of the flora and eco stands first. In addition, experts recommend not to be afraid of experiments, and combine different styles in one based on their own taste and imagination.

Walls in the living room can be safely chosen, if it has gloss, it will look great with a leather sofa. It does not matter what size the walls are, low and narrow or large and wide, given several important points, the wall can become light, and perform all the necessary functionality. Very popular are special stands made of organic glass, it is not only fashionable, stylish, but also practical, since they do not require much care.

walls in the living room: the photo and styles

Forms walls are so diverse that in choosing eyes run, but in form they are divided into several sub-types: angular, linear and U-shaped.

The choice of shape depends on the layout of the living room and the apartment as a whole. So, for example, for a small hall, a linear wall and a corner wall are suitable. In the case of angular views, you can save enough free space.

Selecting the wall for the living room, you should consider the design and size of the room Choosing wall of the living room, to consider the design and size of the room

choose the style of the future wall should be only when the owner is determined with the room layout. It must be remembered that the future wall should ideally be combined with the overall interior of the room and the rest of the furniture, since not only the doors will be admired. Therefore, it is best to buy a wall with other furniture attributes. If they already exist, then the choice should fall in the direction of combination with the general situation of the living room. In the hall everything should emphasize the necessary environment, even the choice of wallpaper, curtains, and sex should be aimed at supporting a common style. The most popular styles at the moment are considered to be: modern, classical, minimalism, high-tech, modern, provence.

Modern style and walls are roomy for living room

The most super popular style is modern. In this style, preference is given to modular structures, functionality and conciseness, these are comfortable and beautiful pieces of furniture. Modern designers have developed more than 60 wall models, which are adapted to the combination at the discretion of the owners. The popularity of this style increases because such walls, even embedded in a niche, will give the room its originality.

The wall for the living room should not only be beautiful, but functional and practical wall for the living room should be not only beautiful, but also functional and practical

The special features of contemporary style include:

  • use as the main material production of chipboard. Their thickness is narrow and is no more than 22mm. When creating such walls, about four special coatings are used, the edges are sealed with PVC tape;
  • Pasting facades, which are made of chipboard, conducted with the help of veneer, then all covered with leather, covered with enamel and special tempered glass;
  • The width can start from a meter, the dimensions can be selected according to the customer's request. Depth and height also depends on the wishes;
  • The last action is the framing of the material with metal profiles and gluing onto the chipboard sheets;
  • Handles for these models are missing, all drawers and doors are pushed by pressing the panel;
  • Equipped with mezzanine, there is a mirror surface;
  • Furniture can have bent corners.

main distinctive side of the walls is that they are not just installed on surface and mounted on the wall and at the same time equipped with additional illumination.

Is it worth saying that such a wall can be installed in the bedroom as well. The range of colors is large enough, it is dominated by calm and laconic tones.

Large walls for the living room: the destiny of the classical style

As for the classical style, there is a note of the past in it. Modular elements are practically absent here, often it is cabinet furniture. These are closed cabinets, good in quality and amazing in appearance.

The main components include:

  • One or more chests of drawers;
  • Shelving;
  • Cabinets;
  • Equipment with a secretor;
  • Sideboard.

The modern wall must necessarily include a small cabinet, hinged shelves and a rack Contemporary wall must include a small closet, hanging shelves and shelving

Style restricts the wall to these elements. In addition, experiments with paints in the classical style are unacceptable.

walls Differences in classic style as follows:

  1. frame of the furniture is made of laminated particle board or veneering;
  2. The facade is made of MDF material and uses exclusively natural wood species;
  3. Unlike the modern style in the classical, the presence of handles decorated with bronze or gold color is welcomed.

In order to imagine what a classic wall looks like, it is recommended to view the photo before purchasing furniture.

Variety of walls in the furniture market

The style based on minimalism completely excludes the presence of luxury, based on laconism and simplicity.

experts identified a number of key points of this style:

  • Due to the fact that such walls are acquired solely for living rooms, they are designed for space-saving;
  • All elements are functional;
  • Presence of scenery is reduced to a minimum;
  • Monochrome design;
  • Large number of closed compartments;
  • The production of the wall is made entirely of natural materials;
  • The minimum number of colors, the black palette lies at their base.

When choosing a color preference is given to ash, cream, white and beige tones. Modules of walls in a minimalist style are dominated by mirrors, glass surfaces and the presence of deaf facades.

The motto of this style is nothing superfluous. It is possible to add a stand for discs, book shelves, a TV stand, only if it is necessary.

Original decorate the living room with a glossy wall in the style of high-tech original way to decorate the living room, you can use the glossy walls in the style of hi-tech

Style hi-tech has occurred due to futuristic aesthetics, which appeared at the end of the last century, when the designers drew their inspiration by using new materials and spaceSubjects. The style can decorate the shelf for accessories.

walls, which are chosen for the high-tech style correspond to the following features:

  • Color organization executed exclusively in cool tones, the most commonly used metallic color;
  • Furniture has right angles;
  • Absence of an array in relation to a tree, a maximum of metal and a necessarily glass surface;
  • Decoration with drawings, ornaments, vegetation is not allowed or restricted;
  • This wall is equipped not only with hidden illumination, but also with all kinds of modern equipment;
  • When selecting a wall, it is necessary to rely on a rational and concise approach.

purchasing a wall in a modern style, you will notice the presence of natural patterns in an unobtrusive compositions, the use of carved elements, the use of wooden equipment and rustic, ethno.

When choosing a wall in the style of Provence, it is important to pay attention to colors such as:

  • Pastel colors;
  • Milk;
  • Color of sea water;
  • Lemon;
  • Lavender;
  • Terracotta;
  • Gray and beige walls are often installed.

As you can see, this style is not necessarily dark or old furniture.

Living room and wall: the choice from the manufacturer

You can see that the options for the walls for the living room is more than enough. The material for manufacturing can be different, for example, walnut, ash or oak, almost any tree that the future owner will wish. As for the purchase in a certain place, in the sphere of the walls of different styles the Ukrainian company, which has the name Egger, has proved to be very successful. This manufacturer is recommended by almost all modern designers, placing an order and filling out a form is quite simple.

Before you buy a wall, it is necessary to check its quality, practicality and, of course, the manufacturer Before you buy a wall, be sure to check its quality, practicality and, of course, the manufacturer

Comfortable furniture, new, high-quality models, from which the eyes run.

Finished products can be viewed on-site, and catalogs are not just pictures, but furniture, which is used by a huge number of customers, the description of each wall can be seen both in the catalog and consult the specialist. It offers not only inexpensive and functional walls, but also from the first day finds an individual approach to each client. Before you begin to execute the order, the consultant will necessarily specify all the criteria, detailing, a large wall is required or small.

After specification of all the items, the drawing, the project, the schemes will be element-by-element drawn, the sizes will be agreed according to which the order will be issued and the wall will be created. It is worth noting that this company is engaged in the assembly of furniture, therefore, their own hands do not have to do this. You can ask the manufacturer about the manufacturer's opinion.

Selecting the wall in the living room( video)

The interior of the living room requires a lot of attention to itself, since it is a kind of face of the whole house, the hall can be a workplace. Choosing a wall, the future buyer relies on price, quality, how much it is functional and necessarily on their ideas about the ideal wall, but for the most part forgets that not every choice will fit the interior in particular, if you organize the array. Before you make a choice in a particular direction, familiarize yourself with all the requirements of the interior, review the catalogs and consult with specialists.

Details: wall in the living room( photo examples)