Зал-лоджия photo: interior of the balcony in the apartment, design and exit, alignment and integration, door repair and connection

Make the living room spacious by combining the room with a balcony Make the living room spacious by combining the room with a balcony Without a doubt, the combined balcony with the hall is a win-win situation. If there is an additional extension, why not use it as a general area of ​​the room and create an additional area for recreation or workplace. Yes, in order to organize this premise it is necessary to take care of the insulation in advance by applying standard building materials. All this is necessary for the balcony to support life in the winter and was functional. It should be in advance to think about carrying out a heating system on it, conducting electricity.

        • How to equip the room: exit to the balcony, photos and ideas
        • Design of the hall: photo of the apartment with balcony, styles
        • Design of the hall in the apartment with balcony
        • Furnishing and balcony combined with the hall
        • Association of the hall and loggias( video)
        • Design of the hall-loggia( interior photo)

How to equip the hall: exit to the balcony, photos and ideas

Often, the balcony or loggia is separated from the living room by output, more precisely the door and the window. When we combine these two territories there is only the bottom part of the window-sill or the upper window, the balcony door can be forgotten. If there is a battery, you can take care of its transfer to the loggia, in addition an excellent option is to install a warm floor. It can be connected to a battery or use separate electrical heating, which is placed under the floor coverings. Each owner chooses for himself the option necessary for him, depending on how exactly the loggia or balcony will be used and in which design.

If you leave the top window sill as the main one, you can use it as a partition or give it functionality.

The upper part of the window-sill may well become a stylish partition and a stand for decorative elements The upper part of the window sill may well become a stylish partition and stand for decorative elements

For this you can place:

  • TV or other equipment;
  • Bar counter;
  • Use as a stand for decorating with fresh flowers.

If you remove this building completely, then you can come up with other design options, most often use arched decorating, it depends on the design used.

Design hall: photo of apartment with balcony, styles

As for styles, their choice is quite large. Combine the loggia and the living room is not so easy when the question of design arises. For the classical style often use the design connected by columns, arches, polyurethane decoration. The design of the arch can be changed, but the style will remain unchanged.

Such styles as modern or high-tech can offer the owner a large selection of fantastic ideas. To emphasize the style, both the hall and the loggia will help a variety of forms. A special role in the organization of the style is played by asymmetrical arches.

Beautiful partition between the living room and the balcony can make the interior interesting and original A beautiful partition between the living room and the balcony can make the interior interesting and original.

The arches are also welcome in the style called country. He recommends decorating the arch with wooden elements and beams.

In addition, a successful option will be the use of mini bar racks, countertops, lockers, as well as the execution of design in Scandinavian style. Soft music, correct lighting will give the design a cosiness and sophistication.

Design of a hall in an apartment with a balcony

Furnishing of a loggia does not end with furniture and light. It is very important to choose the right curtains. The choice of the option largely depends on the overall style, but the most profitable will be light, airy and translucent fabrics. If you want to choose dark colors, then the best place to stay on the fabrics with a substrate. Such material will not burn out in the sun. For those who like blinds, there is also a large selection of options, but when buying, be sure to pay attention to the material, it must be opaque.

With regard to lighting, the most advantageous is the point. With this selection, the light will be scattered, which will help visually expand the territory of the room. To think over the installation of lighting devices on the loggia is necessary in advance, if it is large enough, you can experiment with hinged stepped ceilings.

When arranging the loggia, special attention should be paid to the selection of high-quality lighting devices When installing the loggia, special attention should be paid to the choice of quality lighting fixtures

An interesting choice is the installation of spotlights that will direct their light from below.

If you plan to make a workplace from the loggia, you need to take care of the electrical points. The number of outlets must not be less than 3.They can be used in other cases, if you need a floor lamp or use of household appliances.

Furnishing and balcony combined with the hall

The walls of the loggia are designed in complete unity with the hall, it does not matter what the repair, wallpaper, decorative plaster or paint is. As for the floor, the material for the coating can be either monotonous or different, it all depends on the choice and taste of the owner of the room. Using for the floor another material, you can emphasize and improve the shape of the balcony, in addition, with the help of special material, the floor can be transformed into a round or oval shape, it depends on the integrity of the combination of the balcony and the hall. As for the situation, the loggia can not be cluttered up, it should be remembered that this room is small and unnecessary items there to nothing. Cluttering with decorative objects of the interior can lead to the fact that the loggia will lose its appearance, and it should be spacious in order to maintain a sense of comfort in it.

By equipping the hall-loggia, it is necessary to plan the design of such a premise in advance and correctly choose a furniture set When constructing a loggia room, you should think in advance of the design of such a premise and choose the furniture set

. At present, in a panel house, the apartments are built in such a way that the exit to the balcony is in the hall. If earlier this part of the house was given the role of a storeroom where it was possible to store unnecessary things and pickles and to accumulate more and more each year, now it has become an integral part of the hall.

Association of the hall and loggias( video)

Designers offer a lot of ideas that will help to combine the hall and bedroom, and create a place from the ordinary loggia that will become part of the stylish interior. It is correctly combined and decorated balcony with a hall to provide comfort and coziness for all household members and their guests.

Design Hall Lodge( interior photos)