Sliding wardrobes in the hall: photo on the whole wall, in Khrushchev's design, apartments interior, types and patterns

A beautiful and practical closet in the living room will help quickly hide all unnecessary things from prying eyes Beautiful and practical closet in the living room will help quickly hide all unnecessary things from prying eyes Where does "live" things at home?Not on chairs, not on the floor, can they be scattered all over the house?Of course not, they "live" in the closet!Exactly to the arcs of the friend folded, on their shelves, and how nice to open the closet and take something, clean, ironed. A certain place is occupied by the closet in the apartment, it serves as a "house" for things. He is like a great keeper of secrets and the owner of the room, proudly stands in the house, watching what is happening. How to choose a wardrobe in an apartment so that everything harmoniously combined?After all, it directly affects the interior of the room, its functionality, comfort.

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Sliding-door wardrobes in the hall for the whole wall

At the moment there are different types of cabinets.


  • Stand-alone;
  • Built-in;
  • Transformers with various configurations and doors, or without doors, as well as for different purposes.

Before installing a wardrobe in a room, it is necessary to determine in advance the place where it will be located Before installing the cabinet in the room, it is necessary to determine in advance the location where it will be located

Cabinet, definitely choose from the location of its location. In the hall are usually located bookcases, wardrobes for clothes and linen, combined cabinets or partitions. Not an easy choice, having such a variety of cabinets.

Determining the purpose and location of the cabinet in the apartment must anticipate its design. Our choice of the location of the cabinet is the hall.

The hall is the biggest place in the apartment, and also it occupies the first place in the time of the family. Means the wardrobe in the living room must meet the following requirements: for storing clothes, clothes, closing them from "foreign" eyes, because the hall receives guests. It should create coziness and harmony in the living room. Cabinets should have drawers, separate shelves and a compartment with hangers for hangers. It should be spacious and at the same time not clutter the living room. All criteria correspond to the closet and of course the whole wall. It will suit not only the spacious hall, but also the small room of the Khrushchevka.

Compact wardrobes in the Khrushchev in the hall

The Khrushchev Hall is characterized by its small size with a ceiling height of 2.4 m to 2.7 and terrible noise insulation. It is also important to take into account that the Khrushchev Hall is a passage room. The modern view of the hall of the Khrushchev will be given only by the closet. It will visually increase, extend the space, without interfering or cluttering it.

For a small guest room, a compact light-colored wardrobe For a small guest room, a compact light cabinet

T is not a problem for a stand-alone cabinet that simply returns time, say in the 80's and will act as a dust collector. Another of the problems of the Khrushchev is the floor covering, it is mostly wooden. When installing the cabinet, it is necessary to align it or replace it.

Design of the sliding-door wardrobe for the

The design of the sliding-door wardrobe is selected based on the interior of the hall.

There are various materials from which the cabinets are made:

  • Wood fiber board( Fiberboard);
  • Of glued together dry wood fibers( MDF);
  • Made from wood particle board( chipboard).

Stylishly complement the interior of the modern living room will help a beautiful wardrobe with mirrored doors Stylishly complement the interior of the modern living room will help a beautiful wardrobe with mirrored doors

But the main thing is to choose the facing of the material. At the moment, the range of companies have a huge choice. If it is a question of design, then it is necessary to take a more responsible approach to the choice of the facing of the material - this is the front part of the material. And also there are other materials for compartment doors: glass, plastic, metal, glued fabric.

Glass can be from a variety of colors, blue, yellow, cappuccino, and also in transparency. Mirrors can be in the growth or the waist. On the wardrobes, photo printing is also possible.

The shelves can also be made of chipboard or plastic. The accessories are already in the taste of the customer. An important role is played by the color of the cabinet-compartment, its design, design. If this is a classic interior of the room, then a dark-wood wardrobe is suitable, if the design is minimalistic, that is, from light, monochromatic shades, for example metallic color.

The ideas of the closet in the apartment hall: samples in the interior

For the decoration of the interior and the functionality of the space, the correctly chosen wardrobe will help. It can be built-in with a decorative curved sidewall, colored bright doors, with imitation of a wood pattern, with photo printing, half open shelves, with glass and backlight, with matte or glossy doors. It can be angular, in the whole wall, radial or at all to remind any geometrical figure.

Choosing a closet, we focus on the tenants or tenants of the premises. His life styles. If this lady, then of course without mirrors or how, but their location on the doors can be varied: obliquely, in full growth, half.

As well as mirrors can be nicely decorated and having a different configuration. The wardrobe can be with open shelves on each side, where flowers, decor elements, photographs will be placed. Perhaps it will be a built-in bookcase with illumination, reminiscent of not a hall, but a whole library or a cabinet at all.

To choose a wardrobe that would organically complement the design of the living room, it is necessary taking into account the interior and features of the room It is necessary to choose a wardrobe that would complement the design of the living room, taking into account the interior and features of the room

For sure the tenant of this apartment is a scientist, a student or just a schoolboy, then the doors of a wardrobe made of magneto-A marker board on which you can write formulas, theorems for memorization, a train of thought, glue on magnets posters to rehearse presentations, glue stickers in the form of hints. Also this fun will suit children who will no longer have to scold for painted walls, wallpaper, now everything written on the closet can easily be removed with a sponge.

Time changes, with it also changes the idea of ​​things. If earlier the cabinet was perceived as a huge "rectangle", serving only for storing things, now the cabinet is so multifunctional that its possibilities are fascinating. Let's say a wardrobe-bed transformer, a cabinet-table transformer. The closet not only helps to save space in small apartments, but gives its zest to interior design.

Not a simple choice, but an exercise. Weigh all the nuances, clearly defined the design, color scheme, possibly adding to its idea. Do not skimp on the master, the assembler. Do not forget that to build in the closet you need to prepare a place. Walls, floors and ceilings should be as flat as possible - without different bulges and pits. Also, the side walls should be strong, if it's a built-in closet. Have conceived illumination - it is necessary to lay a cable to a place where the case will be located. It is necessary to take into account one more nuance - these are interior doors, in which direction they open, so that they do not beat the cabinet, it may be necessary to install limiters.

Stylish wardrobes in the hall( video)

Of course, it's not just to put some closet near the wall, you need to imagine what it should be, what will be stored there, what emotion it will carry. The task is not simple, but solvable, so dare!

design-in closets in the hall( the photo in the interior)