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The living room in the house is a great opportunity to design a room according to your own design The living room in the house is a great opportunity to design a room according to your own design. The living room is the central room of the house, you can tell the heart of the home. The interior in a country castle gives an opportunity to realize the most daring ideas and projects. The main thing is to think clearly about the design, to realize the individuality of thinking. Design, the project should talk about the taste of the owners of the house, about the impeccable sense of style. The options for decorating living rooms in a huge apartment or a country cottage are many.

    • A little bit about the styles in the interior
    • The light in the living room of the country house
    • The big hall in the house: the walls, the main and additional areas
    • The modern interior of the big hall
    • How to visually make the hall bigger
    • The design of the spacious hall( video)
    • The big hall in the house( photo)

A little bit about the styles in the interior

It should be briefly mentioned on the interior styles popular today. English style includes the presence of heavy textiles, tight curtains, a calm range of colors, symmetry, expensive solid furniture from valuable wood species. Also in such an interior there must be a fireplace.

If we talk about the French style, then the elements of the east, Persian carpets, double beds with columns are important.

It is also necessary to have expensive, luxurious vases in the room. Modernist symbol of asymmetry. High-tech style is inherent in strict flat surfaces, use in the interior of objects made of metal and glass. Also, high-tech is characterized by the presence of an original accent lighting elements. Hi-tech is an ideal option for practical people.

A good style solution for the living room can be a Spanish modern with bright lighting The Spanish modern with bright lighting

A good style solution for the living room can be the Spanish modern with bright lighting The Spanish modernist style has snow-white walls, but with uneven surfaces finished:

  • Backlight;
  • Glass;
  • Accenting lines.

Also for Spanish modernism asymmetry is characteristic. Cabinets are recessed in the walls, around cleanliness and order, I must say that the Spaniards are champions in the field of order. Popular pop art today involves the use of luminous panels along all walls. Also the style is inherent in the use of glass and ultraviolet light against the background of semi-darkness. All this creates the effect of unreality.

Pop art is not without mirror balls, stainless steel elements and artificial stone. It is not forbidden to use dark zones in space.

How to choose the optimal style direction

Interior should be combined with the life principles of the family and the notions of harmony.

Style directions you can use many:

  • Classics;
  • Modern;
  • Pop art, etc.

There are many style directions, you can choose which you can rely on your preferences There are many styles that you can choose from

Say differently the design is creative, so the approach to interior design should be pleasant and responsible. The project should be made individually.

Light in the lounge of the country house

Usually in a spacious hall the windows overlook the most advantageous landscape. There are also many options for windows. Many really like English windows. Such frames are vertical, made of wood and have lifting flaps.

But, more relevant and common are still euro windows.

Such windows have a height from floor to ceiling, which creates a panorama and in the living room you can hold parties, competitions, dinner parties, suppers, it will always be light and fresh. It is not rare today to completely glaze one of the walls. To make such a wall is possible without fear for thermal insulation, today the double-glazed windows have several layers and protect the house well from the weather influence. The interior of the hall in a country house often involves excessive lighting.

For a living room in a country house it is better to select large windows that will fully illuminate the space of the room For a living room in a country house it is better to select large windows that will fully illuminate the room space

The room in the house can be used in different lighting for different purposes:

  • As a rehearsal room;
  • As a rest room;
  • As a dining room;
  • As a study or library.

You can install the projector and view interesting movies on the free wall with the whole family or with friends. Screens can be purchased today in any store, this is an excellent option, both for recreation and for every day.

Large hall in the house: walls, main and additional areas

The taste of the host is manifested in the arrangement of the walls of the room. From the finish of the walls depends on the overall impression of the interior. The walls should not be dull, boring and faded.

Typically, the decoration uses several building materials, such as:

  • Natural wood;
  • Artistic workmanship is a stone;
  • Modern technological plaster.

Modern living rooms are most often decorated with natural materials, such as stone or wood Modern living rooms are most often decorated with natural materials, such as stone or wood

Today in the interior there is necessarily a division into zones. The main zone is the rest area. The recreation area often provides for the placement of a fireplace. The fireplace becomes also an ornament of a drawing room and carries out function of warming of a premise. Another area is the dining room. To decorate it follows the rules. A good dining table and chairs are a must.

Some owners prefer to arrange 2 dining areas, for guests and for daily meals.

There can also be a creative zone, a library area, a zone for PCs and the Internet, where one-touch fingers can bring into operation the newfangled gadgets. Today, the living room is positioned, first and foremost, as a room with open architecture and with creative zoning, so it is important to arrange from the very first stages, take into account all the small details.

The modern interior of the large hall

For the interior, one should use the best ideas. Often people use expensive materials in interior decoration, and they do not have time to take care of such luxury. Therefore, it is better to make everything laconic, exquisite and at the same time practical. As for furniture, it should not be cumbersome and take up all the space. The main harmony and comfort in everything. Furniture should be placed on the zones, it is necessary to focus on the bright elements of the decor. The wallpaper is better to take neutral natural tones, they will equally look great and the picture and frame with the photo.

Stylishly complement the interior of the living room will help the fireplace, beautiful photos and unusual elements of decor The interior of the living room can be stylishly decorated with a fireplace, beautiful photographs and unusual decor elements.

You can zoned space with:

  • Glass showcases;
  • Screen;
  • Shelving.

For the interior of a large hall in a country house is ideal for a beautiful fireplace. The fireplace can be decorative, but it is naturally better to arrange a real fireplace, which in the evening can be collected by the whole family, and enjoy the game of fire under interesting stories. In the interior, every detail is important, so you should choose the right textile, lighting and dishes.

As for household appliances, it should not be noticeable, should not be discordant with a common interior. We must not forget about the sense of proportion, today minimalism is in fashion.

How to visually make a room more

To make a small room visually more, you need to follow some designer tips.

Visually increase the space in the room by using light wallpaper and furniture, as well as using reflective objects Visually enlarge the space in the room using light wallpaper and furniture, as well as using reflective objects

They are as follows:

  1. In the hall you can hang a large mirror. The larger the size, the better, you can also place the mirror panels, this is both fashionable and visually spread apart the walls.
  2. Choose for furniture only light furniture, wallpaper, too, should not be dark. The floor should be made milky, the ceiling can be glossy, but again not dark. Brightness of the interior will be given by bright accessories.
  3. Another secret to visually increasing the room is to draw attention to the back corner of the room.
  4. Another subtle move is to increase the ceiling with a virtual wallpaper line. You can hang curtains with a vertical strip or decorative elements, such as a tall lamp.
  5. It's good to use light reflecting things in the interior. It is also important to follow the color scheme.
  6. You can add as many glass objects as possible to the interior. In the decoration of walls, glass panels can be used.
  7. The floor covering in the cage is also a good visual effect for expanding the space.

Design spacious hall( video)

Adhering to no tricky advice can make a unique, individual interior. He will please the family and delight guests at home.

Large room in the house( photo)