How to make great flowers for decorating the hall: the design of the living room, photo decoration from the fabric, with your own hands alive

Beautifully decorate the living room with bright colors will be able to even a beginner Beautifully arrange the living room bright colors will be a force even novice be engaged in the decoration of the hall, the living room can absolutely everyone. Special skills will not be required, a little knowledge, patience, desire, time. And beautiful flowers will decorate the interior of the room with their own hands. Today, the choice of decor options is incredibly varied. This will be discussed in this article. A few simple master classes will help decorate the house.

    • Bulk flowers for the decoration of the hall: a master class
    • hall decorated with flowers made of cloth: turn-based scheme
    • beautiful decoration of the hall with fresh flowers: decorate properly
    • How to choose a color for the design of the hall
    • Makingwedding hall paper pompoms
    • Paper flowers for rooms( video)
    • flowers in the interior of the living room( photo)

Bulk flowers for the decoration of the hall: a master class

in this master class singit is about how to create their own hands large flowers out of paper. Large paper flowers can be done by everyone, it's not difficult, but they look quite solemn and impressive.

So, for you need to prepare:

  • Paper;
  • Adhesive;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;

Attention!For gluing colors it is better to take a special glue-gun, which can be purchased at a specialized store. If the problem with the gun, then you can do with simple glue.

In order to create original large flowers, you need to prepare all the materials and connect the fantasy To create original large flowers, it is necessary to prepare all the materials and connect imagination

process of creating a surround flower interior room looks like:

  1. a sheet of paper, draw the petals, the size is selectedapproximately. It will take 4 large petals, 3 slightly smaller and 3 smaller ones. Each petal should have a slightly elongated shape.
  2. Next, give the petals volume. For this, each individual petal is cut from below and glued in a section.
  3. Then you need to glue the first 4 petals together. The edges of the petals should be slightly bent, this will give volume.
  4. All the petals also have to stick to the base and also bend their outer edges, in order to give volume.
  5. This is not a complicated way to make a flower. But how can you do without the core. It must be made from the smallest petal. We need to take him and cut up the middle, glue the edges and glue the core in the center of the flower.

Volumetric flowers decorate any design. They can be created from paper of different types, textures, colors. You can corrugate. With a little fantasy, you can create an incredibly festive atmosphere in the house.

hall decoration fabric flowers: turn-based scheme

Fabric flowers unique and beautiful look in the interior of the hall. Artificial flowers, made by your own hands, you can decorate the hall for wedding, anniversary, birthday, party with friends or business banquets.

Making flowers from the fabric is simple, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instruction Produce flowers of fabric simply, the main thing - to get acquainted with steps

So, a master-class is as follows:

  1. The first step is to create a module. For this you need to take the compasses and draw the necessary diameter on the fabric. The circle must be cut out - the module is ready.
  2. further it is necessary to make so much petals, what luxuriance the flower is necessary. To do this, modulo cut the mugs from the fabric and add them to the desired number of times. Petals are best processed on a sewing machine or by hand, so they do not look dull. If you plan to design with fabric and flowers from the fabric, then the petals are better to burn.
  3. The petal is made like this. It is necessary to fold the circle in half and make the round edge to make an accordion. So it turns out a sharp petal, to make a round petal it is necessary to add a circle only once.
  4. Now the flower needs to be collected. Once all the petals are made, they must be put together. Here, as in the case of a paper flower, one can not do without a core. As a center, a beautiful button, or a bright patch of fabric, is suitable.

As can be seen from the master class, the fabric fabrication is quite simple. A little zeal, desire and time - flowers for the hall are ready. The colors from the fabric can not only decorate the interior, they can be given to friends, decorate their clothes or accessories.

Such flowers look no worse than the living ones, and they can naturally take much longer to please the eye. From the fabric colors you can create whole pictures and compositions.

Beautiful decoration of the hall with fresh flowers: decorating correctly

Stylish decor with fresh flowers can be done without the help of a specialist. You can decorate the room in different styles.

You can decorate the living room by decorating it yourself with fresh flowers You can decorate the living room yourself decorating it with fresh flowers

The most popular today are the following styles:

  • Linear;
  • "Form";
  • Parallel;
  • Vegetative;
  • Decorative.

The cost of services for decorating the hall with fresh flowers will certainly please not everyone. However, one should not despair, since the task of decorating the hall can be managed independently.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Decorating with live flowers is necessary on the eve of the celebration, as they do not live long. Choose better persistent flowers, for example, chrysanthemum, daffodil, hyacinth, tulip, snowdrop, rose. Orchids are best not to choose.
  2. When forming bouquets, they should not be made taller than 25 cm. If the design is large, then it must be secured above human growth, so the guests will not be obstructed by the survey.
  3. The most reliable option is to place live flowers on tables. You can make interesting, cozy compositions, you can place bouquets in vases. Do not forget that living flowers need moisture.

Correctly decorated room with flowers can become a favorite place for the whole family A correctly decorated room with flowers can become a favorite place for the whole family.

With a competent design with fabric and flowers, even an ordinary dining room can turn into a chic background for a holiday.

How to choose a color for the design of the hall

While engaging in decorating the hall for the celebration, it is necessary to follow the concept, theme, only in this case everything will look harmonious. Very topical color - lilac. Gentle and romantic, it creates an atmosphere of love and happiness.

For this color, such fresh flowers as:

  • Lilac;
  • Lavender;
  • Violet.

To create a romantic atmosphere in the room will help lilac, violet or lavender The lilac, violet or lavender will help to create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Lilac can be diluted with purple, red and white. All this will give a special charm, luxury and grace. No less important is the design in red, blue and turquoise. For red chic classic roses, poppies, peonies, tulips, gerberas. For blue and turquoise, you can take hyacinths, blue roses, crocuses, cornflowers. You can add accents in the form of inclusions of color, for example white. White will never spoil the overall composition.

Decoration of a wedding hall with paper pom-poms

Paper flowers in the interior of wedding rooms today are incredibly relevant. The advantage of them is that you can create a flower of any size, texture and color. In addition, such flowers do not wilt, do not require care. Unbelievably beautiful in the interior look pompons of paper. Delicate and weightless they can have any size. Such paper balloons are an excellent solution for decorating the wedding hall.

For the decoration of the wedding room, paper pom-poms For the design of the wedding room, paper pompoms

perfectly suits the design of the wedding room. For the production of the pompon it is necessary to prepare:

  • Thin packaging paper of different colors 8 sheets;
  • Thick thread - skein;
  • Large scissors;
  • Timber.

The paper sheet should be 80X50 cm in size, you can take a different size, given that the width will be the diameter of the pompon ball. Next, you need to fold all 8 sheets on top of each other, then you need to bend the sheets with an accordion. Width up to 8 cm. Next, bend the workpiece in the middle and tie it with a thread. You do not need to fix it. The edges of the accordion must be cut in a semicircle. After this, you need to deploy the accordion as far as possible, and start to trim each sheet from each other, giving the volume to the future beautiful pom-pom.

Attach the product to a colorless fishing line to give the impression that the balls are floating in the air.

Paper flowers for the audience( video)

There is so little effort, imagination and time and you can decorate your own room, living room, any other room with your own hands. It is not necessary to contact professionals, sometimes you can create incredible beauty and yourself.

Flowers in the interior of the living room( photo)