Niche under the TV plasterboard: video instruction - how to make your own hands, price, photo

Niche under the TV plasterboard (33 photos): the tool used, the layout, design and calculation


Table of contents

  • 1 Drywall, "flavored" your creative imagination
    • 1.1 Advantages of incorporation of furniture
    • 1.2 On the wall: to be or not to be?
  • 2 The sequence of work
    • 2.1 Tools and materials
    • 2.2 Model of the future niche
  • 3 Harmony of design and calculation
  • 4 Total
  • 5 Photo Gallery

Whatever "magic" material may have been at the disposal of the master, if not to be smart, if not strive constantly to creativity, the work done the king of the famous Russian fairy tale went to "Black" hut. Such work is done, "Nurse, nurse yes" boyars dochechek.

Creative same approach will create something truly from the princess-frog. Such niches under the TV that helps you do drywall, are perfect for "the king's choir."

Niche under the TV plasterboard

We can not say that the TV - king in the room, but, really, the niche of drywall will help in the design of the special place of honor for him

Drywall, "flavored" your creative imagination

Niche plasterboard under the TV

And everything will be in a frame that's so simple finishing material - gypsum board (the price - from 162 rubles. per sheet)

Advantages of incorporation of furniture

Gone are the days when a special technique, we bought a nightstand. Now in high esteem more and more embedded in appliances furniture. But, when we talk about such a process of mutual accommodation of home appliances and furniture, the first thing we have in mind all the same kitchen - that's where the freedom for techies from cooking.

Embeddability allows all very comfortable to hold "at hand" and significantly saves space, improves ergonomics and interior design.

But these last two factors will be just in time, when we are talking about the living room with the large TV on liquid crystals, which you are going to buy.

On the wall: to be or not to be?

Of course, for the accommodation, you can resort to the manufacturer's recommended possible to fix it on a bracket on the wall. It's a matter of taste.

Is that a couple of comments:

  • Firstly, it is convenient to the bar placement on the wall so high, and everyone saw the screen, in the home still want more comfort and convenience. It seems that the breech fixing on the wall does not promote any one nor the other.
  • Secondly, fixing on the wall, you will again have to pick up a drill, you again have to drill the wall.
  • Thirdly, let us not forget about the safety and reliability of fixing - something liquid crystals, but not airless, an LCD TV with a large diagonal pretty well weigh, and thus the attachment must be a highly reliable.
Niche under the TV plasterboard

We make a niche plasterboard under the TV, and if you are attracted to strict straight lines, everything will look just that - a closed aluminum profiles accurately fitted strips of drywall

After all the "BUT", perhaps you will like more than another option - to create an elegant niche of drywall in which you can place equipment. Niche for TV plasterboard with their hands - a very popular and the perfect solution to accommodate this "window to the world" in the living room interior.

The sequence of work

Tools and materials

To carry out all the work you need the following equipment:

  • aluminum profiles. These metal brackets are attached to the wall to later on them to strengthen the worms.
    You can use the profiles of any suitable type. The most suitable is the SS-profile allows you to easily arrange the wiring, but it may come up and other types of profiles - PP or PN;
  • gypsum plasterboard. Actually the material around which "cool" the whole idea. It has a sheet thickness of 12.5, 9.5 and 6.5 mm. The first is used more often for the walls, the second - for ceilings;
  • Auxiliary materials for profiles - all kinds of connectors and extensions, without these materials often do not;
  • Fixing materials - a set of screws.

Useful advice! If you want to make a niche smooth, curved lines, it is best to use the arched PP-profile sheets, and 6.5 mm thick.
Such a profile is produced a bending radius of 50 to 500 mm. You can always pick up necessary for their ideas. Plasterboard 6.5 mm has all the necessary flexibility.

Solution of the problem, how to make a niche for TV plasterboard, is largely determined by the right to choose a convenient tool.

Instructions on the selection tool:

  • Drill. It is best to choose a drill with speed control. If you are facing a dilemma similar to the model without adjustment, better to give preference to drill with low speed, it is more "appeasable" when working with plasterboard.
  • Knife. The most important tool for success. Make sure that the knife was sharpened perfectly well lay in his hand. It is better if you will be at the disposal of the whole Nozhov family.
  • Hacksaw. Without it can not do when working with a profile. Some use quite successfully grinders.
  • Planer for plasterboard. Very useful for the treatment of the ends of the sheets, but in the absence of such a planer, it is possible to be limited and an ordinary sandpaper.
Niche for TV plasterboard

If there is a desire to make the depth of the niche the thickness profile, then you have to add the horizontal profiles, but it offers great opportunities and laying of communications

Model of the future niche

Creating a niche under the TV plasterboard requires very precise calculation and pre careful consideration of all future construction geometry. In the first place, a niche must accurately account for the geometry of your TV.

Below are the dimensions of width, height and depth (in mm) only some of the famous models. Your niche is made with their own hands, should be sized no less.

So, here is the LCD TV size company "Elektron":

  • Model 32-962-102 - 777h520h112;
  • Model 32-980-112 - 795h540h100;
  • Model 32-999-112 - 790h505h100.

And it shows the dimensions without supports. Stand still adds a height of 20-30 cm.

how to make a niche for TV plasterboard

Nishi TV plasterboard can be of any shape. A special kind of structures made of plasterboard gives arched profile, but work with it requires the ability to be precise in the details

Useful advice! Be sure to remember to consider the following very important points in the design of its niche under the TV:

  • provide space for wiring;

  • provide space for possible additional equipment - the satellite channel tuner, CD-player;

  • provide space for the TV ventilation leave clearance on all four sides of 10 cm;

  • consider the convenience outlet location.

Harmony of design and calculation

Calculation and accounting of all situations - that's what should be fundamental in creating a niche for the TV.

Remember that you will look not only on television but also on the house structure. So do not forget about the design niche in the wall, and agree with the design of the entire room as the proportions and color palette. The price of this calculation - comfort of the entire room.

niche for TV plasterboard with their hands

Still apartment - a place to live, not for exhibition of museum exhibits with signs "Do not touch." Strive to create an interior not only "warming" your feelings and eyes, but also warmed the soul.


All kinds of design decisions clearance space around your television abound. Check out our website to offer the photo and video materials. You are sure to find a ready-made, suitable for you option.

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