White living room furniture: glossy in the interior, design and photo in the hall, cabinet black and white, inexpensive varnish from Belarus

White furniture in the living room creates an atmosphere of freshness, comfort and coziness White furniture in the living room creates an atmosphere of freshness, comfort and coziness Stylish, spacious, solemn - epithets that white living room furniture rightly deserves. Achieving harmony is not easy, but you can. For this, each element must be selected in combination not only with another, but also with a general concept of the room. That's why designers are urged not to rush when it comes to white furniture. It is worth remembering that such products require special care. Otherwise, the white color will not last long.

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    • Advantages and design of the living room with white furniture
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White glossy living room furniture: color moderation

The first thing to remember is white colorIt is present in the interior to any desired intensity in specific conditions. It is important to remember the mandatory rule. Proportional to the amount of white used, it is necessary to use something to create a sense of volume. Used for this gray or beige wallpaper color, a large plasma TV with a black surface.

White furniture is best combined with beige wallpaper

It is recommended to observe the following rules to create a cozy atmosphere in the room:

  1. If the hall is a showcase, then decorate it will help artificial lighting in slightly darkPastel colors;
  2. The white color of the coffee table or stand under the TV will complement the dark base or the outline of a similar color;
  3. Fixtures in the room are selected taking into account the color difference. Good looks pastel beige version;
  4. When using traditional chandeliers, you must choose a lamp with a soft glow. They cost more, but at the same time they allow creating a cozy atmosphere.

Advantages and design of a living room with white furniture

Before you can find white furniture in the house, you need to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. Immediately striking extraordinary ease and a sense of free space. Even in a poorly lit living room you can visually expand the room. To create this effect, it is necessary to organically fit it into the interior, paying attention to the coloring of the wall cover.

The advantage of white furniture is that it can visually increase the space The advantage of white tones is that it can visually increase the space

Among the other strengths of white color, the designers distinguish the following:

  1. Relieve physical stress from the eyes. After a busy working day or a long work at the computer, finding a room in a white-tone design will have a beneficial effect on the eyes;
  2. White color helps to relieve nervous tension. In this regard, it is often used in the decoration of bedrooms;
  3. This coloring is easy to fit into the existing interior;
  4. The white color can be adjusted with shades. To do this, use accessories or the direct color of the walls.

White upholstered living room furniture: rational approach to the store

When choosing between the finished version and the order of individual manufacture, the second option should be given preference. Its advantage is getting into the parameters of the room. Do not have to file anything or build up. In second place comes a shade of white that will be in the room. It is necessary to do this thoughtfully due to several circumstances. Soft furniture of light colors is combined with the rest of the interior. If you allow stylistic errors at the initial stage, then they will be hard to fix.

White soft furniture fits perfectly to any design, no matter in which color scheme it is executed White upholstered furniture perfectly suits any design, no matter what color scheme it is made

Increased caution should be shown in homes where there are cats, dogs or toddlers. Careless pranks are not the best way to affect the state of furniture. That's why from buying glossy furniture of light colors it is necessary to refuse for a while.

Among the other recommendations are the following:

  1. Well-lit room during most of the day with the sun does not allow the use of a significant amount of white furniture;
  2. With a small area of ​​the room, for example, in a Khrushchev we recommend using corner white furniture;
  3. In the rooms overlooking the busy part of the street, it is advisable to carry out additional furniture processing once every 4 months. For these purposes, a special lacquer for glossy surfaces is suitable.

The last item should be given increased attention to those who plan to actively use white sofa, cabinet and so on. Frequent seating, opening and closing do not have a good effect on the structure of the product. It is the poet's regular treatment of protective will reduce the negative impact.

Tips for choosing white cabinet furniture for living room

Country of origin - in the world of furniture there are recognized leaders whose quality of work speaks for itself. That's why, when you come to the company store, you need to get acquainted with the description of the model you like. On the positive side, Belarusian manufacturers have proven themselves, offering inexpensive purchase of ready-made sets or individual elements. Not less popularity among buyers was received by manufacturers of the Nizhniy Novgorod and Bryansk region, France and Belgium.

When choosing furniture, you should take into account all the nuances, or you can ask for help from a specialist When choosing furniture, it is worth considering all the nuances, or you can ask for help from

. In addition to the geographical factor, there are a few more nuances:

  1. Avoid furniture, the gloss of which is caused by an increased content in the material or fabricA large number of chemicals. Goods from unscrupulous producers will provoke allergy or poisoning;
  2. Cabinet furniture must necessarily have a list of materials used. This point is relevant for families with young children and the elderly;
  3. It is not superfluous to check the correctness of the compatibility of colors before purchasing;
  4. Designers recommend that the black and white gamma be distributed proportionally. The closer to the base, the darker the shade should become. Otherwise, the furniture will appear to be of an irregular geometric shape;
  5. The glossy surface requires regular maintenance using the manufacturer's recommended products.

Living room in white( video)

Correctly selected furniture in white colors will transform the usual landscape in the room. The main thing is to arrange visual accents with the help of dark decorative elements. Balance and compatibility are the main features of functional design. After completing all the work, you must regularly look after the furniture. In this case, you do not have to worry about its safety.

White furniture in the interior of the living room( photo)