Choosing the foundation for a country house

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Over the past few years, the demand for suburban real estate has grown very strongly. Moreover, people do not want to buy ready-made houses, but to build their own. This is the only way to get housing that will fully meet all your requirements.

The foundation of any home is the foundation. The durability of the entire structure, shrinkage, and so on will depend on its quality. Together with experts Svai-Shop we examined different types of foundations and prepared a couple of tips that should help you navigate when choosing a foundation for a country house.

Factors to consider when choosing a foundation:

  • Soil type. The landscape itself also matters. Do you want to keep it as is, or are you ready to level the space for your house? It is important to decide these points for yourself at the construction planning stage.
  • Climatic features of the region of residence. For example, the depth of soil freezing.
  • proximity to groundwater. Outside the city, areas with floating soil are very common; not every type of foundation is suitable for them.
  • The weight of the finished house. If you are building a frame, then it makes no sense to build a too massive base for it.

It is very difficult for a person without experience in the construction industry to navigate the nuances, therefore, for advice on choosing a foundation, we recommend contacting professionals.

Foundation types:

  • Tape. It is ideal for building houses made of brick, stone, concrete and other materials. In turn, strip foundations are divided into monolithic and prefabricated. A monolithic base involves the formation of formwork, the installation of a reinforcing mesh and pouring concrete.
  • Slab. The most expensive type of foundation, and under it you need to level the site. The slab will be resistant to temperature extremes and does not require deep laying below the freezing point of the soil.
  • Pile. This is an option for those who want to preserve the natural landscape of the site to the maximum or just want to save money by not leveling it. Such a foundation is suitable for any type of soil, even for swampy, peaty soils and sandstones.
  • Columnar. Most often erected on sandy soil, it consists of concrete blocks fastened together with reinforcing bars and filled with ready-mixed concrete.

In our opinion, the best option in terms of price / quality ratio is a pile foundation. But, we repeat, consultation of specialists when choosing a foundation for a house is simply necessary in any case.

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