Design living room in the house: the interior of a combined bedroom and Dormitory with Balcony

The design of the living room in the house (54 photos): design options


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Without a doubt one of the most important moments of repair is living in the house design. And indeed, it is difficult to overstate the importance of how it will look a central room, because it is a Hall begins an acquaintance with your home and he is the reference point of all stylistic solutions apartment.

A significant number of apartments in modern high-rise buildings (especially in the typical middle-end homes built the last century) can not boast of a spacious living room with an area sufficient for the realization of the classical design.

living room design house

It is therefore quite difficult to develop a stylish and at the same time functional design in the living room two-bedroom apartment, and in the two-bedroom, this task becomes slightly easier.

And yet, even in the area of ​​deficit is possible to create a complete image of the room, making a random set of furniture in a single interior that combines a general idea of ​​design. It is different nuances of registration and the subject of this article.

Secrets of Design

Small area - that's the main limitation in the design planning.

Simple rules for a small area:

  • Furniture for interior decoration in a small apartment should be of small size, light touch and easy to move (If necessary to make a great company of the furniture is quite possible to make or even break the intended place it originally).
    Design of a combined bedroom and living room

    Compact living

  • An ideal variant is furnished transformer. If necessary, it can be collected in a compact version, which practically does not take place.
  • Very advantageous mirror look. The larger the mirror, the more they visually "pushing" space.
  • Designed in a contemporary style, devoid of bulky pieces of furniture and is characterized by high degree of functionality is ideal.

At the same time, bad enough to fit in a design wall large and bulky cabinets.

  • A good solution is the organization of the entire space apartment in a single studio.

A single space living-studio is filled with elements of the interior in a single stylistic decision, and the pieces of furniture are complementary.

For example, instead of a pair of seats or chairs in every room in the living room studio is sufficient to establish only two seats, and as additional seats use a sofa, couch or soft area.

Design living room wall

Living Studio

  • Another option is to combine the expansion of the hall with a balcony.

Interior living room with balcony does away with doors and blind balcony window. Partition can be removed completely or block the top top, turning it into a bar.

Note! In the case of unification take care of insulation. In addition to high-quality glazing, cladding require plastic or MDF paneling with obligatory laying insulation. Well insulated floor and ceiling.

Sample design

traditional living

If your room is spacious enough, you can do without these devices and to provide a visual zoning into a recreation area and dining part.

The table usually set in one of the corners of the room, and just before the massive feast extends to the center of the room. Interior living room entrance only differs in that table take out in another room.

Interior living room entrance

traditional design

For the traditional drawing room the following recommendations are relevant:

  • The best choice of furniture - it is set in a classic style with natural wood. But in spite of adherence to tradition, the classic wall and slides should be abandoned, they are non-functional, and take up too much space.
  • Well proven foldaway furniture, for example, a light table with a set of chairs.
  • Interior lighting in a classic style using a chandelier and a few fixtures located near the chairs or sofas.

Note! If your apartment is not very high ceiling, the chandelier is best to choose on the short leg with a flat configuration.

  • Mandatory part are blind. The classic one is the combination of translucent and dense curtains draperies, by which to adjust the lighting in the room.

A bit of experimentation

Interior living room with balcony

Modern design living room

If the owners of the apartment in which the design is planned - young people, golf is incomparably extended experiments.

Retreat from the traditions of classical hall will create a functional design that will look very presentable.

To date, the following options are relevant:

  • As well as in small apartments, are popular and comfortable seating studio.
  • If the area allows, in this room you can realize design living room with a bar. This room will be very attractive to visitors, if you like hospitable host and noisy companies, a better option, perhaps you will not find.
Interior room in oriental style

Bar in the living room studio

  • If you are looking for privacy with your family, you will approach the interior in oriental style. Would be appropriate carpets, floor cushions and low sofas, couches and ottomans. Oriental flavor in home design is tuned to a certain way, even large companies do not meet It goes into a noisy celebration, and will flow gently and slowly, as befits a traditional oriental feast.
  • In any case, the design should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Should not blindly follow the well-established canons in the interior and advanced copy unwise design decisions without taking into account features of the apartment and personal preferences.

Before you take on the hard work of design, study design developments, advise with family and reinterpreting information to create something of their own, whether living or studio design combined bedroom and living room!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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