Mini-wall in the living room: inexpensively small, minimalist photo, small corner for the hall, compact and small

A small and stylish wall is a functional and beautiful piece of furniture A small and stylish wall is a functional and beautiful piece of interior The living room is the face of the house, because when entering the apartment, this room is ranked first. Get the effect of a large room and simultaneously accommodate all the necessary things possible by installing a small closet or mini-wall. Stylish and modern design is able to inexpensively transform any room and turn it into perfection, which has practicality and functionality.

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The wall into the small living room

The mini-wall differs from the usual in size only, allowing it to fit more compactly into the interior while simultaneously accommodating a large number of neoWorthy objects. The most valuable advice from experts is that it does not reach the ceiling.

The mini-wall has many advantages, allowing to stay on this piece of furniture and appreciate their dignity:

  1. Similar furniture is equipped with a large number of small boxes and compartments, allowing you to store the most necessary things. They will always be at hand, without getting lost and being in order.
  2. The mini-wall refers to the ideal piece of furniture for a small room, it takes up little space, creating the illusion of a large space.
  3. Specialists say that if you compare two completely identical rooms, equipped differently - one with a mini-wall, the other with usual cumbersome furniture, then the atmosphere will be much more comfortable and more pleasant in the first version of the
  4. . Small furniture allows it to be transported faster, thereforeYou can easily not only move from one place to another, but also to refresh the interior, adjusting it to your mood.
  5. The price category for similar products is much lower than for similar furniture of usual sizes.

Select a mini-wall for the living room should be based on the size and functionality of the room Selecting a mini-wall for the living room should be based on the size and functionality of the room

In addition to the large number of pluses, there are certain disadvantages. Medium and large things do not fit in a lot of this kind of furniture. Owners of a large, bright and spacious living room or hall is better not to buy mini-furniture, it will look ridiculous in the interior, creating the effect of a doll house. Modern technologies offer to realize a variety of ideas in reality - to make small aquariums in mini-walls, to equip one of the walls with mirrors.

In addition to a variety of shapes and novelties, the walls are divided into styles, each of which has its pros and cons and can complement and decorate the interior of the apartment in an original way.

The most popular of them are the cozy and rustic Provence, the invariable and elegant classics, modern and stylish high-tech, advanced and modern art nouveau, simple and strict minimalism, as well as the fusion of all the styles into a single whole - fusion.

The living room: minimalism

Minimalism is characterized by the presence of a small amount of furniture and colors, so the choice of a mini-wall must be approached carefully, choosing the right shades and creating a single harmonious atmosphere. To the minimalism style, the most suitable is a small classical mini-wall, mostly beige or pastel shades, with the presence of open niches and several boxes. Estimates of such an invention are mostly bachelors or students with a small number of things. If the owners chose the minimalist style, this does not mean that the furniture will be monotonous - such walls can be of different shapes, colors, angular or small, with completely non-parallel wall parameters, having some boxes above, others below.

The wall in the style of minimalism is characterized by the presence of a small number of constituent elements The wall in the minimalist style is characterized by the presence of a small number of constituent elements of

The main purpose of such furniture is storage of magazines, books, disks, accessories.

Small wall for living room

There are several models of small-sized walls, so the buyer should choose the most suitable and optimal for themselves option.


  • Small compact wall with a niche for TV, audio system and a large number of accessories - popularly it is called a wall-slide, because of a similar design. Such furniture is more suitable for storing large appliances that are used daily.
  • Corner wall - if the room has small parameters - the most correct choice is the purchase of a mini-wall, capable of not stealing precious space and accommodate the most necessary things. In modern times it is the most convenient and multifunctional furniture, occupying little space and containing a large number of different small and large items.
  • Modular model in the form of a mini-wall - it consists of several elements joined together. Plus such furniture is that it can be placed to your liking, and each time to change the appearance of the room, rearranging it as you like.
  • It is interesting and modern look hinged mini-walls, their function is to save space as much as possible. All segments of such furniture are small in size and placed only on the wall, in a suspended state, so very comfortable, and occupy quite a bit of space in the living room.

For the living room you can choose a compact corner or hinged mini-wall For the living room, you can choose a compact corner or hinged mini wall

Rules for selecting small and compact furniture

Before buying a mini wall, you need to accurately measure the parameters of the room, it is best to ask specialists -They can and pick up the ideal size of furniture, and help design the design. With the help of computer technology it became possible to see the final result, and if something does not suit - the color, the sizes, the number of niches, it's easy to change everything. It is better to buy a mini-wall at the end of repair and design works, then it will be easier to choose a style composition for the general background of the room.

Otherwise it will be very difficult to find a similar tone wallpaper or paint to match everything.

To the wall is in harmony with the interior of the room, it should be selected for the color and design of the living room For the wall to be in harmony with the interior of the room, it should be matched to the color and design of the living room

The most optimal is custom-made furniture, then the buyer can independently choose the color of the future product, and specify the necessary parameters and order the material -Particleboard, fiberboard or natural wood. If there are small children or allergies in the house, it is better to give preference to natural wood, it is an environmentally friendly material, and will last much longer than its compressed counterparts.

Beautiful mini-walls and slides for the hall( video)

In conclusion, we note that the experts also give a number of recommendations on how to properly arrange furniture. It is necessary to take into account not only the parameters of the room, but also the dimensions of the furniture. The mini-wall should be placed so as not to obstruct the passage, and it was convenient to take things or watch TV.Also, furniture should be placed evenly around the room, so as not to feel crowded and uncomfortable. Equally the main condition for choosing ecologically clean and high-quality furniture are factories with a good reputation, one of which will be Phoenix, a quality certificate from the manufacturer, and excellent reviews from many customers.

stylish mini-wall to the living room( photo)