Design living room, interior kitchen, dining room with a corner sofa, aquarium

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Design living room (30 images): fusion and a loft


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    • 1.1 The principles on which the style of Fusion
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The design of the living room should be focused on that day, and perhaps every minute there will be someone to be. In this room there should be a soothing atmosphere and comfortable furniture.

Ask the experts, in which room most vividly combines the various artistic tastes, individual character traits, as well as the financial status of the owners, and you get an answer - of course, living room. living room design

There are a lot of different options for the interior living room of the apartment. You do not have to adhere to any specific elements.

Living room design

Interior design living room in Art Nouveau style

In this room do whatever you so long dreamed of to implement. Compared to other rooms in the living room sweep of planning, functionality and other works much more.

Your living room or in any way interfere with new architectural and design forms. The most important thing - to subdue all single style. But what style to choose?

To date, the interior of the kitchen-dining-living room can be made in the opposite direction. All depends entirely on your personal preferences and wishes of the members of your family.

The most popular styles among young people are:

  • fusion;
  • Loft;
  • Contemporary;
  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • Art Nouveau
  • And others.

Let us consider some of them.

style Fusion

Fusion - this is, first of all, a harmonic combination of various styles. This stylish interior living profitable emphasize the individuality of your living room.

design of a living room with a corner sofa

style Fusion

This style could penetrate not only in interior design, but also in music, art, architecture, and absorbed at the same time some elements of other areas. This is quite natural, given that the sample of pure style does not exist.

If performing design living room with a couch, you can not decide with the style, then you need is Fusion. He can combine, for example, the skins of leopards on the floor, ethnic masks and sophisticated details that create peace and tranquility.

Note! Create an interior in the style of Fusion is quite difficult and takes a certain amount of time and effort.

This process is not only very time-consuming, but also creative, therefore it requires a delicate taste.

If you invite a specialist who will assist you with specific details, it can be compared to a tightrope walker. With just one wrong move, your interior a small living room can get gaudy and cumbersome.

The principles on which the style of Fusion

  1. Complete failure of any of the rules have been
Interior living room cabinet

Cheerful living room interior in the style of Fusion

When designing the interior of a living room cabinet, did not refer to any canons or rules. If your intention is to arrange the living room as part of the style, then combine everything with everything.

Note, however, that Fusion - not just chaos, but a whole system, which still has not ever seen a relationship between elements of the interior.

This interior is often compared to an abstract painting: a set of completely different elements, but they are all united by any idea.

  1. A New Look.

Thus, the living room - design, which is made in the style of Fusion will look completely new way, if you can find in the objects of decoration, new features, to be able to consider them on the other side.

Interior living room with an aquarium

Sofa in the style of Fusion for registration of the living room - office

This style should emphasize the characteristics of different objects. To give a new solution to an old problem.

  1. bold combination of

The combination - is the foundation of this style. Feel free to combine different textures and materials. Your task is to find such combinations that allow an easy, familiar pieces to get something completely new.

To do this, use these combinations of textures and materials:

  • Plastic and stone;
  • Wood and metal;
  • Smooth surfaces with rough;
  • Soft surfaces with rigid.

For this style is characterized by multi-layered. Thus, the interior of the kitchen - living room - dining room includes a multi-level ceilings.


Loft is relatively recent and is considered one of the most original and modern style Interior room, including the living room.

For this style is characterized by unfinished wall. So, leave one wall specially concrete or mortar, depending on what kind of house.

interior dining room kitchen living room

Interior example of living in the style of Loft

The other wall surface is usually covered with plaster or crumble. The main law of style loft - the simpler the wall, the better.

Another feature of this style can be called isolation zones in the room different colors.

For example, the dark can be designated sleeping area, sitting area and a guest - light colors, and the area where they will be family lunches and dinners made in dark red.

It is thus possible to decorate the room with a minimum of cost.

Thus, the design of the narrow living room in the style of play involves a wooden floor, or presence of the carpet. In the kitchen or in the bathroom often lies tile.

The ceiling in this case should have exactly the same color as the walls. This will complete the definition of the zone, if you flee to the color zoning space.

The kitchen dining living

Application of bookshelves in the living room interior in the style of Loft

As for the furniture, then you can show a maximum of fantasy. It can be any style, but bourgeois.

The best thing in this style will look with forged elements of the bed. Chairs should choose folding and so easy and not large in size.

In various bookshelves are often used as a separator between the zones. They can be made with antique accessories, and add an image to help cast-iron bath, a gramophone or antique chairs with leather upholstery.

If you have interior room with an aquarium, then use this theme, for example, choosing the curtains.

Use personal accents to your room evokes a feeling of completeness.

Interior living room cabinet

Simple furniture in the interior of the living room - the dining room in the style of Loft

In carrying out the interior living room - office, you can arrange your favorite books, statues, various collections, such as toy cars on the shelves and in cabinets.

Loft certainly requires a lot of jewelry. Decorate the room with carpets and other accessories to suit your tastes.

This style is also characterized by a large number of modern technology. So do not be afraid to overload the room a huge plasma screen.

Photo Gallery

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