Small living room design: the narrow interior of the room in a small apartment

Design a small living room (photo 36): planning, zoning and color


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Small living room - great difficulties in interior design. Unfortunately, this statement has already become an axiom. After all, it is necessary at the same time and place in it all the necessary furniture, and expand the space visually. In addition, the space should be relatively free to residents feel comfortable, and come to visit friends do not feel cramped.

Especially our school repairs for owners of small apartments will talk about how to create a design room - a small room with great potential.

Design a small living roomYou will learn how to choose and place furniture, as well as any existing interior design ideas can be applied in this case. We'll see examples of harmonious interior, which will help you to tune in the desired fashion, and learn a few ideas for inspiration.


Think about living in a small apartment design will help sketch, digital or printed on paper. So it will be easier to move virtual furniture and repaint the walls.

Planning rules:

  1. The passages between furniture must be at least 80 cm, otherwise the room will look cluttered. Also, it will complicate the movement of it.
  2. The sofa in the living room is needed, regardless of its area. It is better to use a regular or a corner sofa. It will be possible to watch television, receive visitors and even leave some of the visitors at night.
    Design a small living room

    Corner sofa - ideal for small living

  3. Sofa selected from hardwood (Oak, beech) with a metal folding mechanism, this will allow you not to worry about his condition with frequent use of a large number of guests.

Tip! The sofa in the living room would get dirty much faster than any other, so it is best to buy a model with a removable cover.

  1. Double bed designed for the interior of a large living room.

If you still want it to fit in the design of a small room, raise the bed on a podium placing in it a place for storage while saving space, which would occupy the cabinet.

  1. In all other cases, you need a wardrobe. The ideal option would be with mirrored doors visually enhance the space. The same property is possessed by high narrow cabinets that use the free space under the ceiling.

Tip! If you believe too mirrored door Mark, stop your choice on the ground glass. It also visually enhances the room, as if to "dissolve" the cabinet in the air.

  1. Allocate space for a dining area, it is worth considering that the area of ​​the zone is equal to the number of seats, placed in it. If your dining area has an area of ​​4 m², count on the fact that you can put it in a table and 4 chairs. Exceed the specified number can not be reasons of comfort.
  2. a small living room interior design should have a contrast and sharp focus. Most often, it performs the role of the TV, at least fireplace and other decorative elements.
  3. Distance from the television screen should be greater than 2 meters. Sofa set in front of him.
  4. The ideal solution for the interior of the living room - plasma TV hung on the wall. He will save you from having to place a bulky cabinet or table.

design principles


Organizing the interior the narrow living room, give up the idea to erect partitions or screens to put shelves. Zoning should be exclusively visual.

Ways to do quite a lot:

  • a different shade of the wallpaper;
  • texture of the floor covering;
  • multilevel ceiling;
  • the brightness of the ceiling lighting in some areas.

Tip! Emphasize the brighter part of the ceiling will help local coverage, for example, a niche with lighting or illumination of paintings and photographs.

color solution

According to popular belief, the design of a small living room should be bright.

Of course, light colors visually extend the premises, but it is not the only correct idea of ​​design. In addition, pure white or beige interior will look dull.

Consider the color possibilities owner of a small living room:

  1. Classic interior light will not be boring, if a pastel or white background add bright accessories.

Their role can perform cushions, carpet, vases and various decorative elements. The color accents may be of the same hue and different.

For example, combinations of yellow, orange, and light green color spots give the room fun and lively atmosphere. You can also use pink and coral colors.

Design a small living room

Bright color accents will freshen the interior of white living room

  1. Fresh and harmoniously will look interior room in green.

This color tends to nature and is associated with life and growth. However, in a small room saturated green is better not to use, suitable pistachio and olive tone.

Can be used shade of apple green or spring greens, but they should not take up too much area.

All these colors go well with different hues of wood, as well as with white and orange.

Small living room design

Fresh living room interior in shades of green

  1. The blue color was created just for the living room.

For people with an explosive character, he is a must, in fact has a calming effect on people. Choose gentle pastel shades, which will cause the association with a clear sky and flying clouds or sea breezes and coastal waves.

Blue can be combined with a muted pink porcelain that will add romance, or coffee, which will give a slight hint of a cottage style.

Also classic is the combination with white, it can be a white table, chair, wallpaper or curtains in blue and white stripes.

Design a small living room

Beautiful design of a small living room in blue tones

  1. More extravagant and unusual will look purple.

Since we decorate a small room, use only a soft, pale shades: the color of lilacs, light purple, lilac and purple with a bluish tint, which is on the design language called "Light plum."

Purple will be equally good both independently and in combination with neutral colors, such as shades of light cocoa, white or gray.

The interior of the narrow living room

Small living room: design in purple tones

Creating a small living room design, keep in mind the possibility of using unusual elements to distract the attention on himself.

Their role can perform:

  • unusual panels;
  • walls covered with photo wallpapers;
  • avant-garde ceiling.
    The interior of a large living room

    Spectacular Mural transform a small living room

Do not be afraid to experiment, and design of your small room will envy the owners of large living rooms.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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