Design of the living room: photo of the interior, rooms in the apartment and in the house, real features, individual rules

The living room in the house is one of the most important rooms, because it often spends the most time The living room in the house is one of the most important rooms, after all it is often spent the most time. In the house or apartment the most important of the rooms is the living room. And not always need a designer with experience to this room to give a new look, worthy of praise. Help and come with examples and tips from the Internet, and real solutions, which are detailed and can be used as a basis for the upcoming repair in the living room.

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GoStylish: interior design, several zones

First of all, select several conditioned zones in the living room. There can be three, and maybe more. This is true for a city apartment, and for a country house.

Separation of the room into several zones makes it possible to increase the space of the apartment room divided into several areas makes it possible to increase the space of the apartment

Recreation Area

Here everything is clear, sofa, chairs, comfortable pillows. This includes the coffee table( you can and irregular shape).The TV or home theater crowns this composition.

The lounge area in the living room serves as a place to relax and meet guests Recreation Area in the living room is the place where you can relax and meet guests

intelligence area usually is worth a work desk, a bookcase, a rack or a shelf with books and computer. This area will be a mini-cabinet. You can do it in a monochrome palette, if you do not want to attract special attention to it. Well, if you are a creative person, you will have a musical instrument or, for example, an easel in this zone.

The zone of intelligence will be very convenient for those who work at home intelligence area is very convenient for those who work at home

Guest Zone

And here you can put the bar or a table with chairs. Often this merges with the recreation area, but sometimes the owners specifically differentiate these zones. Often there are fashionable now seat-bags - a youth version.

In the modern living room there is surely a place for a guest area equipped with a bar or soft chairs In the modern living room definitely a place for the guest area, equipped with a bar or armchairs

great if intelligence area and / or guest area will find its location in the window. There you can put a dining table, put comfortable pillows. And to equip the cabinet will also be convenient.

The design of the living room in the apartment: what the

prompts. The photo gallery is often more eloquent than many of the tips, but there are some features and rules from professionals who are worthy to read. They include both classic advice, and fashion, and all apply to the apartment.

Designer's advice:

  • Still in vogue, and even at its peak, gypsum panels. Plaster 3 D panels give an opportunity to create in the living room real landscapes, landscapes. But this is for fashion, if you want a softer version, more classic, you should choose the same plaster molding for the ceiling, decoration of paintings and mirrors.
  • Elements with natural, natural motifs. Natural motifs in natural colors can be used in textiles or original mosaic panels. Birds, plants and flowers are the main motives. It became especially fashionable to decorate the walls with a real straw, if it is organic to the overall design of the interior, of course.
  • Fireplace. It would seem that the solution is not new, but today it has become even more popular. And, it can be electric fireplaces. The fireplace can be decorated with a decorative stone or, again, elements with natural motifs.

Today you can not only gather information about the design of the premises, but also seek help from professionals Today it is possible not only to independently obtain information on the design of the premises, but also to seek help from professionals

Fortunately, shelving with books is again often used in the living room. That is, good home libraries return to fashion. There you can equip fashionable niches with lighting.

Design features living odnushki

If the living room - this is the one and only room in the house, your main task is to increase the visual space in the living room. And this, then, can be and receptions with glossy facades, and the use of light tones, and mirrors, etc.

options in the living room decoration odnushke:

  • easiest option - a minimum of things, giving up seats and all, without which you can do, interior minimalism;
  • Modern corner sofa bed - the most common solution in these conditions, in this case pay attention to the quality upholstery;
  • Multifunctional furniture - a narrow but very high closet, it would be nice with mirrored doors, which should not be put right at the entrance;
  • Warm shades of walls and ceiling - if you choose furniture in milky colors, then let it be coffee-milk, etc.;
  • The ceiling height is also important - if the ceiling is low, you need to use wallpaper with vertical stripes, then the ceiling will visually become higher;
  • White color in the design - not at all boring topic, but just the same option for such a room.

When there is only one room in the apartment, be sure to visually expand the space When the apartment is only one room, be sure to visually expand the space

very important to use natural light in the living room to the maximum. Because the curtains, use white, transparent. Well, if there is a niche in this room( which is often found in the layout), arrange a mini bedroom from it. The partition can be transparent or glass, you get two functional spaces.

The design of the living room in the house: country style features

The living room in a private house is a real home. Very often for its design, the country style is used. And to integrate the country-style and modern ideas in the living room, you can decorate the space near the fireplace with stone cladding. A fireplace shelf can be decorated with roughly wooded wood.

country style suitable for those people who have the harmony and comfort are at the forefront

But to balance this topic in the interior, the ceiling is made of special beams of the same breed as the space around the fireplace. Actually, and in general the design of the living room, you can use the tree in the decoration. This will bring the interior of the room closer to the surrounding nature.

Individual design of the living room: Oriental style

The living room in the oriental style is a very popular request today. And this implies an abundance of color and decor, in this case it is impossible to skimp on them. But if you are a little scared, you can make a lighter version. For example, to a greater extent, the notes of the East "let in" into textiles and some accessories. But in general the room will be decorated in a modern style.

If in your room you adhere to the oriental style, then do not forget to allocate a recreation area If your room you practice of oriental style, do not forget to highlight the recreational area

Or draw in oriental motifs can be a relaxation area - sofa, chairs, carpet, table. And everything around is neutral, in light or pastel colors. This will also look pretty interesting. This option looks great in non-standard living rooms, for example, if the room is pentagonal.

Design interior of the living room: retro style

Retro-style living room - the first position among the mods. And if you want to repeat it, the idea is worth the effort.

Particulars of the living room in retro style:

  • For the walls using wallpaper, often - tissue. Many manufacturers produce wallpaper specifically for displaying retro themes. The color range is anything, from white wallpaper to the darkest.
  • With fabric wallpaper, a light laminate "under the tree", most imitating a light tree, will look wonderful. And add all this is a round dark carpet.
  • The sofa and armchairs are cozy, soft, according to the design completely comparable with the soft furniture of the past. A coffee table and chest of drawers are the essential elements of such a living room.

Retro-style loves comfortable sofas, armchairs and chests of drawers, and is characterized by a variety of colors Retro style loves comfortable sofas, armchairs and chests of drawers, and is characterized by a variety of colors

can not be overstated decor and accessories - a vintage photo in the classic, wooden, wrought iron frame. As well as flowers in old pots, clocks on the wall in a vintage theme, figurines, as well as equipment of yesteryear( gramophones, gramophone).

Modern design ideas for living room( video)

But if these things do not just mimic the old days, and are literally heirlooms - all the more reason you have to make it a living. And here speaking will be every little thing, creating a special atmosphere.

Decoration of the living room is both a troublesome and interesting occupation. And it's worth it to go shopping, to seek out the very rug, table, figurines, mat, etc.

Successful transformation!

Modern design ideas living room( interior photos)