Table for the living room: curbstones with a sofa in the hall, design and photo, large books, tablecloth material, array

The table is the most important attribute of the living room, which makes it functional and convenient The table is the most important attribute of the living room, which makes it functional and convenient. The table is one of the most important attributes of furniture with a huge number of functions. It complements and animates the design of any room. Choosing a table for the living room, you need to take into account the fact that it is a center that gathers around guests, relatives and friends, so it should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, the style of the interior and other design tricks, so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

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Living room tables and cabinets

What can influence the selection of the table?Its purpose. Behind him you can eat, gather, celebrating a celebration or an important day. At the table you can play board games or work at the computer.

Important factors when buying a table:

  1. Purpose - the purpose for which the table will serve. If the living room needs a roomy table, but there is no possibility, you can put transforming models that turn from small to large;
  2. Dimensions and shape of the living room. It is an important factor, because it depends on how well the table fits into the interior. In a rectangular hall, you need to take a rectangular or oval table, and if the room is large and allows you to place the table in a particular area, then you should choose a classic non-lethal version for 10-12 people. For a small living room it is better to choose a collapsible table, or a table-transformer. Most of the time it will look like a coffee table, behind which you can drink coffee or read books;
  3. Style design - the table must conform to the design concept of the entire living room, decorate it and match the color and shape, and not stand out among the room.

The table and chairs must be made in the same style The table and chairs must be made in the same style

The table should be comfortable for sitting, the chair is free to slide out. One person should have at least 60 cm of the length of the table, if the chairs have no armrests.

The design of the window-sill can be an interesting object, keeping the room's footage and looking extremely unusual on the background of other tables. You can upgrade the windowsill yourself without much expense and even yourself. The curbstone can replace the closet or chest, serve as a stand for any objects.

The following types of pedestals are available:

  1. Closed type - there are doors and drawers that protect the inside from prying eyes. When choosing a closed cabinet in the living room, it is necessary to check the transparency of the windows on the drawer doors, if there is equipment inside that receives the signal;
  2. Open type - is a shelf with shelves. Provides instant access to any object inside and performs a good ventilation technique, such as a TV, protecting it from overheating.

The vast majority of pedestals for the hall are stationary. If you need to often move furniture, it is worth to choose the mobile pedestal on wheels. The stationary model can be on legs without them.

Coffee table in living room

The vast majority of living rooms are equipped with a sofa and TV.One can not but agree that such a small and comfortable interior will add a little more warmth and comfort to everyday life.

The coffee table perfectly fits into any interior of the living room, improving its aesthetic qualities Coffee table fits perfectly in any living room interior, improving its aesthetic qualities

Advantages of a coffee table:

  1. It is characterized by ease of use;
  2. It is multifunctional;
  3. Features excellent transportability. If there are wheels, the table can be moved to any place;
  4. Thanks to its small dimensions it does not take up much space in the interior;
  5. It uses a wide variety of materials, but usually they buy glass models because of their stylish appearance.

The coffee table can be used for various purposes. On it you can store newspapers, put a vase of flowers and figurines, coffee cups and various necessary trifles. A table with a beautiful tea set will look especially refined.

Living room with sofa and table: dining option

In case if the living room is divided into zones, you need to choose a quality table. You can choose a sliding dining model, a table of solid wood or another option. One zone will be for eating, the other for a meeting of guests.

Wooden chairs with graceful bends perfectly complement the table, located in the classical living room Wooden chairs with graceful bends perfectly complement the table located in the classic living room

It is necessary to follow the advice so as not to be mistaken with the choice:

  1. The choice of the table depends on what the dining area will be. If static, the classic will do. If the zone is dynamic, existing only for meeting guests, the transformer table will be an appropriate option;
  2. To not be mistaken with the size of the table, you can easily measure its dimensions - lay out on the floor tablecloth. This will help you navigate in the area of ​​the future table;
  3. For a small living room, a round version of the table on one leg is suitable, so more people will fit behind it.

A beautiful corner sofa can be used for zoning. Upholstered furniture will add comfort and practicality, but you do not need to put it near the table and work area - it can easily get dirty. A bar counter can also share space. It can be used instead of a dining table.

You can make a dining table yourself, making it will be much cheaper than buying a ready-made in-store. It can be wooden or chipboard, if the hands grow out of the right place, the result in any case will be good.

Hall with transformer table

The transformer table differs not only in design, but in appearance. Within a few seconds, such a table becomes a full-fledged dining option, on which you can lay out cutlery and start a meal. In addition, the sofas and armchairs look great next to the tables-transformers.

The table-transformer is perfect for a living room, made in the style of high-tech Transformer table perfectly suited for high-tech living room.

Among them are:

  1. Table top-transformer for lunches;
  2. Coffee tables-transformers;
  3. Dining tables for books;
  4. Sliding dining tables.

Console tables-transformers play a special role in the apartment. They are wall-mounted, hinged and stand-alone. The console is diverse in materials, each has its own design and size.

Universal table-books for living room

The table-book is named so because it is easy to open and close like a book. Its price is much lower than that of a dining table, and the functionality is much larger.

Among the advantages of the book tables, it should be noted that it is possible to fold to the minimum size, while saving space in the living room Among the advantages of the book tables, it is worthwhile to note the possibility of folding up to minimum dimensions, while saving space in the living room.

Their advantages are obvious:

  1. Ideal for small spaces. Allow to accommodate work areas with extra furniture and keep such necessary meters for free movement around the apartment;
  2. The table is suitable for any room. In folded form it can serve as a coffee table, and when you visit it you can turn it into an ordinary dining table.

There are table-books with a built-in mini-bar, books of semi-curbstones and tables of a semi-book in the form of beautiful desks with a curbstone, into which you can put writing materials.

Choosing a table for the living room( video)

The living room table is an excellent solution for any apartment. Dining groups help to correctly allocate space, combining the dining room and the hall and freeing the kitchen. The coffee table brings a certain charm. Dressing - can be a corner of beauty. There are elite and classical models, the correct arrangement of which will contribute to a pleasant stay in the house. Thus, tables are not only necessary and everyday things, they are useful decorations of apartments.

design tables in the living room( photo in the interior)