Kitchen design living room: the interior of the combined small dining room at the five-storey apartment

The design of the living room-kitchen (45 photos): advantages and disadvantages of combining


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If you have done kitchen living room design, ie the kitchen combined with living room, so it kills two birds with one stone.

Everyone wants to live in a large and spacious apartment, and even better in their own home where they belong exclusively to the owner.

kitchen living room designHowever, most of us have to be content with what we have, that is, to live by a few people in small apartments, which do not take into account individual needs.

To do this we have to go to various tricks to even slightly increase the living space by a properly executed interior room in the apartment.

Design kitchen living room

Interior design example: living room with kitchen

In the far west are normal things, when the kitchen is connected to the dining room. Most of our apartments are the place for dining is simply no, and the combination of bedroom and living room is most common among the different options of rooms combinations.

This solution is ideal if you do not have children.

If you live in an old building, the design of the kitchen - a living room can be very difficult to Due to the fact that often in these homes interior walls are both carrying and breaking their way it is impossible.

small kitchen design living room

The original interior of a living room with kitchen

But in the new buildings is no such problem.

Many, buying an apartment, just ask the builders to demolish the wall between the kitchen and living room. However, if such a decision is rational or residents of such apartments will regret it later?

To do this, consider all the pros and cons of such redevelopment, and all kinds of interior options for small living room.

Cons kitchen association with the living room

  1. Performing design kitchen - living room - dining room you come up with that smell, which should remain in the kitchen, will penetrate into the living room where your guests will rest.

To avoid this, set the strong suction design.

Design kitchen living room

Classic kitchen interior, combined with the living room

However, keep in mind that completely isolate the recreation area from the smells you can not.

  1. cleaning problem

Usually the living room are cleaned less frequently than with the kitchen, which is necessary to work more often and more thoroughly. The essence of the cleaning in the living room is the same only in the destruction of the dust from the surfaces, including the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Performing design living room together with kitchen, there is a great likelihood that you will have to deal with cleaning more often than usual.

  1. complexity of design

Difficulties arise primarily because of the fact that the kitchen and living room are completely different functional load.

Design living room together with kitchen

living room design in warm tones

In the kitchen, you have to get all the necessary for cooking healthy and delicious food equipment, utensils and other necessary items. Sex with the best lay out tiles, which is easy to wet cleaning.

But part of the room, where guests will be located should have a warm, maybe even a carpet.

You can use the parquet or laminate. Also here is to present a soft and comfortable furniture.

Pros combination kitchen and living room

  1. Note that the design of the kitchen - small living room will allow her to visually enlarge.

If you do not wish to have a kitchen and living room are one room, then you should resort to the space zoning. In this case, you can use a lot of stylish interior options for the living room.

These can be, for example, book shelves, wall cabinets, chest of drawers or, in the end, plaster wall, which can be done in a fancy way.

This will make the design of your room even more attractive and stylish.

  1. Such a union will make rooms more comfortable reception.

More often than not, taking guests, all housewives methane from the kitchen into the room, where the celebration. Very not easy process of cooking a variety of delicious dishes and tableware.

kitchen design combined with living in the Khrushchev

Modern kitchen - living room

If you combine the living room with kitchen, then moved around the room will be much more convenient. The more that you do not have a long time to leave the visitors, all the while you will be with them in the same room.

  1. Using the redevelopment of this type, you will be able to spend more time with his family.

You can easily cook in the kitchen and discuss how the day went, with other family members. But if her husband and children at work and at school, then you do not have to get bored.

You will be able to review your favorite TV shows or listen to music, not looking up from the household chores. Here come to the aid of a home theater or stereo system.

Combining whether these diametrically opposed zones of the functions in one - it's up to you.

However, the design of the kitchen combined with living room in Khrushchev - is almost the only effective solution to increase the space, at least visually.

For many, this factor becomes critical in making difficult decisions.

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