Design living room combined with a bedroom, hall 18 square meters in the style of Provence to the lilac, violet tones

Design living room to the bedroom (42 images): experimenting with color solutions


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In the context of a lack of available rooms, the landlord may decide to combine the functionality of one or more premises. A design of living room with bedroom - one of the variants of such associations.

In principle, it is sufficient to show a little imagination, and a beautiful and functional interior is provided to you.

living room design combined with bedroomMost one-bedroom apartments there is a fairly radical combination - design: bedroom + living room. Though at first glance it is quite uncomfortable, lack of space forces to make such sacrifices.

Already an experienced designer with the direct objective of repairing the bedroom is to turn those disadvantages into advantages, combining in a single room seating area and reception area for guests.

Unfortunately, the design of the bedroom combined with a living forced to abandon such attribute lounges like a double bed.

Replacing it with a sofa bed, an employee at the same time and a place to sit, we immediately save a lot of space.

Incidentally, it is better to use than the usual sofa, laid straight and angular, which folded, it can take more people, and in the spread will serve as an excellent substitute for a double bed.

Of course, this solution has disadvantages:

  • Doctors strongly recommend to sleep on the couch, or you may earn back problems. For normal safe sleep is necessary to use special mattresses.
  • Shut off berth - an important factor of good quality sleep. If you want to relax after work, and the sofa is placed next to a TV, you are likely to interfere with another member of the family, and you will not be able to fully relax and rejuvenate.

That is why the design of the hall bedrooms should take into account the zoning of the premises, ie its division into areas leisure and entertainment.


 bedroom design combined with living room

Bed in niche

When choosing a location for the bed, look for the darkest and secluded area of ​​the room. The ideal option would be a niche Remote away from the TV, doors and windows.

It is possible to put a bed in a remote corner and let him approach it will not be as convenient, but you can sleep without being interrupted by the sound of TV programs or other people walking around the room.

If there is a niche, you can create a partition artificially using drywall, plastic, or more than the original solution in the form of a large and a high cabinet.

In general, the cabinet is a fairly convenient option for dividing rooms. Firstly, you will still need a place for clothes, and secondly, do not need to buy plasterboard and spend time on its installation.

Performing design living room bedroom 18 square meters, the landlord can be ordered at the cabinet door mirror, visually increase the space or wall with sandblasted pattern decorating the interior.

Sliding partitions in the form of doors - great for small bedroom design department. By ordering the required size, you can choose design, in keeping with the design of the room.

And not to cut back on space, we can make doors of frosted glass - light and almost weightless.

Note! Curtains - economy version of zoning in the bedroom, the living room. They either have to comply with the curtains on the windows or be heavy and dense, creating a canopy over your bed.

A room in the style of Provence and other design options

Bedroom design in the style of Provence

The bedroom in the style of Provence

A good option when you select a style for the multifunctional room is bedroom design in the style of Provence.

Provencal style bears some resemblance to coarse rustic - Russian hut or American ranch, but has some sophistication and art decorative effect.

Style Features:

  • All the furniture - beds, cabinets and chests of drawers, it must be made of natural wood.
  • Interior decorations are painted in natural colors or artificial sostarivayut.
  • Drawings, miniatures, hand-carved - a bright feature of the style of Provence.
  • Flavor and authenticity create different figurines, stylized lanterns and lamp with a fabric shade.
  • Individual interior decoration fabrics are decorated with floral patterns.
hall bedroom design

Bedroom design in purple tones

Another option - a bedroom design in purple tones. Various tide wallpaper can add warmth or coolness in the atmosphere in the room. Bright purple creates a romantic atmosphere, but the brighter shades can oppress.

Purple goes well with delicate white, gray and shades of natural wood, that allows you to create beautiful designs. A bright purple walls will create a feeling of luxury and are ideal for the bedroom, boudoir.

Lilac - purple is a shade of red. It perfectly suits for the bedroom, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The very design of the bedroom in lilac tones quite popular among home owners, because the combination of the color with monochrome shades, white and gray makes it possible to make quite a beautiful design without spending a lot of effort to create it.

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