Design living room - dining room with kitchen in a private home and public canteen project

Design living room + dining room (36 photos): types of planning rooms and a selection of furniture


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  • 1 Types of rooms plan
    • 1.1 narrow living
    • 1.2 square living
    • 1.3 Through room
  • 2 Kitchen-dining room
  • 3 Choosing furniture
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One example is the design of combination living-dining room that combines two zones - the dining, the actual dining room, and a room for receiving guests with a TV and a large soft sofa. Dining room - formerly forgotten, comes back from oblivion in the apartment is newly renovated.

However, most do not have enough separate room for a full dining room, so you have to combine it with other rooms. The standard apartment, there are several options for the kitchen renovation - dining room and the choice of independent the characteristics of the room itself: what is its length and width as the windows in it and whether it is not a checkpoint. By answering these questions, you can safely choose a new design.

dining room living room design

Types of rooms plan

dining room design in a private house

An example of dining-living room design

Based on the plan, it is possible to divide the room for future dining-living room into several types:

  • Long and narrow room;
  • The shape of the room close to the square;
  • Through room;
  • A room with two doors on one wall;
  • Room with several windows.

Of course, the main advice when creating an interior - use zoning.

The artificial division of the room into several areas - whether it is the division with the help of furniture, color or invoices, will create two work areas, isolated from each other, but forming a harmonious picture.

narrow living

Narrow room dictates such rules: in the front part must be either a composition that combines a dining table and chairs, a sofa and a TV. The main thing is not to restrict the objects of interior space and do not interfere with the free circulation of visitors and residents of the apartment. This is usually treated to the standard ideas for the renovation of the kitchen.

square living

Square room design often means dining in a private home. It is on its site, the owner is free to make a comfortable room shape and size. In this room it is very convenient to create an artificial barrier to using the TV stand or a decorative chest with shelves for office equipment.

design kitchens combined with a dining room

Kitchen-dining-living room

Watching TV comfortably accommodate a sofa, a small coffee table and a couple chairs. In another part of the room is a dining area with buffet and a large dining table.

Through room

Through room - quite inconvenient in terms of creating a good design, but even here you can find a way out.

In this case, it is important to highlight the center of the room and place it in a dining group with cupboards for storing utensils. a sitting area with a TV hidden in a quiet corner away from the window.

For a room with two doors there is a quite original design option that combines the living room dining room kitchen design. Each door reduces the room for maneuver, so it is best to arrange the furniture in the corners, and use a sliding instead of a massive table.

  • Lunch groups need to put right next to the window, to make it bright highlights.
  • The window is to decorate with light curtains and stylish blinds.
  • To visually increase the room, use bright colors in the wallpaper and floor covering, but do not forget about the main instrument designer - zoning.
  • For recreation area is better to lay on the floor carpet or soft mat, and work area - the kitchen, select a tile with an original ornament.

Room with many windows - ideal for combining living and dining area. Based on the location of the windows should be placed in the dining area more light in the room and sofa and put in a corner.

Parquet flooring composition a dining - table and chairs around it, in a recreation area, traditionally, the floor covered with a soft fluffy carpet.

Kitchen-dining room

lounge dining area kitchen design

Design Option kitchen-dining room

Another common option plan of the apartment with a small number of rooms - kitchen design is combined with a dining room.

Quite convenient to combine two rooms, similar in functional purpose, into a single harmonious composition that will please the eye of visitors and owners of the apartment.

First of all, think about repairing the kitchen and the dining room of the future, you should divide the room into several sections - working and dining area.

Kitchen, or work area, isolated by texture and finishing materials: often the floor and walls covered with makeshift kitchens tiled with original patterns. In addition, the area with a sink, stove and other appliances will be allocated in the general interior.

Designers recommend to divide the room into zones with the help of the bar - this item allows you to separate the kitchen from the rest of the floor area and at the same time does not create a sense of separateness.

Note! Another option zoning room, combining the kitchen and dining room, is the use of arches. Arched doorway is very beautiful and original section of the room into several parts without taking up much space.

On the other hand put a beautiful dining table, a set of soft chairs and a sideboard with grandma sets. We get a place to take visitors and prepare food, and interior change takes place in a couple of steps.

Of course, fundamentally share a room not worth it - the color of wallpaper, flooring and interior items in both parts have to be combined to create a unified and harmonious picture.

It is best to arrange the room in the same style, such as high-tech. One should not clutter up the space of excess furniture - kitchen with necessary equipment, a table with a set of chairs and a small pantry for dishes - that's all that usually contains a kitchen design project dining room.

Choosing furniture

Design mess hall

Dining room furniture.

When selecting furniture for the dining room is not particularly necessary to bother. During the lunch set includes a table, chairs and sideboard for storing utensils and tableware.

In addition, the walls can be placed a few shelves and pictures, and in the corners of the room to put a large vase with flowers or miniature ornamental trees.

When choosing a dining table, the host gets to choose what material to buy. Nowadays, there are many embodiments of the table - from different types of wood, metal, glass.

But the design of the dining public often involves plastic tables of poor quality, although you can always choose the best. The material from which the table is made, based on the selected styling room.

For business styles more suitable glass or metal, but the comfort of home can give a massive wooden table. Very convenient accessory is serving table on wheels - with it you can easily bring ready-made meals from a nearby work area - the kitchen.

The choice of chairs - not such a difficult task, because they are usually sold as a set with a table. The main thing when buying this interior, pay attention to the reliability and quality of the upholstery, the chairs to have served for a long time.

Leather upholstery is considered to be the most quality out of all available on the market, but you can get and cheaper tissue substitutes. An integral part of the dining room, of course, is the buffet. It is a small cabinet with lots of drawers and transparent doors designed more for ornamental decoration of the room, rather than for storing utensils.

The lower part of the cupboard - cabinet contains crockery and cutlery, as well as other items necessary for setting the table. In the upper, transparent portion, usually give beautiful set and other utensils, which passes from generation to generation.

Summing up

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