Design of a narrow living room: a photo of a long interior, an elongated layout, a hall on the north side, a room of a round house

Before beginning the design of a narrow living room, you should draw a drawing on paper, indicating the location of the furniture Before starting the registration of a narrow living room should perform drawing on paper, specifying the locations of furniture lack of space mistakenly considered as a cause, making the design of the narrow bedrooms impossible task. With varying success, this myth is being tried to dispel interior specialists for the last two decades. In fact, the narrow room is a real Klondike for those who are ready for reasonable experiments.

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Features narrow living room layout

First we need to understand that the skyLshoy on the area of ​​the interior is easiest and most profitable to transform. Placement of each object in the room is based on the final result, which must be constantly kept in mind. Do you plan frequent parties?Is it possible to relax after watching TV after work?Is there a need to organize a workspace?Answers to all these questions will determine the design of the narrow living room.

From a practical point of view, limited space requires that the layout of the hall be functional.

If there are niches in a narrow living room, then it is recommended to place a cabinet or bedside tables If the narrow living room there are niches in which it is recommended to place a cabinet or bedside

We are talking about the need for a functional separation of every available centimeter:

  1. Business people need a place to work, equipped is better atWalls in such a way that sunlight falls on the right side. As an additional visual separator, you can use a small mirror cabinet.
  2. The refusal of an excessive number of paintings and other artifacts on the walls will reduce the load on the available space.

A harmonious combination of dark and light colors, located near the entrance of the light side, allows you to visually expand the room.

We equip the interior of the narrow combined living room

In older buildings and older houses it is common to use several rooms as a single unit. Not an exception in this matter was the combined hall and kitchen.

To implement such a project, it is necessary to obtain permission from local authorities that will assess the feasibility and the possibility of removing part or all of the wall. If all the documents are in order, then you can start working.

Separate the living room with another room can be using a wooden or plasterboard decorative partition Divide the living room with another room by using wooden or gypsum decorative partitions

As follows from the logic of the combined space division into the functional zones is due to several factors:

  • The bar portion is located above with respect to seatsFor rest and cooking;
  • The physical separator is a round arch that does not "eat" much space;
  • Together, traditional chairs are best used bar;

As lighting, floor lamps and spotlights are used.

Passing narrow living room requires careful repairs

In many houses you can find not isolated rooms, but transit options. This means that you can get to the kitchen only after passing through the living room. In this case, the design project requires a certain adaptation to the existing conditions. First, you need to maximize the space for passage. Ideally, it looks like this. It is necessary to become in one room in such a way that the kitchen wall could be viewed through the corridor.

The sofa in the narrow living room should be placed along the longest wall, and the workplace - near the window sofa in the narrow living room should be placed along the longest wall and working place - near a window

Among the many existing ideas, designers offer to stay in the most effective:

  • It is desirable that the end-to-end corridor ends with a window, so that the passage room will not be visually restricted;
  • If it's about windows, then the bet is better to make a semi-circular shape;

Doors are used with large glass inserts.

Interior of a narrow living room: design and tips

The color aspect of walls and floor plays an important role in shaping the perception of space. In this regard, at home, beginners often make a common mistake - they repel the color of the walls, not furniture. You can not do this, otherwise the room will seem uncomfortable. In a narrow room, you need to focus on pastel colors, which solve several problems at once.

In a narrow living room, do not put too much furniture, as pictured in the photo, because it will prevent you from moving around the room In a narrow living room, do not put too much furniture, as pictured in the photo, as it will prevent you from moving around the room

First, the wall in the apartment will not become a "birch in the desert"eyes. Secondly, close attention should be paid to lighting devices. Point lights and floor lamps are welcomed.

In addition to these tips, designers give a few more:

  • The season of 2017, which is named after the firecracker, implies the presence of a moderate amount of red shades;
  • Modern rooms with limited space should be practical, so you should focus on furniture with the possibility of transformation;

Doors leading into the room should not be too massive, otherwise it will visually reduce the room.

Conceptual design of an extended living room

The maximum use of all the advantages of such a room will help a clear division into functional areas. It is recommended that you do not lose your sense of proportion. Firstly, the interior of the elongated living room implies the existence of a recreation area. Its composition center will be a flat-screen TV, a traditional or electric fireplace.

When placing chairs, sofas and armchairs, the position of the window must be taken into account.

In the narrow living room, the TV is best placed on the opposite wall from the sofa In a narrow living room, the TV is best to be hung on the opposite wall from the sofa

Secondly, the extended room will become much more comfortable if its decor is dominated by light shades.

The following recommendations will help to create a comfortable atmosphere for rest and meetings in a pleasant company:

  • The sofa is better placed with your back to the window;
  • If the window is located on the north side, then choose not very dense curtains or curtains;
  • The sofa is located on the left side of the chair, and opposite to it is a table;
  • In order to make the long living room look more attractive, a glass table with various finishes is selected;
  • The bulk of the artificial light comes from a small chandelier located in the center of the ceiling;

The corner areas in the apartment can be illuminated with a floor lamp.

Cozy design of narrow living room( video)

Narrow or elongated space has its own specifics in terms of arrangement. In the first case, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of minimalism. In this case, you will not have to regret the lack of a couple of extra centimeters. In the second case it is necessary to divide into functional rest areas and work. Each of them is separated from others by means of color transitions.

design long living room( interior photos)