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Create a unique style in your living room with beautiful furniture, textiles and bright decorations Create a unique style in your living room, you can use the beautiful furniture, textiles and bright decorations Every homeowner dreams of what it would be housing the most cozy, comfortable, and attractive in appearance. Implementing your dreams into reality is not so easy, because it's worth taking care of selecting furniture, as well as choosing finishes, textiles, accessories. It is the right and harmonious combination that will allow you to make a room, such as you need.

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unusual wall in the living room

people Particular attention was paid to interior subjects such as the wall of the hall, which is now very fashionable to use some interesting ideas on the design of the room, unusual, original and yesSame exclusive. Furniture set for the living room should delight guests, like family members and the most important is not to spoil the overall look and remain a useful product. To all this was, you need to carefully select the wall.

Unusual, stylish walls for the living room are original interior design items, with which you can create an inimitable beauty atmosphere.

It is worth noting that the non-trivial atmosphere of the halls continues to gain popularity all over the world. At the moment it is quite difficult to imagine a room for the reception of guests, in which there will be no walls. Modern designers began to give more and more preference to the style of minimalism, which fits perfectly into apartments with any dimensions.

Popular are the creative design walls, which are made in the style of minimalism popular is the creative design walls which are made minimalist

Particularly unusual and very desirable recognized modular construction. A conventional wall can get bored with time, but not modular.

Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is possible:

  1. Delete some elements of composition.
  2. You can gradually supplement the headset with new parts.
  3. It is possible to rearrange the elements to refresh the room and its appearance.

Modular systems of the new generation are multifunctional, ergonomic, attractive and most importantly stylish interior items. It is through the use of modular structures that it is possible to create unusual rooms, and also to save enough space in the room.

stylish wall in the living room

If you need original solutions for the design of the hall, it is necessary to pay attention to the furniture, which has by some raisins. A distinctive feature can be in any aspect.

For example:

  • You can choose a structure in the form of polylines;
  • Unusual looking sloping shelves;
  • There may be a selection of nonlinear boxes;
  • Carved facade and varnish;
  • Glass with sandblasting;
  • Photo printing and the like.

Add a certain highlights of the living room with original and unusual furniture You can add a certain highlight of the living room with original and unusual furniture

There are a lot of options, and designers can help with the choice. In addition to the aesthetics of furniture, you should not forget about the spaciousness and internal layout of the shelves. For example, if you want to store beautiful services in the wall, crystal and precious memorable vases, then you need to choose models with open shelves or much better display cases.

If they are in the room of the book, a shelf for their storage is required.

The only thing that designers advise on the choice of functionality is not to arrange storage of unnecessary things from the hall and walls. In modern modular systems a huge selection of original facade finishes. That is why there is an opportunity to pick up an attractive piece of furniture that can really surprise everyone who sees it.

To make the set look really unusual, it is worth emphasizing such characteristics as:

  • Elegance;
  • Nontriviality;
  • Decor;
  • Quality materials;
  • Luxurious view.

A competent approach to the design of the premises will allow you to create luxurious apartments from any and even the most light and not attractive rooms. They will be pleased to receive guests, relax and meet with family. Naturally, it is much easier to furnish a room with a large area, but for small rooms there are ideas and a lot of design proposals. Modern furniture factories offer walls of a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, and therefore even the most demanding buyer will be able to find what he needs.

The wall for the living room can be selected according to color, size or shape wall of the living room, you can choose the color, size or shape

choice is not limited, and can buy a wall on:

  • form;
  • Size;
  • Color;
  • Material.

The most important thing is quality and it should be only the highest. As for the cost, it depends on the choice of the buyer and the factors described above. The living room should be comfortable and cozy, and only then it will be a real pleasure.

Beautiful wall

hall As mentioned earlier, a large selection of wall, and a particularly large success enjoyed by the most beautiful, stylish and elegant products. Modular designs are recognized as the most popular, as they will not become obsolete and boring. With their help you can create unusual, original and exclusive interiors. Forming the situation in the room yourself, you can not worry about the fact that somewhere there is exactly the same composition.

Modular most beautiful as well as:

  • Practical;
  • Universal;
  • Convenient.

The furniture wall should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and practical wall unit must be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and practical

It is because they are sold in large quantities all over the world, and are improving every day. Modular walls are an ideal choice for many living rooms of various sizes, finishes and shapes. Even if the room is adjacent, combined or completely through, it is quite possible to place the set in it and at the same time it will be practically not occupied by the area. When ordering beautiful modular structures, you can transform the room beyond recognition and adjust it to your preferences.

Many buyers are eager to buy furniture on order, which provides 100% individuality and creativity.

Trendy colors and shapes

Trends 2016, the walls are such that the bright colors began to retreat into the background.

Now again quiet popular shades of pastel colors and materials such as:

  • bleached oak;
  • Wenge;
  • Nut;
  • Cherries.

The wall in the living room should be in harmony with the design of the room, complementing its interior wall in the living room should be in harmony with the design of the room, adding to its interior

allow designers to use a combined furniture, which can be no more than three colors, both dark and light. The peculiarity of the sets of this generation is that it may not be very catchy at first sight, but it will become a bright accent in the room. The facade of furniture can be made bright, but do not use additional accessories.

Now in fashion wall decor:

  • Steel;
  • Gold;
  • Moldings;
  • Geometric prints;
  • Flower drawings.

extremely popular not set too large interior, since room should be airy, light and attractive in appearance. It is possible to choose the original shelves, glass and semi-transparent plastic. With regards to style, the classic remains unchanged as well as its main features, but what about the others, the most popular are considered Nouveau and hi-tech.

Original walls in the living room( video)

Choosing a wall and accessories is sometimes not so easy. But in fact, this is a very interesting process that will bring a lot of positive emotions, because there is nothing more pleasant than shaking your own family nest.

comfortable furniture wall( photo)