Living room with fireplace design: interior with a staircase of a room in the style of minimalism

Design living room with fireplace (45 photos). Selection of the fireplace, especially wood, gas and electric fireplaces. Styles. Using false constructions


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  • 1 Which to choose a fireplace
    • 1.1 Wood-burning fireplace
    • 1.2 gas-fire
    • 1.3 electric fire
  • 2 fireplaces styles
  • 3 Using false fireplaces
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Design living room with fireplace - a dream of almost any host. Pleasant lights eye and enveloping heat will warm the whole family and her guests on a cold winter evening.

Contemplation of the fire will escape from the ills of life, calm down a bit shaky on the business day nerves. In view of the complexities of the process of combustion of these fireplaces are suitable only to the owners of private and country houses.

The design of the living room with fireplace

special models that do not use wood designed for tenants of apartments. In this article we will look at the features of each species, as well as how to write a fireplace in the interior of the living room, so it was a real design accent.

Which to choose a fireplace

Consider the three main types of fireplaces in terms of their advantages / disadvantages, as well as their installation will affect the appearance of the room.

Wood-burning fireplace

As we have said, this design is intended for the device in the interior design of the cottage or a private house. Theoretically, the apartment also have the opportunity to install a real fireplace, but this plant will entail a lot of difficulties and be extremely costly.

Interior design living room with wood burning fireplace will look very impressive. For visual appeal added to the sound of crackling logs, which can not be replaced by artificial analogues.

Calls for the placement of the furnace, the portal (portal - exterior decoration of the fireplace) and the chimney, as well as the organization of space for storing firewood. Furthermore, such a seating area should exceed 50 square meters. m.


Saves trouble with tenants from wood and provides them quite cheap heat derived from the combustion of methane or propane-butane. Such a device is capable of maintaining a predetermined temperature of the room itself including the right moment.

From the design point of view, gas fireplace is not worse than the present, it uses live fire and imitation wood. It does not require installation of a chimney (it will replace the tube) and storage space for firewood.

Interior living room with fireplace

Gas fireplace "imitation wood"

electric fire

The most eco-friendly option, no tar, no burning. Electric fireplaces are very convenient and fast in heating, in addition, they are cheaper than the previous alternatives.

Design can fit anywhere, even in the design of a living room with a staircase, since it does not require any communication supply.

Of course, the electrician does not provide the spark that catches the eye in the natural fireplaces, but the installation of a compact device - ideal for design living room in a city apartment.

fireplaces styles

Determine the type of fireplace (it is obvious that the residents of the apartments should you opt for the electric heater), you can move on to the subtleties of fitting in fireplaces in the interior. The easiest way is to choose the design, the style fits into the overall concept of the room.

Thus, the basic styles of Fireplaces:

  1. Classical.
  • This design should not be evident. At the same time the interior of the living room with fireplace classic style can give the room as a luxury and discreet (depending on the preferences of the owners) look.
  • The portal is made of stone or wood, stucco and has no other frills.
  • Above the fireplace, you can use a large decor - paintings in the interior of the living room, mirrors and lighting using lamps.
  • If the fireplace is designed to give the interior a luxury, feel free to use any elite finishing - natural stone, decorative plaster and decorative parquet in the fireplace area.
    Living room with fireplace interior

    Fireplace in the living room in classic style

Tip! Fireplace in a classic style you can use if your room does not have an explicit stylistic direction or you are using a mixture of several.

  1. High classic.
  • Making even more luxurious than the previous version: available moldings, Venetian plaster technology applied correctly, stone carving, half-columns.
  • Interior finished with bright colors.
  • Will fit 25 square meters and more in the living room design.
  • Lighting should be carefully thought out and emphasize the scale of the room.
  1. Country.
  • Style, primarily aimed at the design of country houses; this fireplace will perfectly fit in the room with high ceilings and wood trim complement or exposed stone.
  • The structure itself looks massive and strongly in favor of the wall.
  • Lines of fire can be a bit rude and in any case not graceful.
  • If desired, the top of the fireplace can be decorated with hunting trophies, wrought iron decorative products, or even a collector's weapons.
    Interior design living room with fireplace

    Living room with fireplace: interior in country style

Tip! The fireplace in the style of the country can be adapted for placement in the apartment. Then set not so massive structure, which will be advantageous look due to finish artificial stone and wide wooden beam as the shelf above the fireplace.

  1. Modern.
  • It will be the place, if you develop the design of a square living room, as it envisages the possibility of placing the fireplace both along the walls, and in the corner.
  • design lines can be quite bizarre. The ideal would be the production of custom-made products developed by the artist sketch.
  • A more economical option would complement conventional fireplace stained glass, they are consistent with the style philosophy.
    Design living room with fireplace

    Corner fireplace - a part of the Art Nouveau style

  1. Laconic style.
  • Fireplaces have a minimum decoration, the main emphasis is on the shape or unusual material. For example, usual materials can give place metal and heat resistant glass.
  • Living room design will fit in a minimalist style or high-tech.
  • For the design of the living room in a private domahsuschestvuyut design with an open fire.
    The design of the living room with a staircase

    Laconic fireplace suitable for a minimalist style, as well as for high-tech

  1. Baroque.
  • Such a living will be like a fire hall in mind the unusual design has to be one of the many rooms in the house.
  • The design should have a fanciful, even bizarre forms.
  • Portal fireplace decorated with mosaics depicting the elements of nature - different birds, flowers, plants, etc.
  • It is best to look the product of white marble or imitation.

Using false fireplaces

If for any reason there is no possibility to install a fireplace, and the desire to eat, pay attention to the use of false fireplaces.

Interior with well decorated portal will mimic the design of a living room with a fireplace, but you will get rid of all the inconveniences associated with the operation of the fireplace.

Portal decorate in the style in accordance with the proposed rules.

The inside of the portal can be filled:

  • candles;
  • vases;
  • decorative or natural logs;
  • inserts made of decorative material.
    The design of the square living room

    Raised fireplace, decorated with candles

Tip! Very unusual will look false fireplace, which instead of the furnace placed mirror.

living room with fireplace design will transform any home into a work of art. You have only to choose the style and ready to work. Once the repair is finished, do not be surprised if the guests will linger you longer.

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