Ceiling design in the living room: the options of stretch ceiling structures

ceiling design in the living room (60 photos): types of ceiling systems, design nizkopotolochnyh apartments


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Since people began to think about the periodic accomplishment of his home, he was faced with the question of the different kinds of renovation and interior decoration.

And as any repairs begins from the ceiling, and the ceiling design in the living room has become an important and urgent.

ceiling design in the living room

On the main types of ceiling systems

Design of stretch ceilings in the living room

A two-level ceiling

Today, there are many varieties of types of ceilings and design styles. Mistakenly believed that the finish of the ceiling with his hands or the hands of professionals - unimportant matter.

Just the opposite! Ceiling can not only beautify, but also to raise visually set it beautiful lighting, well-off so that the room will become a very different kind, amazing hosts and guests.

Let's look at the basic types and categories in order to determine which of them is better to choose to repair the living room.

simple ceiling

There are two main categories - simple and complex. Simple enough ceiling whitewash or paint, or wallpaper paste over oblitsevat tiles.

sophisticated design

With regard to complex analogues, they, in turn, are divided into pendant (SLR and cassette) and ceilings (matte, glossy, fabric and art with a mass of figures options).

If you think through the design of suspended ceilings in the living room, be sure to check out the options of finished works. Even if you do not choose a ready option for your apartment, you are guaranteed not to run out of interesting and creative ideas.

Tip! Since the repair in the living room, decide with the style in which the design will be implemented. If you stick to the minimalist style, and the ceiling must correspond to it. For fans of ultra-modern and technological, of course, fit design with a minimum of decoration and spare parts. In this case, it is sufficient to whitewash or paint in the color you want.

For adherents refined forms and solutions may be advisable suspension, suspended or composite structures.

Unusual suspended ceiling

Unusual suspended ceiling

You can also use the system, which involves not only the final external effect, but also to hide all her shortcomings, as well as communications.

The only aspect that is important to consider when installing such a system - sufficient headroom. The fact that such a structure is mounted on a pre-crate, which takes a good part of the height of the room.

Advantages of suspension systems in a variety of designs and decor.

Tiled ceilings, fragments of which can be arranged in any order, provide an opportunity to build in lighting, to implement any style, to perform even the most daring idea of ​​interior design.

Multilevel plasterboard

Multilevel plasterboard

Not inferior to the popularity and capabilities of multi-level ceilings of plasterboard. This material gives a lot of opportunities. Constructing a ceiling, you can give any form, to carry out the original lighting fixtures when installed.

Low apartments

Stretch ceilings "Starry sky" in the lower apartment

Stretch ceilings "Starry sky" in the lower apartment

It should make a small reservation to owners of lower Apartments. Raise visual space, in this case you will be mirrored ceilings. The only thing you should take good care - safe fixing of mirror panels.

Note! Stretch ceilings suitable for almost any floor plan. The fact that the construction is not "eats" space, easy to clean and to clean, durable. In addition, you can choose not only the color, but also the material of the web.

Typically tensioning system made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). He not only wear-resistant, but also has many advantages - moisture resistance, safety, hygienic, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

Moreover, in case of flooding top web is able to hold up to 100 liters of water.

Tension mounted system at a preset frame, which does not take up much space. With carefully choose the type of fabric, it can be glossy, matte and exclusive designer surface with pictures and patterns.

Stretch ceiling is going to eat a minimum of space

Stretch ceiling is going to eat a minimum of space

When installing the frame height of the room is reduced by 2-10 cm, depending on the selected design. Therefore, we recommend that owners of apartments with low ceilings do not build in his grandiose multi-level structure.

Tips and Secrets

Proper lighting will transform the room

Proper lighting will transform the room

If you want to redecorate the living room, putting the minimum amount, heed the following little secrets:

  • With low ceilings in any case it does not plan heavy and bulky ceiling systems that are just weighing space.
  • Whichever style you stuck, you can always achieve the maximum effect with minimum investment - make a classic ceiling, which always looks tasteful and beautiful.
  • Do not neglect the simple whitewash or paint. Their apparent simplicity is deceptive. Often it is they, together with the original bolts, trim or moldings around the perimeter create an ideal and universal coverage.
  • Cumbersome chandeliers still does not lose its relevance. If you want to create an interior room in a classic style, choose a duo from simple ceiling and massive chandeliers.
  • For small spaces is now fashionable recommend spotlights of halogen lights.
  • Do not stop at the trendy currents and finished developments. Based on what he saw, create a collective image of the apartment. Take all the best and adapt to your taste. Combined ceiling - the secret of success

Combined ceiling - the secret of success

  • Try to combine several options and types of ceiling. Very impressive look gypsum form a variety of shapes, in conjunction with tensioning the canvas in the center.
  • If you choose the suspended ceiling as a major, decide what effect will have a canvas. Glossy shiny surface reflects light well. With proper lighting the exposed ceiling give a floating effect of the room space, visually lift the wall. Matt will give a soft light and creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
  • For fans contemplate the picture above there are so many variants of the starry sky, clouds and colors to the painting in the Baroque and Rococo style.

Now you know where to begin repairs. Think about all the details, and then work on the improvement of the apartment will bring you real pleasure.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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