Buffet for dishes in the living room: photo of a corner cabinet, a classic display case, dressers and furniture, a beautiful modern pedestal

The buffet is a multifunctional piece of furniture, which is recommended to be placed in any living room Buffet is a multi-functional piece of furniture, which is recommended to be placed in any living room. Buffet is a traditional interior of almost any living room. Despite the fact that, mostly such furniture was popular many years ago, but now it has not lost its relevance. Modern buffets are represented by a wide variety of models.

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    • Nice corner cabinet for the living room: advantages
    • Drawer for the living room: materials and care
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Sideboards for the living room: description

The cupboard is a kind of cupboard for dishes, which, as a rule, consists of three tiers. The lower tier is closed with doors, which often have a built-in lock so that it can be locked. And the upper two tiers have shelves and glazed doors. Bufetov modern industry produced in a wide variety, as well as different styles.

On sale you can find buffets made in the style of the classic, as well as in a variety of other styles, such as, for example, rococo, empire and others.

The choice of the buffet and the material from which it is made depends on the overall style and interior of the room, as well as some other features.

In the living room, executed in classical style, a wooden buffet of oak or walnut will fit in well In the living room made in classical style, a wooden buffet of oak or nut

will fit in nicely.

  1. If, for example, a room or living room is made in classical style, then the buffer should be chosen accordinglyClassical, made of natural wood or wood.
  2. You should take into account the size of the living room, if the room is not very large, you should buy a small buffet and preferably made of light wood. At the same time on the buffet should be a minimum of patterns and any decorative elements.
  3. If the living room area allows, you can put one large buffet or two small narrow monotonous ones that will stand close together.

But not everyone can afford an expensive buffet in the living room, and so you can buy modern models made of MDF, which have minimalism, strict lines and a more modest finish. But, nevertheless, in spite of this, the buffet will perform its function properly and please its owners.

Beautiful corner cabinet for the living room: the advantages of the

The cupboards are quite large in size, as well as a unique style, they should not be placed next to any massive furniture, as the buffet will simply be lost on its background. If there is no possibility to put a buffet in the distance from other furniture, it is worth taking a closer look at models that can be placed in the corner of the living room. Such a buffet will look good and besides it will be able to save space in the living room.

Often the angular variety of cupboards has a semi-circular or diamond-shaped shape.

Some corner buffets can be made in the form of a trapezoid, it all depends on the person's desire, what kind of thing he wants to put in the living room. This buffet almost does not occupy the living room space and does not interfere with free movement on it.

Corner buffet is perfect for small living rooms, since it occupies a minimum of space Corner cupboard is perfect for small living rooms as it takes up minimum space


  1. When placing such a cupboard in the living room, it should be taken into consideration that the opening of its doors does not interfere with other furniture.
  2. Traditionally, the corner cupboard consists of a bottom base - a pedestal with opaque doors, on top a cupboard with glass doors is installed.
  3. It can be used as part of the entire living room set if it is matched to the tone of all the rest of the furniture in the living room.

Corner cupboards despite the seemingly modest size can accommodate quite a few items, both decorative and ordinary things that will be hidden behind the opaque doors. In some cases, you can make such a cupboard all opaque doors so that you can clean up any things.

A high-quality corner buffet will be a good decorative element for almost any living room, including decorated, especially if it is properly sized and will fit the common interior of the living room.

Cabinet for the living room: materials and care

Classical style buffets are made of wood, which has long proven itself as the most optimal option. But now you can afford to order a chest of drawers from natural wood or from a wooden massif not everyone can. In this case, you can purchase cupboards made from MDF, chipboard or chipboard.

Buffets, chests and other furniture assembled from such material also successfully serves its owners, and in price they are much cheaper than a chest of drawers made of natural wood.

In the upper part of the cupboard there are shelves for dishes, and the lower part is intended for storing various household items In the upper part of the cupboard there are shelves for dishes and the lower part is intended for the storage of various household items

In addition to wood, other materials are widely used:

  1. Use a plastic imitation wood for making a cupboard, Glass, plywood, veneer and other materials.
  2. Use in the creation of buffets, usually a mixture of materials, for example, the basis of the cupboard may be a chipboard, and the facades and in general the whole finish of more presentable materials.

In order for the buffet to serve for a long time, it is necessary to take care of it properly, if it gets wet, immediately remove it, because if it is not done, the water will be absorbed into the tree, despite the protection and the tree can swell. When cleaning, do not use abrasive materials, as this will lead to scratches. Wipe the cupboard with a soft cloth with the help of special cleaning agents.

It is not necessary to place a buffet near the heaters. It is necessary to install it so that the sun's rays fall on it for a long time. If you comply with all conditions and take care of the chest of drawers, he will long please his owners.

Buffet showcase for the living room for storing beautiful things

Among the varieties of cupboards, there is a cupboard-showcase, which is a large enough high cabinet with several tiers and with a mirror rear panel. The doors of such cupboards are glazed, and inside the cabinet can be built-in lighting.

In the display cabinet, you can put a variety of decorative items that improve the aesthetic qualities of the living room In the display cabinet, you can put a variety of decorative items that improve the aesthetic qualities of the living room

The purpose of this design is to demonstrate beautiful quality dishes.

In addition, the display cabinet is designed for other things:

  1. With the help of a display cabinet, you can zonate the living room, for example, dividing it into two halves, and if there is not a solid wall on the opposite side, butAlso glass, then you can admire the beautiful dishes and statuettes immediately on both sides.
  2. Dimensions of this display case depend on the size of the room itself, if the living room is small, then you should choose elegant small models with fully glass doors. This design will visually even expand the room.
  3. Showcase cupboards produced by modern industry can be in the form of rounded canisters, completely glass cabinets of unusual shape, made in high-tech style, etc. In some cases, you can order a version of the display cabinet by individual order.

Such a buffet can be put in a corner, especially if the hosts want to show guests some exclusive and rare things that should be touched as little as possible.

Modern crockery for the dishes in the living room( video)

With this arrangement there will be a minimal chance that someone will poke the cupboard casually and its contents may fall and suffer from this. The buffet will combine functionality and become a noticeable detail in almost any interior. It will be quite compact, will not take up much space and look modern.

Design of cupboards for the living room( photo examples)