Wall clock large original for the living room: photo in the interior of the hall, beautiful and inexpensive

Large wall clocks are able to give the living room an originality and make it more functional Large wall clock can make the living room original and make it more functional The retail network presents a variety of wall clock large and original for the living room. Mechanical, quartz, electronic - from the abundance of names scatter their eyes, however, this is not an excuse to buy the first thing that gets in your eyes. The more accurately a potential buyer realizes that he needs, the more likely it is to use money rationally.

    • The wall clock is large for the living room: aesthetic characteristics
    • The types of the clock in the living room
    • How to choose a clock on the wall in the living room
    • Wall clock original for the living room: care rules
    • We choose wall clock large
    • Examples of wall clocks in the living room( photo in the interior)

Wall clock large for the living room: aesthetic characteristics

DosDull for price and beautiful chronometers for many have become antonyms. Citizens prefer budgetary and not always qualitative models, explaining this by lack of funds. In fact, even with a limited budget, you can choose the right option. For example, instead of an antique model, it is better to purchase a chronometer, where the dial is made on the basis of an artificially aged surface.

Fans of minimalism will inexpensively buy a product where the dial is missing as such. Using a special paint, large numbers are drawn on the wall.

The wall clock, decorated in the form of a ceramic plate, fits well into the classic interior of the living room The wall clock, designed as a ceramic plate, fits well with the classic interior of the living room.

There are a number of other varieties:

  • With irregular shape;
  • Figures replaced with themed images with backlight;
  • A chronometer that is mounted in a reproduction of a famous work of art;
  • Music clock and more.

Variety of clocks in the living room

The interior of each apartment is unique, so it's worth to carefully consider the issue of choosing chronometers. There are many such, so you should start from the design of the living room. In addition, attention should be paid to the prevailing color gamut. It is desirable that the clock be darker than the surrounding environment.

Before purchase it is necessary to familiarize with technical characteristics of various modifications.

The original solution is the use of watches, the numbers on the dial of which are depicted not only in the form of numbers, but also words The original solution is to use a clock whose digits on the dial are shown not only in the form of numbers, but also the words

Each of them has positive and negative sides:

  1. Mechanical watch is a classic option thatCan be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. They are made of natural materials with the use of decorative elements.
  2. Electronic - their placement is advisable in the hall, made in a modern style. You can also use them in loft and high-tech style. The appliance receives power from the mains or from the use of batteries.
  3. Quartz - original chronometers are widely used due to their unpretentiousness and greater accuracy than mechanical chronometers. If you want, you can choose a budget or premium option for the living room.

How to choose a clock on the wall in the living room

The retail network attracts buyers with promises of attractive prices, but this is not a lowering of vigilance. In order not to spend in vain the money, you need to think in advance about some of the details. First of all, we are talking about what kind of watch is needed. Here everything rests on the prevailing stylistic trend. In the classic interior look great mechanical clock, enclosed in a wooden shell.

Fans of minimalism should pay attention to the clock, made in the form of a large circle with Roman numerals. It seems that they are literally mounted on the wall.

Complements the wall clock with artificial lighting.

The wall clock should be made in the same style as the interior of the living room The wall clock should be made in the same style as the interior of the living room

Regardless of the preferred stylistic direction, when choosing the place of purchase, the following rules should be followed:

  1. Specialized store - here in a wideAssortment represented a variety of models. Before buying, you need to check the availability of a certificate of compliance and warranty service.
  2. The market is the best place to buy if you need a device without an excessive amount of decorative elements. In addition to the attractive price, you can negotiate with the seller to create a chronometer for a particular interior.
  3. When buying an antique model, it is better to take a check and a warranty card. As if the seller did not try to assure in quality of the goods, the antique watch requires extra care when handling. Even a slight deviation from the rules of operation can lead to breakage.
  4. When buying on international trading platforms, for example, Alyexpress or Amazon, it is necessary to review the reviews. They will help to form an idea of ​​the quality of the products sold by the seller. Be sure to read the technical specifications. If there is such an opportunity, you should ask the seller to take a few photos of the chronometer. This will allow you to better evaluate the potential purchase.

Wall clock original for the living room: care rules

The purchase of a stylish chronometer requires mandatory familiarity with the rules of its operation. To a greater extent, this applies to mechanical watches, which need not only be started from time to time.

Before buying, you must carefully inspect the mechanism. There should be no chips, scratches or evidence of negligence shown by the master when fastening the elements of the structure.

To make the clock look unusual, the numbers can be replaced with family photos To make the watch look unusual, the numbers can be replaced with family photos

After that, you need to arm yourself with a magnifying glass and inspect the "insides" of the instruments. The presence of traces of rust or scratches is a weighty argument in favor of refusing such a purchase. If in the first case it can be concluded that the machinery is poorly maintained, then in the second case, there are multiple repairs of the chronometer. It is not superfluous to check the quality of the mounting system of the device. This should be at least 4 points. In this case, there will not be a state of emergency in the room caused by the unexpected fall of the clock.

In addition, proper maintenance of the device implies the following:

  • Every 3 weeks, unless otherwise instructed by the operating instructions, it is necessary to lubricate the running parts of the mechanism;
  • Suspended models can not be placed under the air conditioner or over the radiator, otherwise the chronometer will quickly lose its original appearance;
  • Devices with artificial fighting require preventive inspections every 2-3 weeks;

If failure can not be avoided, then it is advisable to carry out repairs in a branded workshop, where the customer can rely on warranty obligations.

We choose the clock wall large original for the living room( video)

Gone are the days when the chronometer was used exclusively to determine the exact time. In a classical or modern interior, this device plays the role of one of the visual centers. In this regard, do not buy the first wall clock, which will catch your eye. The main thing is to correctly enter them into the already developed interior. If we are talking about modern direction, then in this case the emphasis is on the electronic, and if the classic - on the "old-fashioned" chronometer.

Examples clocks in the living room( photo interior)