Iterer living room in classic style: Design classics in the Italian form

Living room interior in classic style (60 photos): the color of the interior, interior decoration, furniture and textiles, lighting


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  • 2 Color of the interior
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Interior room in classic style can be considered a universal solution for those who are experiencing difficulties with the planning of the room design. Indeed, the classic is out of fashion and out of time - and this is a classic style is the most suitable solution for the biggest and the brightest room in the house.

It is in the living room, we accept all who come to our house - and it means that it is in the living room creates a repair in people's minds the image of our property.

Interior room in classic style

And do we spend a lot of time living - communicating with each other, discussing the household chores, and just - "resting from labors"

Also, do not forget that the classic living room design is perceived as a sign of a certain status of the owner, as an application for "something more."

And if a man of art in the living room will be completely appropriate style high-tech or modern, for the respectable businessman, a man of areas of business management or interior room in the apartment, designed in the classical style, is virtually uncontested.

Classical Living: common features

What are the main features of the classic design the living room? Firstly, it is the severity of the style, which includes regular geometric shapes, symmetry, hierarchy and clear structure of all elements of the interior and decor.

living room interior design in classic style does not accept accidentally pick up items, but the main thing - there is no place for cheapness.

The columns and semi-columns of the porticos polished granite or marble, fireplaces, lined with natural stone or Dutch laid tiles, moldings, rosettes and moldings and gilt bronze and darkened by time - these are the elements that distinguish the living room in a classic architecture style.

Appropriate in the interior will also be stained instead of windows or stained glass inserts, mirrors expand the space of the living room in carved wooden frames, pictures on the walls, vases and sculptures in wall niches.

When choosing accessories for the interior of the living room, it is important to strike a balance between luxury and sobriety, because an overabundance of expensive accessories only harms the overall impression.

Color of the interior

The key point in the selection of interior for classic living room is the choice of the palette for future premises. The most popular and common (especially-when you plan living room interior in the Italian style) is white.

Pure white color that dominates the design of the living room creates the impression of luxury, perfectly combined with the such elements of classic design as the gold-plated, varnished wood, plaster moldings and natural a rock.

Other colors that can be used in the design of the living room in a classic style - a beige, turquoise, green, blue. In any case, you need to use natural, soft colors bright colors.

Living room, which overlooks the northern side, it is recommended to draw in warm colors.

Such finishing well with natural wood light shades - for example with light Wenge, nut or plum.

But in the living room with southern exposure influence of strong sunlight can be trimmed finished in cool colors and dark wood furniture - stained oak or mahogany.

Note! If, in addition to "play" with a palette, it is possible to implement several interesting optical effects. For example, light wall with a fine pattern greatly expand room column falshkolonny and vertical lines visually lift ceiling. And if the bright ceiling dark floor tiles to decorate or parquet floors - the living room height will increase significantly.

Decorating the living room

living room interior decoration in a classic style starts from the ceiling. An ideal variant is to equalize the ceiling plaster (start and finish), and then - the white latex paint, it is desirable matte.

White ceiling in the living room will give it the appearance of aristocracy - that's why you must use a latex paint brand manufacturers, which do not turn yellow even for a long time, and dries - create a resilience surface that easily if necessary cleared.

living room design in classic style

fabric wallpaper

Walls - the next stage, that you will encounter when planning a living room design: classic involves either one-color painting of the walls in the color of your choice, or - papering the walls of wallpaper.

In this case, as paint and wallpaper must be of superior quality only - otherwise all your efforts to build a high-end image of the premises will be reduced to zero.

Floor in a classic living room there are only two options. No linoleum and laminate are irrelevant.

Instead, you can:

  • Lay on a parquet floor made of wood, preferably - expensive breeds.

There can be laid as a feature patterned parquet and simple (but very high quality) parquet board.

Parquet after installation is covered by several layers of varnish to protect the wood from external influences and to give the desired floor finish. Naturally, the lacquer coating must be periodically updated.

Classic interior room

Parquet floor

  • Oblitsevat floor tiles made of natural stone (classical embodiments are polished marble and granite) or tiles, the stone simulant. Last tile, produced in abundance variety of manufacturers, can be both matte and glazed.
    Interior room classic

    Floor tiles

Note! The more open area of ​​your living room, the large size is necessary to choose the tiles for floors.

Tiles as flooring, the floor may form patterns. Especially look beautiful rosettes of different stones that are at the center of the living room floor, not a closed carpet.

Doorways in the living room of this style can be designed as an open arch. If the door is necessary - as the door material is selected high-quality wood veneer or wood with an array of plates of bronze and brass.

When planning a living room design in a classic style, one should not forget about the windows.

Preference should be given here wooden windows or combinations "aluminum + wood". No lamination plastic in appearance can not be compared with natural stained wood!

Furniture and textiles

The classic design of the living room

Sets for living room

Classic interior room only involves the installation of high-quality furniture.

Ideal - furniture made especially for this room, but it is possible and from the factory model to pick up a decent collection.

For the living room environment is recommended to use furniture made of wood - all same in appearance and produced impression to him can not compare any artificial and composite materials.

If the overall style and design of the living room allows, the furniture can be decorated with carving, gilding, metal plates (bronze and brass), enamel inlays. It is also possible to use forged decorative elements.

living room design classics

Natural wood furniture

Of upholstered furniture in the living room of classic style will be appropriate leather sofa or couch, covered with the same high-quality leather or cloth for a few shades darker than the main color scheme finish.

Textiles for classic living room is selected in such a way that it blends in with the furniture and decoration. Best fabrics for classic interior - a satin, velvet, jacquard, velvet.

It is also widely used silk, including - printed. Textiles in the living room can be both monotonous and contain classic, discreet decoration.

Interior room in the Italian style

Curtains for the living room

Curtains for the living room are selected large enough, with fringe and tassels. If the living room height allows, for curtains and drapes can add pelmet.


The final touch to the layout of the interior of your future living room in classic style - the choice of lighting. Most often used for such premises mnogolampovaya crystal chandelier with lots of hangers.

Also from the living room design, it can blend in massive bronze chandelier with shades of frosted glass in balls or candles.

Interior design living room in classic style

Chandelier for living room

In addition to the chandelier installed in harmony with her style wall and table lamps.

As you can see, despite the absence of strict rules and restrictions, it is very difficult to design classic living room interior - a classic, unlike more modern democratic style, and does not forgive mistakes cheapness. And yet, if you will not regret the time and money to create a classic drawing room - the result will not forget, neither you nor your guests!

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