Design living room 16 square meters: how to create an original interior

Design living room 16 square meters (30 photos): the rules of interior design


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  • 1 Rules of interior design in the 16 sq m
  • 2 How to give the interior originality
    • 2.1 a minimum of furniture
    • 2.2 mixing styles
  • 3 Summing up
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By the design of the hall each owner responsibly, and every guest appreciates its most particular way. It is especially difficult to create the interior of a small area of ​​the room, where there is little room to unleash the imagination. This article is useful for everyone who is looking for a way to create an original and unique design of the living room of 16 square meters.

This room can not look less attractive than large and spacious. The main thing is that the interior of the living room of 16 square meters was finished look was unique. Our repair school will explain what rules should be followed in designing the interior and tell you how to make it original. Design living room 16 square meters

Rules of interior design in the 16 sq m

  • The focus of the room can be a large mirror. It is not only visually enhances the space, reflecting light, but also adds some interest in the room in front of visitors. Also, this function can perform a large television screen or glass table.
  • The individuality of the interior of the hall in the apartment will be in the unusual arrangement of the furniture at an angle. However, this method is only suitable premises with a large area, otherwise they may look cluttered.
  • Decor elements tend to break up the space, so the room of 16 square meters, there should not be much.

Tip! If decorative elements are souvenirs or just have to have great value, position them as grouped to smooth out the effect of visual dissipation.

  • Ceiling height increase elongated elements such as candle holders.
  • Design a small square room can hardly do without the mat, which is able to give the room more depth. It is desirable that the color matches the hue of furniture near where it will be located.

How to give the interior originality

Once the room will be visually enhanced, you can proceed to its registration.

The original interior

Originally designed interior

a minimum of furniture

The ease of the interior gives the minimum amount of furniture, and a fully free wall. Plasma panel and shelves are placed at the end portion, which carries most of the load. "The highlight of the" decor is red. He has found its application in the decoration of the ceiling, decorative elements, as well as floral prints adorn the walls.

mixing styles

Design living room 16 square meters looks creatively thanks to a combination of several styles: strict line style supplemented by high-tech glamorous baroque decorative elements - pillows, lamps and artificial plant. Unusual chandelier completes the composition in retro style.


Design in several styles

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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