Design living room of 15 square meters: the original interior in bright colors, modern style

Design living room of 15 square meters (48 photos): color and light style solution for the living room furniture


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If you set about repairing the apartment with his hands, you can not do without the pre-design process.

With the right approach, anyone can develop a convenient and functional design of the living room of 15 square meters in a modern style and save a substantial amount on the services of a professional designer. How? About this in our article.

Design living room 15 square metersSo, our challenge - an independent development of the design living room. What do we need to consider working on the finishes and interior design?

The interior of the living room 15 sq.m

Living small area

First and foremost, you must take into account the configuration of the room. In the vast majority of domestic housing flats 15 meter seating are elongated in the length of the room, on which is located a short wall a balcony or loggia.

If you have just such a room or similar in configuration seating 18 meters - Pick up design with an emphasis on one of the walls.

The next thing you need to remember - this is the planned appointment. Total living design project largely depends on the functions that are assigned to it.

Will you have a classic room - a place to gather and communicate the whole family? Or part will be devoted to the workplace of the child? Or in one of the corners is a computer with a wide monitor, which will replace the TV and music center?

In each case, the picture is quite different from other design options. As a result, we will be able to furnish the optimal selection, but just knowing functionality.

design principles

Color and light

The basis for virtually any design decision is the palette.

When choosing colors, you need to consider:

  • Your personal preferences.
  • Selected stylistic direction.
  • living orientation (north / south).
  • Room lighting.
The original design of the living room

Room in bright colors

From these factors depend on how successful will be the selection of color scheme of the room.

Important! Remember and about the psychological aspects of color. So, if you like noisy companies and your living room is often a meeting place for friends, in a palette of bright colors, use warm colors. Perfectly suited orange, golden, sunny yellow, they will create a cheerful, upbeat mood.

  • If the room - a place of rest and solitude, trim and interior room of 15 square meters can be maintained in a more soothing colors cool colors: blue, green.
living room design in bright colors

lighting living room

  • No less importance is the lighting. Small light sources (lamps) in addition to the central chandelier at the right location can divide the area into functional zones.
  • For example, a table lamp on the bracket may well be strengthened over the desk, it will give light enough for comfortable work, and at the same time its light will not interfere with the rest in the members room families.
  • If you have a room equipped with a false ceiling, built to replace the chandelier lights come. They provide a more uniform light that is able to accentuate the living room design in bright colors.

style solution

In what style to furnish the hall? Here the choice is entirely up to you, but still advise how to avoid the mixing of several styles and a lack of style at all, but this, alas, sin many living rooms, furnished in the Soviet period furniture, which could "Get".

The original design can be created by just adhering to a single style solutions.

Interior modernist living room

Room in modern style

Relevant are modern, minimalist, ethnic style. Well, of course, fashion trends do not affect the classics, interior room in classic style is always - the decision out of time.

Living Room Furniture

Selection of furniture for the living standard pyatnadtsatimetrovoy limited by its size and configuration. Therefore, when planning the design must take into account all the details and literally millimeter vymeryat length of the walls, which will be placed along the interior.

A classic that has become familiar to us layout of the living room is a sofa and a couple of armchairs, a coffee table and wall. At the same time, this option is widely regarded as quite outdated.

In contrast to the standard design, it can be in the center of one of the long walls of the aquarium set wide enough, making it the logical center of the interior. Also, the role of the central interior of the subject may be a low coffee table and a TV on a pedestal.

However, here, as in the design of any room, are possible options. If you are planning interior modernist living room, you can give up bored sofas and chairs in favor of low couches and ottomans. A glazed wall cabinets to replace the open shelves of dark wood.

Design living room design

Set in a classic style

Sometimes, in the interior of a small living room you have to save every centimeter. In this case, we can recommend the use of furniture-transformer, folding only when necessary.

Be aware of the mutual arrangement of the interior objects, furniture such as a sofa or table should be unfolded smoothly.

Besides furniture, style decision, and the general color can emphasize well-chosen textiles (curtains, drapes, tablecloths, bedcovers), carpets, and small accessories.

In the selection of accessories, though ideally combined with a stylish interior of the hall, it is important to observe moderation, the room with too many vases, paintings, statues and other finds features warehouse.

Planning design living room of 15 square meters, keep in mind the above simple rules, then the result will be worth the effort!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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