Design living room 17 square meters: how to create a beautiful interior with their own hands

Design living room 17 square meters (36 photos) design features and innovative solutions in the style


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  • 2 Non-standard solutions in the style
    • 2.1 minimalism forever
    • 2.2 The new jet in the interior
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Living room, perhaps the most loaded in terms of functional room in the apartment. There should be fit and a seating area, and reception area (dining room), and if the studio apartment, and even children. What to do if you need to fit it all in the design living room 17 square meters?

Consider the most appropriate ideas for the realization of a beautiful and functional room.

Design living room 17 square meters

helpful hints

  • Division into functional parts. In addition to the classic options such as color and material finishes, multilevel ceiling or floor, Our school repairs recommended for this purpose used furniture set by closer to the center room. The only thing to consider - the possibility of unimpeded movement in the room.
  • Furniture should be functional. The relatively small area requires alternative solutions. Chairs that turn into sofas, poufs, fitted with pockets, transforming tables are the ideal functional solution for owners of small hall.
  • Color dictates the mood. Choose a color scheme for your design living room depending on lifestyle. If you prefer a noisy party, your choice - intense colors, if the value quiet family evenings - avoid contrasting combinations and bright colors.
  • Center of attention. Recommended presence in the hall of the composite center. They can become a home theater, electric fireplace and even a nice view. Around the center of a remaining integral parts - a seating area and a coffee table.
    The interior of the living room 17 sq.m

    Home Theater as a compositional center

  • Change your stylish living room interior on a different, but no less beautiful, with the help of textiles.

Non-standard solutions in the style

Periodic change pillowcases, tablecloths curtains in other shades model allows to change the atmosphere of the bored, to revive the interior and do a variety of room.

minimalism forever

The appartment can design the interior of the living room 17 square meters in the style of minimalism, where luxury give way to the functionality and comfort.

Get rid of bulky furniture, bedding soft carpet, throw a couple of pillows and put a small table. Come a great place to relax.

The new jet in the interior

Tired of the once beautiful living room interior design? Complete its summer cheerful orange cushions with comic decor. And when the bright colors will become irrelevant, it will be possible to replace it with something new.

Tip! More expressive interior can make the color contrasts. In the hall with light walls you can paint a niche in the rich, for example, a bright green color.

A variety of styles - the reality

Optionally limit the monotonous style of the room. A variety of combinations in the general style, and in the details in the room breathe life and variety. interior elements in a cage, strip, flower, combined with one or two similar shades will be an interesting solution.

Choose a theme

Dedicate design living room 17 sq m any topics. It can be quite all: a forest glade, wild beach, hot safari metropolis space. This design will cause your guests with delight and admiration.

Living in the forest-style

Living in the forest-style

Summing up

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