Stylish living rooms: photo halls, design from the manufacturer, choose an interior for an apartment and a house, repair

A beautiful and stylish living room is every person Beautiful and stylish living - a feasible dream of every person The thematic press and broadcast a variety of television programs in the eye across a stylish living room. Sometimes it seems that to embody something like this is impossible for mere mortals. That's why citizens are rushing to find in the catalogs the most shocking option, which does not have the best effect on the degree of comfort in the room.

    • Design stylish living: the choice of interior solutions
    • stylish design of the living room: the selection of materials
    • choice of living style: the stage of practical implementation
    • Make a stylish renovation living
    • Modern living room( video)
    • Stylishliving room interior( photo)

Design stylish living: the choice of interior solutions

repels necessary parameters from the room where you want to create a comfortable atmosphere. Everything begins with the degree of its illumination in size. Contrary to many misconceptions, to work with a cubic living easier than with the room, where the width and different lengths. This is explained by great freedom in terms of furniture arrangement. If there is no such in the house, then there is no reason for sadness.


  1. The Eastern direction will fit into the interior of the room where there is not enough natural light. Another condition is the lack of a large amount of furniture. Various functional areas are separated by curtains or oriental hanging bamboo decorative elements. The center of the composition is a wardrobe and a sofa;
  2. Owners of private houses will appreciate the Finnish style, based on the use of exclusively natural materials. The visual center is an electric or real fireplace. Next to him is a leather sofa, a bookcase and a carpet;
  3. Easy minimalist instrumental in small spaces, otherwise the design seems too empty. Minimalism involves the use of a small amount of furniture. At the same time, it should be functional in every sense. For example, the lower part of the sofa is used to store bedding.
  4. Completes the list of common stylistic solutions for the living room classic style. At its core is a leather sofa, a natural carpet, a massive lighting device. It is suitable for spacious rooms, where the flow of natural light is regulated by the curtains.

Stylish design of the living room: the selection of materials

Having chosen the optimal variant, according to the owners of the housing, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of materials. It is strongly recommended that you refuse to buy ready-made furniture options. Firstly, it is not always easy to enter in the house. There are cases when non-standard parameters of a dwelling significantly hamper the work of designers. That is why the ordered furniture will help to avoid a lot of problems.

It is recommended to abandon the finished furniture and make furniture to order It is recommended to abandon the finished furniture and make custom furniture

Sellers of furniture with experience recommend carefully weighing the pros and cons, especially when it comes to choosing the components of the future wall:

  1. Longevity - experience shows that beautiful photos do not always reflect the essence of the material. It must be remembered that even high-quality material can not last more than a year if used improperly;
  2. Quality furniture - furniture is bought in order to be used, not admired. That's why you need to check all the mechanisms. If somewhere there is no smooth progress or anything does not inspire confidence in the part of reliability, then such a purchase should be abandoned;
  3. Safety - regardless of the material selected, the manufacturer must provide it with a quality guarantee. This is especially true for families with children, the elderly and those who suffer from allergies;
  4. Financial aspect - natural materials are more expensive than artificial ones, but this is not an excuse to give up durable wood in favor of a less presentable option. There are a lot of variants on the rank, from which it is easy to choose the right one for the price. The main thing is to study the technical characteristics of the material before buying.

Choice of living room style: practical implementation stage

Having collected the necessary materials, it is necessary to place them correctly in the interior. In a small bedroom you need to make a maximum to visually increase space. A corner cabinet with mirrored panels will help in this. He is put in front of the door, so that the incoming one feels the perspective. Regardless of which style is chosen, it is not superfluous to introduce a mirror in front of the door to the hall.

TV in the living room is placed opposite the sofa so that those sitting on the couch feel comfortable The TV in the living room is placed in front of the sofa so that those sitting on the couch feel comfortable.

Large rooms require effective zoning - this is done as follows:

  • The sofa is located in the corner or central part of the room;
  • Armchairs are used for visual zoning angles;
  • If the office in the apartment is located in the living room, then in this case it is necessary to separate it with a screen or curtain;
  • TV is placed opposite the sofa so that those sitting on the couch and on the seats feel comfortable;
  • Bookcase is better to choose with mirror doors;
  • A place for storing gifts or collection bottles of wine is better to install outside direct sunlight.

We make a stylish renovation of the living room

All or nothing - the most common slogan of those who plan to repair indoors. Designers are calling for the abandonment of radicalism, which will not bring anything good. Quality repair is divided into two parts. First of all, it is necessary to understand what exactly does not suit the room. Often the problem is that the interiors of many apartments are overloaded.

Excess sunlight can be corrected with curtains, curtains or blinds Excess sunlight can be corrected with curtains, curtains or blinds

The second common mistake is the incorrect accounting of the room's lighting level.

All of the above is easy to correct and the following recommendations will help in this:

  1. Overloaded space needs replacing furniture. The emphasis is on transformers, which allow using them simultaneously in several ways;
  2. Weakly lit rooms require the use of mirror surfaces. As stated above, the installation of a cabinet and a mirror will allow a natural way to improve the atmosphere in the room;
  3. Excess sunlight can be easily eliminated with curtains, curtains or blinds;
  4. Increased attention is drawn to the color solution of the ceiling. In a spacious room it should not be brightly light, but in a small room it should not be too dark. In both cases it will be uncomfortable to be here;
  5. The dimensions of the lighting fixtures should be in harmony with the style. For the classics is selected something big and with a significant number of decorative elements. Minimalism involves the use of floor lamps.

Modern living room( video)

To form a cozy design in the living room will help a sense of taste and understanding what exactly a person plans to see at the end. A mistake will be an attempt to realize the first thing that comes across in a fashionable magazine and catalog. It is skeptical to take into account the assurances of sellers about the advisability of buying a particular furniture. Their task is not to prompt, but to sell. That is why more emphasis is placed on the degree of illumination, room parameters and prevailing color solutions.

Stylish living room interior( photo)