Interior room in a private home: design in the Japanese style of Provence and in the country

Interior room in a private home (36 photos): minimalism country house in the interior of the tree and the French style


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Interior room in a private home - it is first and foremost, a huge space for the realization of your fantasies. In a private house, you are not connected virtually any conventions, and can implement virtually any design -nachinaya from classical to country style.

In general, the design of the development of the living room in a private home is a near perfect "testing ground for experiments." The main thing - to set a goal, decide what outcome you want - and get to work.

Interior room in a private house

To begin work on the interior in the living room needed at the stage of repairs (and ideally-on phase of construction of a country house).

It is no secret that the layout, the location of windows and doors, trim and other largely depends on the overall impression of the room - and the interior of the living room in the country, which is in the same room will not look in the best way, in another -zaigraet new colors.

This material is devoted to the planning of several interior options. In our view, they allow most clearly emphasize the features of a private house, and to focus on those of its benefits, which are important for the owner.

You can use these recommendations - and can come up with their own interior design ideas - something of their own, a unique, consistent with your style and sense of beauty.

Minimalism country house

Country house is a private house in the first place, surrounded by nature. And in contrast to the design of the villa living room it looks very interesting natural wealth made in the most minimalist style.

This style means first of all a large number of open spaces (both on the floor and on the walls), simple geometries, quiet, bright color palette of the room.

For the design of the living room in a minimalist style characterized by two-color palette. To maximize living room looked organically, choose a couple of colors "light - dark" and then try to work only with them.

In many ways it is implemented according to the principle interior room in Japanese style: a combination of milky white or beige rice paper screens and walls with a dark stained wood furniture and beams on the ceiling and walls.

Interior room in the cottage

Living in the Japanese style

By the way, if we have already raised the issue of Japanese color: Planning the design room in Japanese style, we should not only stylize space for the Japanese house with its simple shapes and thin walls - we also have to give up the familiar it furniture.

Traditional chairs, sofas and tables will stand out of the general style - so, to save the country flavor rising sun set in the living room low tables in dark wood, and - the corresponding height benches and ottomans.

Note! The Japanese house made to sit on the floor - that's why care must be taken of its insulation. In addition, a traditional Japanese house used materials, insulation leaves much to be desired - and most of the year in this house is very cold. If you do not have anti-freeze indigenous Japanese - take care of warming the floor, ceiling and the walls of traditional technologies, and Japanese finishes, use only as stylization.

Exactly the same rules are valid if you plan interior living room studio.

The studio includes a large open space - and that is the minimum number of interior parts can emphasize this openness. However, when planning a living room-studio (as opposed to living in a Japanese style), better use of the furniture in European style.

living room interior in the Japanese style

Living Studio

The tree in the interior

Another popular type of living situation in a private home - it's interior with maximum use of raw (or unprocessed stylized) tree.

Among the "wooden" living in the first place can be distinguished interior room country-style or "hunting lodge."

Of course, the easiest to implement such an idea in an interior room in a wooden house -in this case, the log walls themselves become an element that sets the tone of the design of the room.

The design of the living room in Japanese style

Living in a country style

Design living in a style assumes the maximum use of natural finishing materials.

For example, solid or deck board (- laminate, stylized raw board in the extreme case it is possible imitation) is ideal for flooring.

Fireplace in the living room, as well as parts of the walls can oblitsevat decorative tiles, imitating the "wild" crushed stone. The decoration of the walls can be used wood veneer, cork, reed, etc.

The combination of colors in the living room interior

Style "hunting lodge"

Interior country living involves the use of a particular standard of furniture chairs, tables or chairs here will look alien element.

Living room furniture in the style of "country" or "lodge" is chosen deliberately rough, solid, natural wood without excessive processing.

To enhance the effect of furniture specially the old one - it applied chipped vyscherbiny, scorch marks. Most often, furniture of the living room is not painted, but simply opened paint - matte, but sufficiently resistant to abrasion.

piece of France

Similar to the country on a number of elements (simple solid furniture, plenty of natural materials in the decoration) is the design of the living room in the style of Provence.

Style of Provence - it is in many respects an imitation of a village house renovated in the French hinterland (in fact, the word Provence means "province")

The interior of the studio living room

Living in the "Provence" style

The combination of colors in the interior of the living room "Provence" is typical for this region. The color palette is dominated by whitewashed (sometimes - painted a light yellow color) wall.

If you want to give a special touch your living room - in several places, you can remove the old plaster, leaving the mind rough spots opened brickwork.

The ceiling in the living room of Provence also belitsya or painted in bright colors. Almost obligatory part of the interior are the ceiling beams and dark wood-they can be both decorative and fully functional.

Furniture for a living approach is the same as for the living room country-style or hunting lodge. However, in the living room in the style of "Provence" natural wood chest of drawers, cabinets and shelves are not left in plain sight, and either covered with wax or painted in soft colors.

Against the background of bright walls such terracotta, blue or green furniture looks very advantageous, and artificial aging of the paint film (on it under a layer of varnish is applied to a special composition - craquelure covering paint a network of cracks) only adds to the charm of furniture, charm and a sense of home comfort.

The design of the living room in the style of Provence

Craquelure on furniture

Textiles for a living is chosen exactly the same principles as the furniture. Here as elsewhere are more appropriate natural fabrics rough dressing, such as cotton or linen. On the floor you can lay a track or crocheted textile mats.

As a result, a set of textiles for the living room in the style of Provence is somewhat paradoxical: here fit or very expensive items from designer companies working with natural materials, or - the most simple curtains and rugs.

In general, with proper design fancy living in the country should not put you in a dead end. The main thing is that you choose the option that you really like - the good, there are plenty to choose!

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