Corner sofa in the living room: large, semi-circular in the interior, small photos, round small room

A beautiful corner sofa can stylishly decorate the interior of a modern living room A beautiful corner sofa can stylishly decorate the interior of a modern living room. It is generally believed that the living room is one of the most important premises in a house or apartment, because it often hosts guests, and also holds family celebrations or evenings. To the interior of this room must pay special attention. The issue of furniture selection is also one of the main issues, here it is necessary to take into account all the points: both color, and texture, and most importantly - size. Not every living room has a free place to install in it massive corner sofas or huge closets.

    • Dimensions of the corner sofas for the living room
    • Large corner sofas for the living room
    • Semi-circular sofa in the living room
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    • Living room interior with a corner sofa
    • Large corner sofa in the living room( video)
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Dimensions of the corner sofas for the living room

No matter how unimaginable it sounded, but in any size the living roomYou can choose the right corner sofa. When measuring the room, it must be remembered that the dimensions of the sofa pieces can also vary. When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the depth of the seats, as well as the height of the backs.

Unfortunately, a single list of standard and non-standard sofa sizes is not yet installed, so each manufacturer sets fixed sizes at his discretion.

The size of the sofa is angular, as a rule, depends on the dimensions, features and interior of the living room The size of a corner shape is usually dependent on the dimensions, features and interior of the living room.

It's not hard to guess which sub-groups in size you can divide all corner sofas:

  • Large;
  • Small size.

The fact that large sofas are usually installed in large and spacious rooms is not a secret. Such sofas can conditionally zonate the room. A large corner sofa will be an excellent option for a large family, or in families where there are often guests in large numbers.

Now it is possible to choose a corner sofa, which when folded, forms a large number of beds. Small sofas are best suited for the interior of a compact room. Such a sofa in the assembled state does not occupy a large amount of space, but in folding form a large number of beds, which is one of the main advantages of corner sofas.

Large corner sofas for living room

To choose a sofa, and especially a corner sofa, in the living room is necessary in stages. First you need to measure the dimensions. Once the dimensions are determined, you can safely move on to choosing the mechanism that will be installed on the couch.

So, when choosing large angular sofas, you need to remember that it is the quality mechanism that will ensure a flat surface when it is unfolded, and will not deliver unpleasant sensations during sleep.

Picking up a large sofa for living room arrangement, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to its quality and functionality, and not to the appearance Selecting a large sofa for living room arrangement, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to its quality and functionality, and not to the appearance of the

The transformation mechanisms are of the following types:

  1. The Dolphin is the most common type of mechanism, the sofa is folded forward with it and forms a perfectly flat sofa surface, sofas with such a mechanism can be used daily.
  2. Euro-book , this species is also quite popular, the transformation occurs by pushing the sofa seat forward and lowering the back of the sofa, which form an even surface for sleeping.
  3. Accordion , this kind of mechanism can be used daily and it is quite sturdy and resistant, the seat of the sofa and back form a single whole from the very beginning and when the first part is pulled out, the second one descends on its own.
  4. The clamshell , in this kind of sofas, the transformable mechanism is built-in under the seat and resembles something like a Soviet clamshell. To use, just remove the seat and unfold the mechanism. As a rule, such structures are not very strong.
  5. Puma , such a mechanism is considered to be strong, when it is transformed, only the sitting of the sofa is used. But this mechanism has a plus, when unfolding it does not touch the floor, which helps to avoid damage to it.

There are also large sofas without a transformation mechanism. As a rule, these are simple designs that consist of several parts.

Semi-circular sofa in the living room

Large semi-circular sofas will be an excellent solution for decorating the living room. Such sofas are roomy, so even a large number of guests will fit on them without difficulty. In addition, the semi-circular sofa looks very rich and aristocratic in the interior of the room.

For a small living room, you can choose a smaller sofa, but it will not lose its properties and characteristics.

The material from which semicircular sofas are made is also important.

Perfectly in the interior of a large guest room will fit a semi-circular leather sofa perfectly into the interior of a large guest room fits a semicircular leather sofa

In modern production there are endless variations of materials, but are traditional:

  • sofas made of leather;
  • From leatherette;
  • From all sorts of textiles.

Of course, a leather semi-circular sofa is considered the most chic and beautiful option, but not everyone will find it affordable. Sofas from leatherette will be an excellent alternative, besides, they will not hit hard on the family budget and create a unique atmosphere for the interior of the living room. It should be noted that there are variations of woven semi-circular sofas, but such models are more suitable for decorating a loggia or kitchen area, but not for the living room. Semicircular sofas perfectly fit into any interior, as well as decorate a room of any size, while not occupying a large amount of precious space.

Round sofas for living room

Round sofas are quite versatile and will be an excellent addition to the hall.

Perhaps the most important advantage of such sofas is to consider such a function as the ability to place them in any part of the room:

  • In the corner;
  • In the center;
  • against the wall;
  • At the window.

Original complement the interior of the non-standard living room with a round sofa Originally add an interior non-standard living room, you can use the round couch

None of the rectangular sofas will not allow to install it virtually anywhere in the room, this privilege has only round sofas. To advantages of such models of sofas it is necessary to carry their spaciousness. For rooms of small size for a small round sofa on which you can place additional cushions. These supplements help to create an elite compositions in interior design. Room with a round sofa, of course, will be the highlight of the whole apartment. More valuable and ideal are considered to be round sofas, which have convex or concave shapes. This kind of convexity contribute most comfortable body position, and a round bed with a fairly deep planting will be great combined with various coffee tables and other home furnishings.

It is worth noting that the round sofas have long been included in the history of design of premises, to be exact since the nineteenth century, this indicates that installing a round sofa in the living room will become a win-win option.

Interior of the living room with a corner sofa

The design of the living room, at times, it is not so easy to think about, you need to imagine every corner and centimeter of the room, as well as choose furniture and other components of the interior.

So, an integral part of the living room should be:

  • Corner sofa;
  • Modular picture;
  • Compact cabinet;
  • Armchair or pair of pouffes.

Required elements of the modern living room are corner sofa, comfortable armchair and stylish decor elements Obligatory elements of the modern living room are a corner sofa, comfortable armchair and stylish decor elements.

Of course, apartments come in different sizes and, therefore, you must first focus on the area of ​​the room. By the way, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for repairs, it can be made relatively inexpensive, besides, with proper approach, you can get incredibly beautiful combinations in the interior. Undoubtedly, most people want to furnish the living room with interior items, which are both expensive and beautiful, but it is not necessary to choose expensive furniture, because the main thing is that the sofa and all kinds of ottomans and armchairs are comfortable.

Leather corner sofa will perfectly decorate the living room and save space, besides with a place to install the sofa everything is clear and do not break it over your head.

Of course, corner sofas are often long, but now there are also more compact models. Such a sofa is perfectly complemented by modular paintings and ottomans. This combination will turn the apartment from Khrushchev into an elite building. Angle - perhaps, can be considered the most optimal location for the sofa, because small-sized models do not take up much space, and the situation in the room will change before our eyes.

Large corner sofa in the living room( video)

In the modern world, you can find very stylish models of corner sofas, which, according to the manufacturer, are also equipped with very convenient transformation mechanisms. Each of the models, for example, Atlanta have a number of its advantages, and that not only is it important to have comfortable seats, but also backrests.

Examples corner sofa in a small seating( photo interior)