A wall with a wardrobe in the living room: a photo of the hall

Beautiful wall with a wardrobe-coupe perfectly fit into the interior of the modern living room Beautiful wall with a closet-coupe perfectly fit the interior of a modern living room By buying furniture to create a beautiful design in the room should be approached with extreme care. In case of an error, the family budget can be seriously affected. This acquisition is a rather profitable choice not only for spacious living rooms, but also for those apartments that apart from the hall no longer have rooms. Given the latter option, such a wall, this is a fairly compact and profitable solution. Standard wardrobes rarely decorate the living rooms with modern design, but such a wall will perfectly fit into the interior.

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    • wall of the compartment for a living - do discreet placement
    • Wardrobe - advantages and disadvantages
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Wardrobe and wall in the living room: how to place

Before you go buying wallYou need to determinecamping with a living space. What exactly can be disposed of. If there are many places, then a suitable place for the cabinet can be determined, as often done, in front of the window, in the front side. However, this is possible if the wall is modular and can be arranged along different trajectories.

The placement of the wall in the presence of which there is a wardrobe depends on the size of the living room and its structure.

Designers recommend placing a wall with a cabinet along one of the walls of the guest room Designers recommend placing a wall with a wardrobe along one wall of the guest room

If spacious, place the wall at the long wall, occupying its entire area. Yes, of course, with this arrangement, enough space is lost, but it can be repaired by installing mirrors that will significantly increase the room.

If there is no possibility to install a wardrobe in this perspective, you can order a corner cabinet that looks like a triangle. This option will not only look great, but also will hide the territory of one of the corners of the living room.

The compartment wall for the living room - we make an inconspicuous installation

In order for the cabinet to appear less flashy in the eyes, it can be hidden in the niche of the hall. There are times when it is necessary to make such a cabinet installation that it seems to be hidden. Well, if the living room has a niche, so you can make an embedded cabinet model at the same time, without affecting the strong change in the layout of the room. In the same way, you can also build in the wall, if you choose the right dimensions. Photo options, you can view the catalogs of stores.

It is possible to hide a large closet in a special niche Originally hide large closet can be in a special niche

Next detail that should be paid attention to is the facades. They should ideally be combined with the design of the walls. More precisely, in this situation it will be necessary to abandon linings or cornices, which are often used to decorate the front of the cabinet. Any decoration will automatically draw attention to the cabinet. If there is a desire to decorate the walls, it is best to use the same material that was used for the doors on the cabinet.

Wardrobe - advantages and disadvantages

can not argue that the fashion for such walls and wardrobe out, on the contrary, it is getting more and more popular as not only design changes, but the model is fully upgraded.

Given the functionality and roominess of these cabinets, they are very popular.

The advantages of the sliding door wardrobe are:

  1. Manufacture of cabinets is possible in any variations, it can be as angular and case, so radial and direct models. Based on this assortment, you can choose exactly the type that is ideal for a living room. For the manufacture of cabinet doors, various materials are used.
  2. Due to its spaciousness and functionality, this wall allows to rationally distribute space. Attention from this cabinet is easy to distract, it is enough to use the mirror facades, which will also help to visually enlarge the room.
  3. This cabinet is very capacious, it is possible to store not only clothes and shoes, but also household appliances, as well as other necessities.

The advantage of the closet is that it is not only functional, but can easily supplement the stylish interior of the guest room closet advantage is that it is not only functional, but also can easily complement the stylish interior of the guest room

Besides all these positive aspects, you can specify another one, which is, of course, it is veryImportant. Having a niche in the living room, which can not be used for other purposes, it is easy to close the closet. Also, it will perfectly hide the unevenness of any wall.

Of course, there are no ideal designs, respectively, and this one has its shortcomings. The wall will look big and massive. Although this will only be if the owner made a wrong choice in the direction of color and design. If this happens, you need to transform the room in other possible ways.

In addition to the shortcomings of the wall with wardrobe include the following points:

  1. razdvizheniya system doors can quickly come into disrepair, very often it happens, if the entire cabinet was originally mounted or incorrectly installed on an uneven surface;
  2. If the cabinet has large dimensions and requires additional mounting of lighting fixtures, this will bring unnecessary financial costs;
  3. The system of door extensions and guides need regular cleaning, since without it the entire structure will become unusable.

Taking into account all the shortcomings, we can say that they are easily prevented. A simple cleaning and troubles will not bring any more problems.

Features wall with wardrobe

Wardrobe, part of the wall can accommodate absolutely anything. Next to this set is perfectly placed home theater, home furnishings, shelves with books.

The functionality of such a wall is explained by the fact that all its sections and modules are combined.

In addition, you can decorate the doors of the wardrobe with beautiful patterns or patterns Additionally decorate wardrobe door can beautiful drawings or patterns

Besides its functionality includes the following positive aspects:

  • In this cabinet predominates separated for storage. He not only occupies the central office, but also as large as possible for greater capacity;
  • It does not have an additional number of unnecessary elements;
  • Sufficient number of drawers and shelves for laundry;
  • A large percentage of the product is manufactured exclusively from natural raw materials.

Along with the internal equipment of the cabinet, the appearance is always important. It is this item that plays an important role in the interior of the living room. Such furniture is always decorated. In this case, use mirrors, colored or matte, graphics, gloss and other materials. The range of choice is large enough.

In order for the cabinet to look refined, you can use the original patterns that are depicted on the mirrors.

When the façade is very often used laser engraving, jewelry skin, bamboo, frescoes, but the most important thing is to make the correct choice of decoration for wardrobe perfectly fit into the interior. It all depends on whether you want to hide the closet or make the main accent on it. Do not make all elements of the wall bright. When choosing this piece of furniture, you should select only one subject with a special shade.

Modular wall with sliding-door wardrobe in the living room( video)

To summarize, it should be noted that the purchase of a wall with a closet is a winning option not only for small apartments, but also for studios and lofts. Living room, this is the visiting card of any owner, because there is spent most of the time. It is this piece of furniture that will help you cope with many tasks. Having problems with unevennesses, architectural errors, this acquisition will help them to correct, and also considerably save the family budget on arrangement of a place for storage of things. But most importantly, such furniture brings comfort and comfort to the living room.

Details: wall in the room with the wardrobe( photo examples)