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Interior living-kitchen (45 photos): zoning, lighting and choice of colors


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  • 2 Lighting a kitchen-living room
  • 3 Kitchen-living room with baby
  • 4 The choice of colors
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Space and freedom - the basic principles of modern design decoration of the apartment. These principles have caused a lot of popularity studio apartments and a variety of combined space. Considered successful combination of kitchen and living room, which makes it possible to take a large number of visitors, gather the whole family and just use a large room in a small apartment.

However, to create an interior kitchen-living room is quite difficult.

The kitchen living roomOften, tenants do not seek the help of professional designers in order to save. In addition, the latest unlikely to take on the planning of the combined rooms small area. To solve the current situation will help repair our school. We will talk about the design of a kitchen-living room, as well as how to combine there is also a nursery, in all detail.

zoning space

Combining the kitchen and living room it is best to carry out those who are not planning to actively use the kitchen, for example, for preservation, etc., because even the best extractor can not cope with the smells and vapors from the plentiful cooking.

ventilation system in any case it is necessary to install a powerful and appropriate size of the room, so as not to discomfort the rest of the visitors room.

If you decide on such a combination will likely love to receive visitors.

Kitchen interior design combined with a living strictly require zoning to the guests did not have the impression that they are on a big kitchen.

Indeed the owner will be difficult to finish cooking next to the visitors, unless there is a psychological feeling of "alone."

There are quite a few methods of zoning, we look at the most popular ones:

  1. Flooring. You can use different color coatings to repair the kitchen floor in the living room, but rather to add to it a different material. For example, lay tile in the kitchen functional, and in the living room - a cozy and warm parquet or carpet.
    Kitchen design combined with living room

    Zoning by means of floor covering

  2. Decorating the walls and ceiling. Similarly can be used as the difference in color and in texture, material from the more practical to finish the cooking zone.
  3. bar counter. The element itself looks stylish. It can be used as a work surface, as a small table as well as for its intended purpose, by setting a number of bar stools and a special stand for glasses in the upper part of the pipe.
    Interior living room with open plan kitchen

    Separating the bar can be used for its intended purpose

  4. Podium. Very good and clearly separates the zone, however, is not the most convenient option as it may cause difficulties to overcome for children and older people.
  5. Rack. They are usually made of wood, glass or plastic as the height to the ceiling, and up to half the height of the room. Shelves are filled with decorative items, souvenirs or decorate living plants.
  6. Lighting. The design of the living room with kitchen, and it is in the kitchen area, make the light more muted, customizable relaxation. Additionally, the composition can be enhanced multilevel ceiling.
    Kitchen living room interior

    Zoning lighting: identical lamps, but their amount in the individual zones varies

  7. Furniture. The most common way - to set the couch perpendicular to the wall.

Tip! Effectively will look interior design of living room-kitchen, combining several methods of zoning kitchen will look like a separate "island".

Lighting a kitchen-living room

The organization of lighting in the kitchen-lounge is aimed at increasing the comfort of staying in the room.

For this reason, should be guided by the conventional design techniques:

  • kitchen repairs School argues that this room needs a lot of light. The most important part of it requires special highlight - a stove, countertop, sink and kitchen table.
  • In popular kitchen fixtures portion elongated and shallow backlight setting each locker.
  • The light in the living area must be less bright and more lenient than in the kitchen.
  • As we have said, the interior of a living room with kitchen perfectly accentuate spotlights tiered ceiling.
  • If you set the bar, it must be equipped with its own light.
  • If the room is supposed to have a working space, it is best to place under the window and equip local lighting.
    The kitchen combined with living room

    Kitchen + living room: the interior is well-lit and well

Tip! When planning the installation site bright light sources, model the flow of rays with the help of a flashlight and check that he did not get on the TV screen or monitor.

Kitchen-living room with baby

At first glance, such a combination is as extravagant. However, given the area of ​​apartments in older homes, there is nothing surprising.

living room design combined with children can be zoned in two ways.


  1. Transformed. The course is a bed-transformer that day hiding in the closet. This technique can be used even if the family has two children, and two beds would be occupied all the usable area.
    Interior Design Kitchen Living Room

    Bed-transformers shall not muzzle the living room during the day

  2. Stationary. Suitable for narrow design rooms that have a combined kitchen is around the corner.

Interior living room with children's zoned to the same tools that separate the kitchen from the living room: the podium, finishing a difference and / or ceiling.

Children's area should be placed under the window, because the baby needs natural light.

living room design with integrated children

Children separated from the living room podium

Tip! Do not forget that sometimes a child needs privacy. In that case, you can provide for the installation of sliding partitions. This is especially useful if your guests to sit up late, at a time when the child's bedtime.

The choice of colors

Creating an interior Open plan, it is worth considering the following rules that affect the color scheme of the room.


  • The color scheme of the living room and the kitchen should be combined with each other, and you can choose and different shades of the same color and contrasting colors.
    Interior living room with children's

    Harmoniously matched color scheme combined kitchen-living room

  • It is important to the amount of natural light in the living room if through a window gets a lot of sunlight, it perfectly complement the warm colors - red, yellow, orange, peach, creating a cozy atmosphere; If the windows are not placed on the sunny side, or you and / or your guests spend here mostly evening, worth to focus on the game of artificial light and to emphasize its dark cold background.
  • If the room is inherent in the balance of illumination, it is possible to issue in neutral colors using shades of brown or gray. In such case soft combine background with bright decorative elements - e.g., paintings, cushions, vases, etc.
  • food coloring is subject to its laws: warm bright colors contribute to increased appetite, and cool colors, on the contrary, lowers it - you have only to choose that for you preferred. You can also use neutral shades.
  • Picking up the saturation of colors, it should be noted that the smaller element of the interior, the brighter the color should be. Accordingly, the large surfaces (ceiling, curtains, walls) must be less rich coloring.

Tip! Using bright spots of color particularly suitable fans often change the interior of a kitchen-living room. Replacing the accessories, you change the predominant color without the need for replacement of furniture or decoration.

Kitchen-living room with fireplace

If you develop a design kitchen with a living room or in the private country house, it is necessary to be guided by the same principles that have been discussed above.

However, you have an advantage - the possibility of installing a fireplace, which can be used as an original way of zoning.

In this case, the fireplace can be used in one of two ways:

  • Expanding the fireplace in the living room, you can make the main "chip" of the interior. In this case it is necessary to give preference to the fireplace with a built-in furnace. Upper part can be decorated with stucco.
    Kitchen interior design combined with the living room

    Combined kitchen and living room separated by a fireplace

  • Expanding the fireplace in the kitchen, it is used for cozy "gatherings" in the family circle. On the part of the living room, you can install shelves and decorate them with various decorative elements.

We offer 3 design ideas of the separation of the fireplace:

  1. Stone. Good fit in a traditional interior. The color palette can be very diverse: from dark gray to light brown, that allows you to pick up stones, in harmony with the color of the living room or kitchen. If the house is decorated with "antique", it is necessary to order the furnace in the form of an arch.
  2. Brick. This fireplace is suitable for interior design in classic style or country. The color of the brick can be different - from light brown to deep red. When designing country-style mantel is made from aged wood and decorated with themed accessories such as pots of metal.
  3. Metal. This product is intended for the interior in the style of hi-tech and modern. He fits perfectly into the living room with either a monochromatic furniture. In order to harmonize the general form of its rooms are decorated with metal elements to match the color of fire. Mantel shelf is not set to complement the oven a large painting or mirror.


Read the article, you can easily create your own interior kitchen-living room, without resorting to costly services of professional designers.

It remains only to adapt the information to the peculiarities of layout of the apartment or house, but also take into account number of occupants and the composition of the family to be allowed in each cubby in the new spacious room.

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