Bedroom design with their own hands with a round bed in the original style of minimalism, baroque

Bedroom design with your hands (39 photos): experimenting with styles


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When you make a bedroom, each apartment owner wants to make repairs quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. That is why the design of the bedroom with his own hands is so popular.

How to choose the right materials, furniture and combine them in a single interior cover in this article.

bedroom design with their own handsFirst of all, we need to come up with the layout and design of the future bedroom. Modern premises of this type relates to so-called night rooms and must be placed near the toilet and dressing room, at the same time separated from the other rooms in the apartment.

The properties of a modern bedroom:

  • Necessarily the presence of soundproofing.
  • Good ventilation for better sleep.
  • Adjustable lighting and heating systems.
  • The presence of a large double bed.
  • Availability of space for storing clothes.
  • If desired, the owner - has a reading area or sports activities.

design secrets: furniture and room decoration

 bedroom design classics

Example bedroom design

Depending on the area of ​​your room, you alone decide what you need from the environment, and develops its own plan for placement of bedroom furniture.

So design minimalist bedroom - perfect for small rooms with uncomfortable layout. A large number of furniture is occupied all the space, so all of the furnishings in this room - a bed and a wardrobe.

If your room is big enough, it can be divided into several zones, separated by function - recreation area, which will stand the bed, office - can be set the table with a lamp, reading place - a comfortable chair with a floor lamp or even a mini-gym, one has only to put the simulator in one of the angles.

Consider bedroom interior in detail:

  1. Bed

On the purpose of this piece of furniture in the bedroom, in fact, formed her name.

Of course, if your room is a children's bedroom, you can arrange and a single bed, but for a married couple or even lonely living adult double bed - this is an important attribute of the bedrooms even in direct design small bedrooms.

Quite original decision will design a bedroom with a round bed.

Bedroom design in the style of minimalism

Bedroom design in shades of green

Of course, in small rooms it can be difficult to install this piece of furniture, so that it is not blocked the space and perfectly poured into the interior, so keep in mind:

  • Do not place the bed headboard or feet to the door, it will create a psychological discomfort.
  • If the room is a mirror, try to bed did not get into it - a reflection of a sleeping person in the mirror is bad for sleep.
  • Try to install the bed across the room near one of the walls, the distance of the remaining walls should be convenient for comfortable movement.

Note! If you put the bed near the window, take care of reliable protection from the sun. As a refuge from morning rays serve dense fabric curtains of dark shades.

  • Making the bed itself does not stand out from the general harmony: wooden beds bright colors fit perfectly into any interior, especially in the bedroom design classic.
  1. Colors

This tool allows you to create the necessary atmosphere and comfort in the bedroom. Depending on personal preference and the selected style of interior, you decide to paint the walls and ceiling in light or dark shades.

It should be remembered - bright colors to repair the bedroom visually expand the room and extend the space. Dark shades will make the atmosphere of mysterious and enigmatic, and pastels - will create the most pleasing design.

The main thing - do not use bright and acidic shades, because they do not affect the mood and not let quality rest.

The walls and ceiling will look better when using a cotton cover, and for finishing the ceiling, do not use a pure white color - it has long been out of fashion. It is best to decorate a painted ceiling, stucco or to make a multi-level structure with a variety of illumination.

  1. Lighting

Incidentally, the lighting - an important element of the bedroom. Direct sunlight instantly disperse all sleep, so the room windows are usually heavy blackout curtains.

Naturally, the entire responsibility for the lighting is artificial systems: hanging chandeliers, built-in point lamps, wall sconces and lamps.

For example, the original design includes a beautiful bedroom ceiling structure, which allows to focus on different areas of the room and create a room atmosphere of comfort and intimacy.

Matt ceiling on lamps will make the lighting soft and blurred, instead of a standard switch better to install a relay that regulates the level of light, and small wall useful for night reading lovers sconces.

Several design examples

Bedroom design in the Baroque style

The bedroom in the style of minimalism

Consider a few options for how you can arrange your bedroom. Quite often the styles used for recreational facilities, is a Baroque, combining quality, comfort and beauty.

Inheriting the old interiors of the 16th century, this style is dynamic, curved lines, heavy, pomp and maximum expressiveness.

That bedroom design baroque lovers of luxury and wealth. The interiors of this type are often used precious metals, ivory and marble, precious woods and other objects inherent aristocratic stratum of society.

Many accessories, a large four-poster bed, a variety of rugs and tablecloths make the interior of the room, and the impression of unrecognizable.

Depending on the desired functionality, as the interior is used carved cabinets, dining group, cupboards and dressing tables.

Another style is often used in the rest rooms, especially small area - this is minimalism. Maximum functionality and maximum space - that's the main slogan inherent in such a design.

Thus, the design of the bedroom in a minimalist style involves the use of low-bed podiums as the interior base. Furniture made of natural and artificial materials, harmoniously combining matte texture and polished surfaces. The color scheme - light and discreet natural colors.

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