Bedroom in Oriental style: photo and design, interior with own hands, small decoration, finishing with curtains

The bedroom in the oriental style attracts the eye with its mysteriousness and unusualness Bedroom in oriental style attracts the eye with its mystery and extraordinary In Russia, the Arabic style is very popular among women and girls, which is not little to travel to Arab countries and showing Turkish series. Arabic style in modern design is associated with luxury, silks, carpets and doroguschy original design accessories. After the show, a number of Turkish soap operas in Russia many girls felt an urge to arrange themselves in the bedroom Roksolany style, and even the entire apartment turned into a mini Turkey. However, dreaming about the bedroom in the oriental style, many do not quite understand what elements of the interior are typical for this style. Let's figure it out.

    • unique bedroom in the Oriental style, and its main features
    • bedroom design in oriental style: make out the walls and ceiling
    • Oriental style in the interior of the bedroom: the choice of furniture
    • refined oriental bedroom and its accessories
    • luxurious bedroom in eastern style( video)
    • bedroom design in oriental style( interior photo)

unique bedroom in the oriental style, and its main features

As already mentioned, bedroomoriental style associated with luxurious decoration. Many believe that most people in eastern countries live like sultans, but that's not true. Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics that help to find out the interior style of the oriental style.

For bedrooms in the Oriental style is characterized by the following features:

  • plaster walls without wallpaper;
  • Floor made of stone, tiled;
  • The presence of lancet arches;
  • Presence of carpets and drapery fabrics;
  • Furniture is carved and heavy;
  • Interior and household items that are typical of the eastern houses.

In the bedroom in the oriental style necessarily use carpets, preferably handmade Arabian or Oriental style is always a rich design and natural fabrics, like silk, brocade or velvet. As additional items of furniture it is recommended to use large gilt jugs and dishes. In a room with oriental style, there must always be a table decorated with mother of pearl or stones made of costume jewelry.

Although the Arabic style implies the presence of weapons from the Middle Ages, it is undesirable to hang it in the bedroom. To maximally recreate the atmosphere of the East, ask in advance the accessories that decorate the eastern houses.

Please note that it will be difficult to recreate the atmosphere of the East in the Khrushchevs. This is due to the fact that in Khrushchev's apartments low ceilings, and the eastern style requires the presence of high ceilings and spacious premises. A small bedroom with a low ceiling, decorated in oriental style will look ridiculous.

Design of the bedroom in the oriental style: decorating the walls and ceiling

In the eastern interior, special attention should be paid to the walls. There are different stereotypes about the color of the walls. There is an opinion that the Arabian style welcomes exclusively red walls in combination with gold textiles. This stereotype appeared because of the assertion that red and gold together give the effect of luxury. This is so, of course, this combination is the simplest way to a "luxurious" interior.

Wall decoration in modern Arabic interior is made using the following colors:

  • Sand;
  • White;
  • Pink;
  • Orange;
  • Light yellow;
  • Ivory;
  • Light green.

In a room decorated in oriental style, the walls should be perfectly even In a room decorated in oriental style, the walls must be perfectly flat

The walls in the eastern style are decorated mainly with plaster. If you do not want plastered walls, you can use wallpaper for painting or liquid wallpaper. Both those and others will be able to recreate the desired design, if you choose the right shade. If you make repairs yourself, take care that the walls are perfectly even.

No less important is the ceiling. As it was said, the ideal oriental design means high ceilings made in 2-3 tiers. The ceiling in the oriental style can be decorated with an original pattern, carving or ornament. In a room where ceilings are of a small height, you can use painting on the ceiling and cornices.

You can supplement the eastern interior with niches in the wall made in the form of arched arches. In a standard apartment, this can be achieved with plasterboard.

In a niche you can put a vase, a table lamp, decorative figurines or use it under outerwear.

Oriental style in the interior of the bedroom: the choice of furniture

Bedroom furniture in the oriental style can be unusual for most people. As a rule, furniture is chosen heavy, decorated with carvings, from real wood, by itself. In the oriental style there are no wardrobes. Where to store things?There are a number of pieces of furniture that are used in the East for storing clothes.

This is:

  • Chests;
  • Richly decorated chest of drawers;
  • Sideboards.

The bed, decorated in oriental style, should be high-backed The bed, designed in oriental style, should be with a high back

The outer clothing is stored in specially made niches and is hidden from prying eyes with the help of fabric curtains or typing doors.

As far as the bedroom is concerned, special attention should be paid to the beds. It should be low and wide. If the bed does not meet these requirements, the shortcomings can be hidden behind a canopy or drapery.

The shape of the bed is not so important as the textiles on it. It should be posh. Welcome satin shiny fabric, velvet, silk. It's fine if the veil is trimmed with gold fringe. Do you want a romantic design?No problem. To do this, use a cloth of the finest gauze, cotton or silk. Decorations from beads are admissible. If the size of the room allows, you can use a low soft sofa, which will be supplemented by a lot of soft pillows, drapes and ottomans. Next to such a sofa, you can put a coffee table with a tea service and a hookah.

Refined eastern bedroom and its accessories

Bedroom in oriental style is very demanding for accessories and textiles. To complete the design of the bedroom in the oriental style, hang heavy curtains in the bedroom. They should be dense and made of natural cotton fabric or velvet. If the room is made in white or blue tones, the turquoise curtain will look great. The sandy or orange interior will gladly meet the brown curtains of the wenge shade. Accessories for interior decoration should also be matched with the mind.

The decoration of the eastern interior is massive dishes and vintage vases The decoration of the oriental interior is massive dishes and vintage vases

The most suitable accessories for the oriental style can be made of:

  • Bronze;
  • Copper;
  • Ceramics;
  • Forged.

Great dishes for fruits with interesting oriental paintings, pitchers with a narrow neck, large outdoor vases will fit into the interior. To finally turn the bedroom into an oriental palace, use incense with a characteristic oriental aroma.

Luxury bedroom in oriental style( video)

Oriental style is a great opportunity to turn your home into a warm and cozy place, always reminiscent of a beautiful warm sea and bright oriental color. Any bedroom, decorated in oriental style, will look cozy and nicer. The correct selection of objects of decor, textiles and fragrances will make from the bedroom a mini-eastern palace. Do not spare money on your coziness.

bedroom design in oriental style( interior photo)