Design a small bedroom 9 sq. M.M photo: modern interior, how to decorate stylishly, real repair in Khrushchev

To design a bedroom of small dimensions, you must use design techniques that allow you to visually increase the space of the room For registration bedroom small size is necessary to use design techniques to visually enlarge the space of the room Most of the apartments in buildings that were built in the last century, are not a large area. As a rule, in a Khrushchevka the sleeping room has 9 m2 or 10 m2.Repair of a bedroom of this size does not take very long, but it is not simple to set up such a small room wisely and nicely. The bedroom is a very intimate room and when designing the interior it is necessary to take into account its direct purpose. In order for the dream to be full, and awakening joyful, the general interior of the room should be light and casual.

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Interior bedroom 9 sq. M: photo, interesting ideas

A good guidebook in the world of bedroom design are real photos of the already furnished rooms. Among the thousands of copies you can see the general trend, it's space and a lot of light. The interior of a small bedroom is created according to the principle of visual expansion of space.

Through some simple tricks of the game of colors of the walls and correct placement of furniture, a bedroom with a small area may look big and wide.

Textiles in the interior of the bedroom in the form of bed linen, bedspreads, capes is an important element in the formation of the image of the room Textiles in the interior of a bedroom in the form of bed linen, blankets, capes is an important element in building the image of the room

Also on the photo you can see a major role with elaborate textiles. Bedspreads, pillows and other accessories should be combined with the general image of the room. It is textile that makes the room warm and cozy. From furniture in a room with a small footage, it is enough to put a comfortable bed and two bedside tables. Do not over-clutter the space with extra furniture, this creates a heavy atmosphere, which affects the mood of the owners. You can design your own bedroom design of a small size. Applying a little imagination in combination with the necessary knowledge, the room in the old apartment is able to start playing with new colors.

Modern bedroom design 9 sq. M.M, photo

Modern design of small bedrooms is presented in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and classics. All these styles combine a lot of light, neutral wall colors, minimal amount of furniture and plenty of space. Designers decorate rooms in exactly the same style or combine several similar ones. For example, the style of hi-tech goes well with minimalism.

The room will be dominated by gray neutral shades and straight lines of furniture. From the furniture there will be only a bed, a curbstone and a small wardrobe.

In a classic style, the bedroom looks more refined and rich. By combining classics and art deco, you can get a truly refined design. Well in the small bedroom of this design will look a bright wall on which you can hang a large picture in the original frame.

To decorate the windows in a small bedroom, light and elegant Roman curtains will suit, as they are compact and do not take up much space for window decorations in a small bedroom will suit light and graceful Roman blinds because they are compact and do not occupy much space

bed is the main subject of the bedroom and its design should be consistent with the chosen style. For small square meters it is best to choose a bed that is not massive. Suitable beds that are made in minimalist styles. Also, designers recommend wrought-iron beds. Their thin lines will give the bedroom a charm.

Windows are also very important in modern room design. It is best for small rooms to use Roman blinds. Due to the design of these curtains is increased space and a window sill can be used as a shelf for storing necessary items. To properly arrange the room 9 m2 use the minimum amount of furniture and accessories. The bedroom should have enough space for movement.

The layout of the bedroom 9 sq. M.M.: photos and tips

Rooms with such a metric are not particularly distinguished by their layout. Such a bedroom can be in two variations square and rectangular. The layout of the room plays a huge role in the design development. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the location of windows and doors. It is also necessary to choose the right materials.

The most important thing in the design of a small bedroom is to leave enough room for free movement and functional use of space.

To a small bedroom seemed more voluminous, you must use lamps or floor lamps with a soft diffused light To make the small bedroom seem more spacious, it is necessary to use fixtures or floor lamps with soft diffused light.

It is necessary to decorate the room so that it visually appears much larger. Such a task is not easy. Its implementation requires a non-standard solution and competent color design.

To solve this complex task, it is necessary: ​​

  1. The correct organization of lighting. Designers recommend that in small rooms the light be distributed around the perimeter, and not, as usual, in the center. Due to the correct distribution of light, the ceilings will appear higher and the space will become significantly larger.
  2. Correct use of finishing materials. In a room with low ceilings, do not use suspended ceilings, since they take up the amount of space during installation. Stretch ceilings in a small space will create pressure. It is best to use materials from which you can create two-level structures. Such ceilings create more space. In extreme cases, you can use just a light paint.
  3. Correct floor covering. For small rooms it is best to use a laminate of warm, dark tones. The combination of a dark floor and light walls always makes the room more spacious. But the use of dark carpet is able to visually reduce the space due to the absorption of light.
  4. The color of the walls is better to choose light colors warm or cold, it all depends on the location of the windows. If the windows face south, you must apply cool colors. This method refreshes the room, making it cooler in the summer hot days.
  5. Correctly furnish the room. Furniture in a small bedroom should be compact and functional, and its location should not impede movement.

Tricky tricks to increase space

Many designers have long learned to visually expand the space of small rooms.

To visually increase the small space of the bedroom, you can use both separate mirrors and an entire wall of mirrored or laminated panels To visually increase small space bedrooms can be used as separate mirrors, and an entire wall of the mirror or laminated panels

Techniques are simple enough to use and accessible to everyone:

  1. increase the space can be achieved through the windows. If the architecture allows, you can replace small windows with larger ones. Today window manufacturers offer a variety of models that allow you to enter a room with more daylight, which makes the room much larger.
  2. Add to the room more glossy and mirrored surfaces. This technique is called mirror symmetry. Helps to project design elements on the opposite side, which makes the room stylish and visually spacious.
  3. Adding bright accents helps visually wash the boundaries of the room. For example, bright textiles or original furniture with colored inserts will make the room much more interesting.
  4. Window decoration with monochrome curtains allows you to enlarge the room in height. In this case, the curtains are attached to the ceiling cornice and hang down to the floor. Vertical folds on the curtains extend the space.
  5. You can also paint the end wall in a darker color than the rest. This technique helps to make the long room more spacious.

Best furniture for a small room

In a room with small meters it is very difficult to arrange all the necessary furniture. For this reason, priorities should be set. The main piece of furniture is a bed. Manufacturers offer small rooms bed-transformers. This modern models are quite comfortable and functional. They are divided into several types.

Furniture for a small bedroom should be compact and multifunctional - without unnecessary decorative elements Furniture for a small bedroom should be compact and multi-functional - without unnecessary decorative elements

Some beds have a function not only for sleeping, but also for storing any items.

These models are equipped with a special lifting mechanism. This mechanism allows you to raise the main bed platform, under which niches are built. There are also retractable storage systems. The second type of bed is designed for quick collection of bed. The construction of the lifting mechanism is attached to special cabinets, in which, if necessary, you can fold the bed and free space.

Also, designers recommend not to litter the room with a cabinet. For storing clothing and linen, you can use the narrow and high mezzanines, which are located from the floor to the ceiling. Also, to save space, you can install a special rack under the hangers, which looks quite original. On the walls you can hang various shelves made of wood or build them from gipsacorton.

Lighting is the main attribute of a small bedroom

The bedroom needs several types of lighting. We need a bright light, muffled and daylight. For small rooms, it is preferable to mount spot lighting throughout the ceiling.

Zakarniznaya ceiling lighting LED strip harmoniously complement the main lighting, create an atmosphere of tranquility and coziness in the bedroom Zakarniznaya ceiling lights LED ribbon harmoniously complement the basic lighting, create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the bedroom

Such a process will not only give more light, but also saves owners from the sad chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

It is best to install lighting devices with a sensor for controlling the intensity of light. In the recreation area you can install wall lights or on the shelves of two floor lamps. For children set nightlights, which consume a small amount of electricity and can burn all night. Instead of wall lamps and floor lamps, you can put one beautiful floor lamp, which will be one of the bright accents.

For a romantic mood, you can use a meter LED strip. You can also use the backlight on the shelves that are above the bed. Stores of design sell sets of lighting devices, this eliminates the search for identical in style luminaires.

At the end of any renovation, the room requires decoration with accessories. In a small room you will not clear up, but despite this, small elements should still be present. It can be pictures, photo frames on the walls, beautiful pots of flowers. Also for decoration you can use decorative pillows of bright colors.

Harmonious design small bedroom( video)

If properly thought through and planned, the small room is able to acquire a very cozy feel. Applying in practice the advice and recommendations of famous designers, you can create a room with your own hands, in which it will be pleasant to spend time sleeping or just relaxing.

Design of a small bedroom 9 sq. M.m( interior photos)