White bedroom furniture: suite and closet, design and photo, glossy interior, inexpensive stylish color

Bedroom in white is not only beautiful, but also cozy, and stylish Bedroom in white is not only beautiful but also cozy, and stylish White color is a winning one, in which style of interior you would not use it. He has a lot of advantages, among which - the elegance and comfort of the room. Very often it is white furniture that is chosen for the bedroom. This color is suitable for such a gentle room - it's not a living room, where it's crowded, because you do not have to worry about the quality of such furniture.

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    • White bedroom set in the interior
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Furniture bedroom white: what is included in the list of

What would stop you choose for your bedroom, it can be mostly white or completely white, SMOovarian cancer, how do you see the interior. The center of the bedroom is a bed, the back of which is white. Naturally, the coating should also be light.

In addition, bedroom furniture:

  • Dressing table;
  • Wardrobe or wardrobe;
  • Storage Systems;
  • Shelves and shelves;
  • Upholstered furniture.

Sometimes, in the absence of a more suitable place, a mini-cabinet or corner of the master is arranged in the bedroom. It happens that the bedroom design includes a small greenhouse, but do not saturate this room with plants.

For a white bedroom, a massive bed, a small dressing table and beautiful decor elements for white bedroom is perfect for a massive bed, a small dresser and a beautiful decorative elements

You can immediately order a modular system in the bedroom, and independently design furniture. Sometimes a modular system is bought one big, then it is broken up into parts and distributed to the rooms. It's easier to keep a style unity throughout the house.

White bedroom set in the interior

Lightness in the bedroom is especially important - in this room, the alarm and trouble should leave you. The white bedroom suite fits in virtually any bedroom. The main thing is that with such furniture the walls do not merge.

For small bedrooms, a set with gloss finish type is suitable. It will reflect the surrounding space, and this will make the bedroom visually more spacious. But the gloss should not be very much, when it is overkill, the room is given excessive dynamics, and in the bedroom it is not needed at all.

In order for a white bedroom set to look good in the room, you need to make the walls of the room a few tones darker To white bedroom set is a winner looked in the room, you need to walls of the room to make a few shades darker

walls should be darker furniture, otherwise it will merge into a single picture, and do not understand why you do acquireSuch furniture. Against the background of darker wallpaper, white furniture will definitely look more expressive. But if you already have a light background, and you are going to buy a white headset, there is a way out. You choose such options, where the details are made out in gold or silver. Or, take options, where the basic tone is combined with some other.

Cabinet in the bedroom white: a noble accent

It can not be said that the white wardrobe will perfectly merge itself with furniture of other shades. It is more likely to be purchased in addition to a white bed. It happens that there is simply no other furniture in the bedroom.

For a bedroom it is best to choose an original cabinet with a glossy surface Bedroom furniture is best to select the original case with a glossy surface

Again, the glossy surface is preferable. It reflects sunlight, this makes the room light and airy. Do I need to allocate such a cabinet?Yes, near it you can lay a light textured rug. A bright outdoor vase with artificial original white flowers will emphasize this magnificence of tenderness.

White Scandinavian bedroom

charm of Scandinavian style interior attracts so many -voodushevlyayas interiors with photos, people try to make a repair, or similar, and often it is inexpensive. What attracts people in Scandinavian style?The simplicity of forms and lines, the absence of any pretentiousness, informality to the right measure and convincing elegance.

This style was formed by a long depressing winter, hence the dominant white. Long winter is also a lack of sufficient coverage, because heavy and dark Scandinavian style does not accept.

If you like simplicity and functionality, then for you the bedroom in the Scandinavian style If you love simplicity and functionality, while suitable for you in the bedroom Scandinavian style

furniture in the Scandinavian style - simple and functional, straight lines, without quirks. But here the sizes of furniture can be different, you want a bed in width of 120 sm - please, it is not enough of it - increase the size.

Architecture bedrooms scandium style

  • High ceilings and niches with huge windows - a rarity in our latitudes, but there is a canon canon;
  • lack of curtains in the bedroom - if you're not accustomed to do without them, it is the most transparent and light curtains;
  • bright wooden floor and the same, to match the floor window frames( and no plastic, the style advocated the naturalness);
  • Light walls, paint or plaster, sometimes wooden panels;
  • Bright fireplace - it can be in the bedroom, even a fake, but it will make the room more cozy, warm, gentle.

And what, apart from these arctic beauties, is it really all white and cold?But white can be and not cold, if correctly place accents. Bright blankets, rugs, pillows, and even outdoor chests. But not in a huge amount. Such accents are good in their moderation.

And remember that the Swedish style is laconic - therefore refuse all superfluous. Unload the closets, finally. As psychologists say, if a thing has not been used for a year, then you will never use it, it's easier to distribute such things.

Stylish white bedroom furniture( video)

White interior of the bedroom - is the service itself. It is always pleasant to soak in such a room, and no depressing views in the morning, when the mood is not the best.

Good choice!

bedroom design with white furniture( interior photo)