Bedroom interior 12 sq. M.M photo: in Khrushchev's room, repair how to equip, design and layout, how to decorate

Doing repairs in the bedroom, it is necessary to think about what will be furniture, lighting and decoration materials Doing repairs in the bedroom, it is necessary to think about what will be furniture, lighting and decoration materials When organizing the repair of bedrooms, you need to remember that it can be done completely, depending on your own imagination. The bedroom for 12 squares is different in that it has a small area, so it is quite difficult to equip it. Since often Khrushchev are quite cold and more windows can be in the shade of trees, therefore, in addition to the main lighting, it is also necessary to use additional lighting. Since the layout of the bedrooms in the Khrushchev and their size is rather inconvenient and small, it is better to arrange everything in warm light shades, since this will allow several visually to expand the free space. Furniture should be as compact as possible, and better if there is a furniture-transformer, since it does not take up much space and, if desired, it can be folded very quickly.

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How to choose the furniture in the bedroom interior in Khrushchevka 12 square meters. M: photo

Apartment Khrushchev is different in that it has very small rooms, so there is no way to carry out the renovation to realize all its ideas for its arrangement.

However, with a competent approach it is possible to make even a small bedroom very:

  • Stylish;
  • Exquisite;
  • Modern.

Bedroom can be with original decoration, required furnishings, as well as stylish decor. When equipping a bedroom of the size of 12 m2, it is necessary to choose the furniture correctly. The furnishings should be as harmonious as possible and at the same time it is necessary to arrange all the necessary furniture.

The bedroom must have a bed, bedside tables, as well as a storage system The bedroom must have a bed, bedside tables, as well as a storage system

Even in a small bedroom it is possible to allocate a separate place for rest, needlework and reading, the most important thing is that the arrangement of furniture was correctlyThought out. When arranging a corner for rest, you can put atamanka or a chair-bag, a small table, and a floor lamp.

Lighting in the bedroom should be basic and optional. At the head of the bed you can hang a sconce or put on the bedside table lamps. If the bedroom is intended for a couple, then the bed must be placed so that there is an approach from both sides.

You can make a bed in the form of a small catwalk on which to arrange a mattress. The storage system can be placed along one wall so that it completely occupies the entire surface of the wall. This option will be quite stylish and original. It is much easier to furnish a small bedroom for a boy or teenage girl, since in this case you can choose a narrower bed, and also move it to the wall. If the room needs to be equipped with several functional areas, it is worth paying attention to the sliding or folding bed, as this will save the spare area of ​​the bedroom. If the bedroom is with a balcony, then by it you can expand the free space of the bedroom and equip an additional functional area of ​​the room.

What better style bedroom interior in Khrushchev 12 square. M

Bedroom design can be very different. Many designers prefer to use the Art Nouveau style when choosing interior design, however, in such a room it is easy to realize a variety of ideas.

In particular, a small bedroom can be designed in such styles as:

  • Country;
  • High-tech;
  • Classical.

If the bedroom interior is made in a modern style, then this involves the use of a small amount of furniture, which has very smooth lines. For such an interior, the most diverse color solutions are perfect. The style of hi-tech is characterized by the use of a large amount of glass and metal structures. The shine of such surfaces helps to visually increase the free space of the bedroom.

The bedroom, designed in the loft style, looks pretty rough, but it The bedroom in loft style looks quite rough, but extravagantly

A small bedroom can be decorated in country style. It is a beautiful and unique rustic style that will help to relax and relax.

This room can be furnished with beautiful vintage furniture, made in the old days. As lighting fixtures, spotlights, wall sconces and small chandeliers with beautiful shades are good. To equip a small bedroom it is possible to apply a classic style, which implies the presence of a variety of wooden elements, as well as wooden furniture. Decoration in this case should be performed in warm light shades.

For the design of a small bedroom it is possible to apply the loft style. The style of the loft involves the use of practical furniture. Excellent fit in this interior built-in wardrobes and sliding tables.

Important!Furniture is best to choose the most functional and roomy.

How to repair in the bedroom 12 square. M: photo and a choice of finishing materials

To choose the project of arrangement of a small bedroom it is necessary together with a choice of finishing materials.

It is very important to choose the finishing materials for:

  • Wall;
  • Ceiling;
  • of Paula.

Light shades will help create a warm calm atmosphere in the room Light shades will help create a warm, calm atmosphere in the room

When choosing the finishes, you should prefer light colors. Snow-white decoration of walls and ceiling will help visually expand the room and give it a special sophistication and unique style. In such a bedroom you can have a wonderful rest and relax. In addition to the snow-white color, you can apply other light colors, in particular, such as beige, coffee, sand.

For wall decoration, wallpaper with a textured pattern, as well as embossed panels, is very suitable. For the finishing of the ceiling, a drywall or stretch cloths are suitable. To visually increase the overall space of the room, you can use glossy stretch fabrics. This is a very good idea, as it will help bring a unique style and elegance to the interior.

Recommendations on how to equip a rectangular bedroom of 12 square meters. M: photo

Quite often in Khrushchev bedroom rectangular and fairly elongated. Meters are not enough. Many people think that it is quite difficult to equip such a room with their own hands, since it has an unusual form and it is therefore necessary to select the finishes and furniture competently.

However, it is possible to design such a bedroom and without the help of a designer, it's enough just to select the right one:

  • Lighting;
  • Finishing materials;
  • Interior items.

In the bedroom of rectangular shape, it is best to install a built-in wardrobe with mirrors In the rectangular bedroom it is best to install a built-in cabinet with mirrors

It is desirable to decorate walls and ceiling in light colors. If wallpaper is used as wall decoration materials, then it is best that they have contrasting stripes. As wallpaper finishing materials, you can also use photo wallpapers. An excellent option will be a photo wallpaper with a fairly simple ornament.

If the bedroom has high ceilings, then it is best to use multi-level gypsum board structures. Each of the levels can be painted in its own color. As an alternative to plasterboard ceilings, mirror panels can act.

When adjusting a rectangular bedroom, do not use a standard closet, so it's better to prefer embedded models. On a long wall, you need to install mirrors, as this will expand the space and visually make it deeper.

Stylish bedroom interior 12 sq. M.M( video)

Design of a small bedroom in Khrushchev can be very different, it all depends on your own preferences and the application of finishing materials.

Bedroom design 12 sq. M.m( interior photos)