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A small bedroom is not a sentence, it can be arranged in such a way that it is comfortable and quite free small bedroom - not a sentence, it is possible to arrange in such a way that it was comfortable and quite free small bedroom 2x2 meters - it's quite a complex design project. Such a small area must simultaneously be made comfortable and cozy, but at the same time - attractive in a visual sense. What options can be taken in this situation?Which bed to choose, what colors to use in finishing?

    • bedroom 2x2 meters: overall design
    • Bedroom 4 square meters.m: the choice of finishing materials
    • Lighting in the bedroom 2x2 meters
    • Rational use of space in the bedroom
    • 30 ideas that will increase the small bedroom( video)
    • compact bedrooms( interior photo)

bedroom 2x2 meters:General design

So, in the bedroom the most important thing is the recreation area. The single bed occupies approximately 1,8x1 meters. A little more than 2 square meters remain. Here it is necessary to arrange a cabinet, as well as a cabinet for personal belongings or a laptop / computer( if it is a student's housing).Regarding the wardrobe, the best option is built-in furniture. The same goes for the bed. It can be folded into a wall cabinet. Thus, in the daytime, all 4 square meters will be vacant( if the bedroom is also used as a living room).

And which design to choose?For small rooms, you should bet on light colors. In this case, white or cream is the best option.

For a small bedroom, the brightest colors of the ceiling and wallpaper are best. for small bedrooms is best suited bright colors and ceiling wallpaper

If necessary: ​​

  • done ceiling light( in addition to the core);
  • Instead of curtains, only lambrequins are used, and the window itself is covered with rolls( if any);
  • If the room is not located on the sunny side of the house - it is better to give preference to pastel and gentle tones.

Bedroom 4 sq. M.M: the choice of finishing materials

The choice of finishing materials depends on how the room will look in general. With the account that the bedroom is extremely miniature in area, it should be visually made more voluminous. This is facilitated by white color, as well as gloss. There are quite a original decision - to make the glossy stretch ceiling with a minimum space from the rough layer, and wherein the perimeter of the room to mount a wall sconce with directional upward luminous flux. The rays of light, reflected on the ceiling, will further illuminate the room and create the illusion that the ceiling is much higher than its level.

The use of glossy ceilings makes it possible to visually increase the room Using glossy ceiling makes it possible to visually enlarge the room

also interesting and correct decisions are:

  • Disclaimer carpet( in favor of the parquet or linoleum);
  • Instead of a doorway, build an arch;
  • Refusal of traditional porters and tulle;
  • Make the largest possible window opening.

As for the finishing materials on the wall, it is better to focus on vinyl wallpaper in light pastel colors. This will set the interior of the mood of relaxation, and again - extend the visually area of ​​the room. According to the photo, published in thematic forums, one can be convinced of this on their own.

Lighting in the bedroom 2x2 meters

Lighting is a very interesting tool for designers. With its help, you can and the dull interior completely transform beyond recognition. But you can make the reverse mistake and only harm such changes. As for a small room, it is better to use several independent and low-power fixtures( for example, LED lights that are built in under a suspended or stretched ceiling).After this, the room will look more visually, and thus it will be possible to adjust the power of the light flux. But large chandeliers or large ceiling lights here will be superfluous.

Instead of them it's better to dwell on:

  • Miniature fixtures( not pendant);
  • Lamps that are located on the wall along the perimeter;
  • LED strip lighting( can be laid under the ceiling skirting, although on the floor it will not be superfluous).

In a small-sized bedroom it is best to use low-power lamps, but from bulky chandeliers it is better to refuse The small size of the bedroom is best to use low-power lamps, but the cumbersome chandeliers better not

Of course, the color flow should be done with warm, with a return to yellow. It promotes relaxation, reduces brain activity and allows you to normally relax. For the bedroom - just what you need. As a rule, for such a small room of light power in translation for incandescent lamps of 100 watts will be in some measure even a lot. If you use LED light fixtures, a total of 9 watts will be the best option.

In the event that most of the light in the room comes from outside, through the window, then this should be played. For example, as the main lighting, use a powerful LED strip, which will be laid along the perimeter of the window opening.

Rational use of space in the bedroom

As for the rational use of available square meters, it should be remembered that for such small rooms it is essential to reduce to a minimum loss of space. And this means that most of the furniture will have to be made to order, so that the master had on hand a sketch of the room itself. This will be required even if a sliding door wardrobe is installed.

To rationally use the space in the bedroom, furniture is best made to order to make rational use of space in the bedroom furniture is best made to order

design of walls and ceilings

What about the design?Since at the disposal of the designer - the minimum, you should focus on the walls. You can decorate them with paintings or fake lambrequins. We do not forget that they visually make the room more cramped, so it's not worth to get involved.

In a small bedroom, designers recommend placing an accent on the walls, but here also some care is needed so that in the end the room does not look too close In a small bedroom designers recommend to focus it on the wall, however, and it requires some caution, so that eventually the room did not look too closely

And, you can:

  • One wall close fresco or mosaic(Preferably with a glossy shade);
  • Close the walls with plastic or a false plate;
  • You can use curly colors;
  • The most "luxurious" option - to equip a wall for an aquarium( the carrier for this purpose does not fit, it is better to choose an adjacent one).

30 ideas that will increase the small bedroom( video)

If the ceilings in the high room, it is possible to equip the head just above the shelf and put it on them, such as books. If desired, you can equip a two-level ceiling or make a mixture of tension and hanging. It looks modern, fresh and most importantly - attractive. But you should not forget the last, the most important rule is that the bedroom should be liked by the owner of the house.

compact bedrooms( interior photos)