Bedrooms from the array: wood from the manufacturer, a furniture set, inexpensive of pine and hevea, Malaysia and Russia

Furniture from solid wood has excellent aesthetic qualities, as a result of which it is able to transform the interior of any bedroom for the better furniture made of solid wood has excellent aesthetic qualities, as a result it is able to transform the interior of any bedroom for the better Bedroom furniture made of solid wood is made from natural raw materials, it has beneficial effects on human health. It is also important that such furniture will last long, if, of course, take care of its external magnificence.

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    • Solid ash: Stylish bedroom
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If you are interested in to your home was exquisite and unique interior of the tree, its design must hProfile specialists. At the masters of the studio you can order the interior design of the apartment.

Beech or oak: solid wood bedrooms

Durability and solidity - that's what comes to mind when you hear "a bedroom from an array of oak."The material is very durable, has a variety of shades, that is, furniture can be both light and dark. This is elite furniture, because such a suite will never be cheap.

Beech - this is something transitional between oak and pine. Its array is used in the production of light furniture. This is a hard and flexible breed of wood, because beech is more often used in the production of so-called bent furniture. These are inexpensive headsets, if you compare them with oak furniture, but more expensive pine furniture.

Furniture made of beech, painted in white, fits perfectly into the interior of a classic bedroom Furniture made of beech wood, painted white, fits perfectly into the interior of classical bedrooms

following species of trees - ash, maple, basswood and cherry - for the production of bedroom furniture hardly used today. Foreign furniture manufacturers are increasingly using rosewood, mahogany and ebony in the production of bedroom sets.

Ash array: stylish bedroom

If you look at the popular catalogs of bedrooms from an ash-tree array, it will be seen that the design of such furniture increasingly refers to modern forms, clear lines. Of the popular motifs is a Wenge bedroom with a piquant purple hue. It looks great in contrast to the light floor, white walls and white ceiling.

Furniture items made from solid ash have long life and beautiful appearance Pieces of furniture made of solid ash, have a long life and beautiful appearance

Of no less popular options - ethnic decor in the bedroom made of solid ash. Dark color and simplicity of execution, supplemented by the corresponding textiles and accessories, gets a bedroom with light motifs of Asia. This is quite interesting, and if you have some pleasant memories associated with this place, it makes sense to think about such arrangement.

Advantages of the solid pine bedroom

Pine is an excellent choice of material for a sleeping set. Make sure that the reputation of the manufacturer is worthy to turn to him. And then you get a great sleeping corner or a whole set that will delight you for a long time.

Solid pine furniture, pluses:

  • Simplicity and ease of handling of this type of wood;
  • Characteristic pine aroma - eco-friendly and pleasant;
  • Affordable price - this is not the cheapest furniture, but the oak array set will cost you more.

Among the main advantages of furniture from solid pine, it should be noted a small price and ease of care Among the main advantages of furniture from solid pine should be noted a low price and ease of care

If yet still have not decided what kind of an array to choose an interesting option as furniture from rubber trees. It is a rubber tree, which also has many advantages. Firstly, the external splendor, and secondly, this tree perfectly resists the influence of low temperatures, and also differs in water-repellent abilities. In addition, hevea is a high-strength tree, and is not inclined to absorb foreign smells.

Exquisite solid wood bedroom: white birch and oak

For the production of white bedroom sets use a natural array of birch and oak. And the white bedroom also has many advantages. If, moreover, white furniture is decorated with carvings, it will remind the palace style in its light version. Usually a white bedroom set consists of a chest of drawers, a closet, a double bed, a mirror and bedside tables.

Popular nowadays, the interior style with the use of white furniture has become a chic chic. The philosophy of this style is vintage, the notes of childhood, love for signs of antiquity in the form of lovely scratches and cracks and, of course, unusual tenderness.

The interior is expensive and chic capable of furniture from solid oak give the interior a chic expensive and capable of furniture made of solid oak

To create this style, modern furniture is combined with the old. Some "old-fashioned" in this interior is necessary - roughness, shabby, cracks. The main element of the bedroom's chic-chic bedroom is the bed. To attract attention to the bed, models with high decorative backs are selected. Forged and carved elements are also welcome in the cheby-chic style. It is possible canopy over the bed.

White set, light abrasion, light finish - it's all clear, but is it enough for the convincing style?In this case, saves the decor. Style matching underlines trivia.

Decor of the white bedroom style cheby-chic

  • Embroidered paintings;
  • Retro-cards;
  • Candlesticks;
  • Antique photos;
  • Embroidered pads;
  • Vintage watch;
  • Beautiful boxes of cookies;
  • Openwork wipes.

Shebbie-chic style provides for the use in the interior of various antique decorative elements: vases, watches, paintings Style Shabby-chic provides for the use in the interior of different vintage decorative elements: vases, clocks, paintings

Handstitched things are especially appreciated in this style. And if you know how to crochet napkins, or once did it, it's time to start again for this needlework. Wicker boxes for all kinds of little things are also welcome.

wooden bedroom in country-style

It was impossible not to mention the material about the bedroom from an array of country style, that is to a greater extent and is associated with the tree. Furniture in this style should be sound, simple and quite massive.

For a bedroom made in country style, solid furniture from any kind of wood is suitable: oak, pine, ash For bedrooms, made in the style of country music, suitable massive furniture of any kind of wood: oak, pine, ash

furniture in the bedroom in country-style:

  • bed. Simple wooden on massive legs, preferably with coarse surfaces.
  • Cabinet. Wooden, massive, with swing doors. Simple design, no frills and decoration. True, the carving on the facade will not contradict the style concept.
  • Bedside table. Wooden, on legs, with swing doors or drawers. Tumba can be varnished, painted or completely left without decoration.
  • A chest of drawers can be replaced with a chest, if country is replaced by a country style( Russia), then it will be more relevant.
  • Rocking chair. Not an obligatory subject of such interior, but desirable. A good addition in such a bedroom will be a wicker rocking chair or carved wooden.

Country style is not only a rural style that will remind a Russian village, of course. You can recreate the rural Latin American interior, French. Any country, from Brazil to Malaysia, can be taken as a basis for recreating the rural style.

Elite bedrooms from solid wood( video)

Solid wood furniture will still be the most preferred in the design of the bedroom. It is appreciated for its naturalness, strength, beauty of design and durability.

Good choice!

Design bedroom in solid wood( interior photo)