Bedroom design 13 sq.m photo: real interior of squares, project of children's room, living room in apartment

Even a small bedroom can be made beautiful, cozy and comfortable for rest Even a small bedroom can be made beautiful, cozy and comfortable for rest. Bedroom design of 13 sq.m., photo and room decoration methods, as well as ideas for adults and children, are today the most urgent issue among apartment owners. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the spaciousness of private houses, and the desire to create coziness, and not to depart from modern trends, does not go anywhere. In order not to deprive yourself of these privileges, you should carefully think over the design of the room from start to finish, which is what we will do.

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    • Finish bedroom 13 sqm and 3 important elements in the design
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Interior bedroom 13 sqm.m real design: photo and color solution

If your bedroom in an apartment does not have large dimensions, then it is recommended to decorate it in one color direction, of course, of light colors. This rule applies to textiles, furniture, and walls with a ceiling. Moreover, the monochrome combination is now at the peak of fashion, so your interior will be exactly in trend.

Please note!The rules of registration are identical for both adults and children of different ages, as well as when designing a bedroom-living room.

Making the bedroom in light colors will make the room more spacious decorated bedroom in bright colors will make the room more spacious

As additional details, in order to dilute the situation, you can resort to the use of various decorative walls, as well as arrange bright accents in the form of bedside lamps.

creating a real interior, professionals recommend:

  • Making room with windows facing the north side, it is better to prefer warm and soft colors: beige, milk, flax, pistachio;
  • At the same time, when designing the interior of a bedroom with southern windows, it will be better to look a cold scale, based on two colors: gray and white.

As for the white color in the interior, it's a classic of the genre. It looks perfect in any room, regardless of the location of windows and the filling of light. Only with him it is necessary to work very carefully, because with an incorrect approach the room will very much resemble the ward in the clinic.

Bedroom finishing 13 sq.m and 3 important elements in the design

Bedroom of 13 squares can be visually made more. Here, due consideration should be given to the selection of finishing materials. In the specialized stores a wide assortment is presented, which is sometimes confused with the right thought, but one should always stick to the idea.

In order for the interior of the bedroom to be harmonious, you should choose not only a furniture set, but textiles and other decor elements In order for the interior of the bedroom to be harmonious, you should choose not only a furniture set, but textiles and other decor elements

Advice!If you do not want to spend more than the budget for finishing the room, write a detailed list, or print out a photo of your future interior, and take it with you to the store.

So, if the apartment is small, and the area of ​​the room does not allow too much fantasy, we will figure out the main stages and elements of decoration, so that in the future the interior looks coherent and thoughtful.

We think over everything in detail in the following order:

  1. Ceiling decoration. If the height of the room is more than 2.8 meters, then you can afford to design an original multi-level element: the lower the ceiling, the less cumbersome it should be, so as not to disrupt the proportion. Children's or adult bedroom look safe with a painted or stretched ceiling.
  2. Wall decoration. This part of the room is considered basic in design design. To increase the space, it is desirable that the corners be smoothed and soft. For their finishing I will approach vinyl and paper wallpaper, a rough texture plaster and a solid color. It is better to give preference to the pastel scale.
  3. Floor decoration. Here, the owners have, albeit insignificant, but still a choice: either a laminate or a carpet. Of course, the first option is slightly more expensive, but it is perfect for a bedroom, because it has proven itself as an ecological product. Carpet has the same advantages in its softness, and the creation of additional comfort.

In any case, these recommendations are only a way to push the owner to the original, own idea of ​​design, and the decision to take only to someone who will live in this room.

Stylish bedroom design 13 sq.m: proper lighting

In the design of any room, lighting plays an important role. With it, you can also increase or decrease the area. Some lamps fill the room with yellow light, others white, and every nuance is important here, because a man comes to the bedroom for that. To relax and unwind after a hard day.

When decorating a bedroom, special attention should be paid to the choice of lighting equipment When designing the bedroom, special care should be taken to select the lighting fixtures

Note!Thanks to proper lighting, you can make a successful zoning of the bedroom.

Immediately it is necessary to say, for a small room it is strictly not recommended to choose large chandeliers mounted in the ceiling. Also, it is worth abandoning elements that have details hanging downward. All this will take away useful space.

The following lighting is the best in a bedroom of 13 sq.m:

  • Spot lights all around the perimeter, and can be done in a chaotic or geometric arrangement;
  • If you need an ideal variant, then equidistant arrangement of points along the long sides of the room( at a combination with a glossy stretch ceiling the space will increase significantly);
  • The use of additional lighting in the form of wall lights or sconces is considered to be successful, only the source must necessarily be sent to the top;
  • For fans of spending evenings reading books, a flexible LED light fitting at the headboard is suitable;
  • And, of course, if you have a box above your bed. Then it should be installed in the LED strip.

As you can see, not everything is as terrible as it might seem at first glance, and even on thirteen squares there is where to clear up. And if you also correctly combine the successful color of the walls, decorating the ceiling and light sources, then a small room will turn into a huge room.

Furniture in the bedroom interior 13 sq.m: photos and selection rules

The first thing you need to master is the minimal amount of furniture in a small bedroom. Otherwise, it will not only be closely located, but also hard to breathe. Overloaded atmosphere always presses on the psyche, so you should know how much furniture should be in a small bedroom.

The perfect solution for a small bedroom is a compact modular furniture A perfect solution for a small bedroom is the compact modular furniture

Note!Furniture in the bedroom looks better in light or pastel shades.

Let's consider in detail how not to deprive ourselves of convenience, but at the same time not to force all useful space. To do this, have to resort to the tricks of designers who from any minimal area make luxurious bedrooms.

The principle of furniture selection is as follows:

  1. You need to buy only what will be uniquely involved, no extra elements;
  2. It is better to give preference to multifunctional sets;
  3. Compact size - the perfect solution for a small bedroom;
  4. If you like large beds, you can buy a platform, where you already have boxes for bed linen;
  5. The closet always remains an irreplaceable item thanks to a multitude of drawers. Hangers and offices.

This will be quite enough for that. To feel comfortable, but at the same time, without infringing on your desires in a small bedroom with an area of ​​13 squares.

Creating a bedroom design of 13 sq.m.( video)

That's all the tricks. If you have a small bedroom - it does not mean anything. It is important to be able to fantasize and correctly embody your ideas in a real interior. With this approach it will always be comfortable and cozy, and your bedroom will not want to leave for a very long time.

Design Options bedrooms 13 sq.m( interior photos)