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If you want your bedroom to be transformed beyond recognition, you should pay attention to every little thing If you want your bedroom is transformed beyond recognition, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail To small-sized bedroom 4x4 changed, you must pay close attention to every detail. Bedside cabinet, wardrobe, curtains and entrance door - every element present in the room must complement all standing nearby. Only in this case each centimeter of useful area will be used. It is necessary to start not with the selection and purchase of furniture, but with the adjustment of the light design.

    • Bedrooms 4 by 4 meters: the obvious advantages
    • Bedroom 4x4: practical advice on lighting
    • Design bedrooms 4x4
    • How to make a bedroom 4x4
    • modern design spacious bedrooms( video)
    • spacious bedroom( the photo in the interior)

Bedrooms 4 by 4 meters: the obvious advantages

a mistake many oversized rooms are perceived solely as a punishment. As much as it is impossible to make significant changes in it, so the tenants do not even try to change the situation. In fact, a small cubicle room opens up a huge space for flying fantasy. The main thing is to approach this question sensibly.

The bedroom of the square form opens before the designer a lot of decisions that can be realized bedroom square-shaped opening in front of the designer a lot of solutions that can be implemented

Start necessary with the awareness of the benefits of space with dimensions 4x4 m:

  • Easy zoning;
  • A wardrobe or cabinet can be installed along the entire wall;
  • Possibility to equip the office;
  • Various possible variants of arrangement of furniture.

Bedroom 4x4: practical advice on lighting

visual perception of space depends on the right choice of lighting process( insolation).Designers do not get tired of repeating that the excess of light accents, like the lack of not the best way, will affect the level of comfort in the room. That's why it's necessary to start with an analysis of the current situation. It is easier to work with rooms that are evenly lit throughout the day. If there is none, the emphasis is on the following recommendations.

A win-win option is the window opposite the front door. In this case, the bedroom receives uniform lighting. The process of arranging furniture and visual accents is simplified. In this case, you need light curtains on the windows, allowing you to regulate the level of insolation. It is more difficult to work with a room with a non-standard geometry or layout, which often happens in the private house.

Please note that lighting is reflected in the level of bedroom comfort, so here it is necessary to take into account all the nuances Please note that lighting is reflected on the level of sleep comfort, so there is sure to take into account all the nuances

3 common problems:

  1. located on the side window created on one side of the shadow zone, will help balanceCorner cabinet with a mirror door. It is placed opposite the front door, allowing you to solve several planning tasks at once. First, the borders of the room visually expand. Secondly, the light coming from one side is uniformly distributed throughout the room;
  2. Low ceilings are a common problem in small rooms. In this case, you need to abandon the bright decorative elements and interior items in the upper part of the room. Attention should be focused on the visualization of space. This will help 2 mirrors located opposite the door and window;
  3. Do not abandon the small-sized paintings that create a sense of space. Help in this image a good prospect.

In summary, we can say that the light in the room must be literally directed to the right track. If it is enough, then enough small curtains that perform the function of the regulator. When the degree of illumination leaves much to be desired, then mirror surfaces are used, which allow to control the light flux in a literal sense.

Bedroom design 4x4

Adjusting the degree of illumination of the room, it is advisable to go to the selection of furniture. First of all, you should determine the style of interest. From a practical point of view, the design in the classical direction is not advisable. Massive cabinets and a sofa can not physically fit in a small room. Rather stay on modernity. This advice is advisory in nature, but it is better not to neglect them.

If the head is no layout options of furniture in a small room, you always come to the aid subject catalogs and photos of finished kits.

If possible, then stick to the principle: the less furniture in the bedroom, the better If possible, stick to the principle: the less furniture in the bedroom, the better

important to remember that you need to carefully review their material:

  • The less furniture - so much the better. The rate is made for functional options, characterized by the availability of retractable sections and the possibility of transformation;
  • It is necessary to check that the mechanisms responsible for changing the parameters of the furniture are reliable;
  • Furniture for a room where the child will stay for a long time is selected from environmentally friendly materials;
  • The maximum height of furniture in the room should not exceed the level of the middle of the window. An exception is made only for the cabinet.

choice between ready and prefabricated option is determined by the geometry of the room, and the desire of the owner of premises to spend time on the sketch.

How to make a bedroom 4x4

16 square meters to many will seem insignificant amount of space, and the other - an opportunity for creativity. The main thing is to think in advance how exactly the room will be used. Study room, children's room or bedroom - each option requires careful study. If 4x4 meters will be used only to sleep and relaxation, the best is a small bed and a chest of drawers for storage of bedding.

If you want, you can set up a nightstand for the phone and alarm clock. Representatives of beautiful half of humanity can install a small dressing table.

  • The use of a bed with a pronounced canopy is allowed only in the absence of otherVisually large pieces of furniture;
  • Replace the bed with a high podium, on top of which the mattress is installed;
  • Compact room used not only for relaxation but also entertaining or working, need a screen. Due to this, both zones are visually separated;
  • An ottoman with folding seat is an excellent place to store accessories for sleep.

Modern design of spacious bedrooms( video)

Arrangement of sixteen square meters - the occupation is simple, although at first glance it does not seem so. The coincidence of the parameters of all the walls allows any way to install furniture in the room, which creates unique conditions for the implementation of design projects. That is why it is recommended to think in advance about what will be and where. In this case, you do not have to regret that a few centimeters still in the room is not enough.

spacious bedroom( the photo in the interior)