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Textile materials play in the creation of a harmonious interior of the bedroom is almost no greater role than a floor covering or wallpaper. Choosing a tulle for a bedroom, it is necessary to proceed not only from taste, but also practicality.

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The fact that the density and color of tulle depends directly on the illumination of the room during the day. If the sunbeam is a rare visitor in your room, do not buy tulle on the window in a bedroom of saturated colors or with a dense structure. Conversely, if you can not hide from the scorching heat all day long, hang a tulle in the bedroom that does not pass light well.

Interesting effects are obtained if for the decor of the bedroom window a tulle organza is used in combination with thick curtains in a tone of shiny fabric. Differences in the density and play of light will give the room a magical setting and a desired coolness.

In a dark room, you can consider the option of decorating a window opening with tulle only. In this case, the windows should be blinds, or roller blinds, which will help get rid of immodest views. This means that the question: how to choose tulle in the bedroom, will be very serious, since it is he who will set the tone for creating comfort and harmony. It will be appropriate to spend on richly decorated material with a floral or graphic guipure pattern. Milo will look and printed inserts.

From the harmony of curtains and tulle for a bedroom, the overall mood of the room depends. If only sleep in this room, the framing of the window opening in classical style with heavy curtains, lambrequin and richly draped tulle will suit. When the bedroom, in fact, is an ordinary living room, it is not worth sticking out the intimacy and chamberiness of the situation.

Lightweight, non-committal fabrics, the ability to change the degree of shading of the room - that's what the beautiful tulle must meet. With this bedroom destination, near the window often have a desktop and thus the curtains on the floor will prove impractical. Therefore, very handy will be a short tulle, barely reaching the sill. The combination with Roman or French curtains allows you to create a unique interior and does not interfere with the placement of bookshelves or a sofa.

If you are at a loss how to pick up tulle in the bedroom, you can use the golden rule of neutrality and buy for the window a white transparent tulle without a pattern, the so-called "grid".At the same time, its width should be twice as large as the window opening, so that the waves compensate for the absence of other types of decor. This choice is ideal if you plan to sew tulle to the bedroom with your own hands. Sew a simple tape to build enough skills, even a beginner dressmaker.

It is impossible to ignore the use of tulle in order to feel like a special royal blood. Having arranged an air curtain over the bed, in addition to the aristocratic design of the bedroom, you become the owner of a beautiful mosquito net in the summer. In this case, the design of the tulle in the window opening and above the sleeping place must be identical. Tulle can also serve as an excellent means of zoning the room, say, separating the work area from the bed or replacing the door in the dressing room.

The options of using tulle for a bedroom, as in the photo, presented on this page can be a starting point for the flight of your imagination.

Photo of tulle for bedroom