Limiter of opening doors: products for the door handle, paintings and other designs, videos, photos

Limiter of door opening - how to choose the best option, and set it up correctly


Table of contents

  • 1 Types of products and their features
    • 1.1 Limiters Floor Type
    • 1.2 wall limiters
    • 1.3 Nadvernye clips
  • 2 Output
The limiter prevents the door to beat the walls or furniture

The limiter prevents the door to beat the walls or furniture

The door is constantly beating on the walls and furniture or closes at the most inopportune moment? Put stop door opening and solve this problem once and for all. In this article I will review the most popular choices of products and tell you how to properly install them.

Clamps may have a very original look and serve as an element of decor

Clamps may have a very original look and serve as an element of decor

Types of products and their features

I'll talk about three different products:

  • Floor opening limiters;
  • wall products;
  • Nadvernye options.

Limiters Floor Type

This is the most common and popular option, which has several advantages:

  • A huge variety of. Variants very much, they may have different dimensions, coloring, design. This allows you to find the optimal solution for any interior;
Typically, the limiter is adjusted for color door handles to all the elements combined design

Typically, the limiter is adjusted for color door handles to all the elements combined design

  • Versatility. Floor stop opening the door can be placed both indoors and outdoors. You can put an item that will limit the opening of the front door;
  • low cost. The price of such goods starts from 40 rubles. It is much cheaper than any other option. Thus even cheaper options copes with its functions;
Simple options are very cheap, but have a good quality

Simple options are very cheap, but have a good quality

  • Easy installation. Sex is always strong, so fix it is not difficult to stop. Complete with a limiter is always going fasteners, which further simplifies and speeds up the workflow.
Lock the doors sold complete with fittings

Lock the doors sold complete with fittings

Types of products:

Illustration variant Description
compact clamps. Usually have a height of 5-7 cm, take up little space and are set against a wall. Execution may be different from the cylinder with a rubber ring to the ball. They are made of metal and may have different coverage in the color of door hardware.
Stoppers with the flat side. Their main difference - the presence of flat rubber spacers, which damps the door leaf and prevents its damage.

When installing this option, it is important to place it at a right angle to the plane of the door exactly adjacent to the lock.

magnetic limit. This option enables you to lock the door in the open position. On the stopper standing magnet, and on the door leaf is attached mate of metal that is attracted and firmly fixed in position.
Cork. Cork stopper door is cheap and does not damage the fabric when striking. Another important advantage - in case of wear of the working parts can be replaced quickly, removing the bracket and put a new one.
lockable restrictor. Use when you need to limit the door opening angle. If necessary, the lock can be easily removed after unlocking.
Mobile lock the door. Such products can have a variety of shapes and sizes. They are put on the floor only when necessary and fix the door leaf at the expense of the working part of the wedge.

The main plus of this option - simple and convenient, you do not need to drill holes to secure the product, it is simply placed on the floor in the desired location.

spring lock. It is a plate made of steel with two skid stops. Placed under the fabric and fix it securely in position.

Very simple solution for when you need to fix the door is not constant, but from time to time.

burglar stops. This option is not used as a constraint, but as a means of protection against the penetration into the house. The system is a stop, powered by batteries.

When you press the cloth on a metal platform device emits a very loud sound. Due to the wedge-shaped design serves as a stop, preventing the door wide open.

Installation Instructions flooring options look like this:

Illustration Description stage
The door should be installed in its place. It is not necessary to work without the door leaf, as set all the desired distance will be difficult.
Exhibited the desired position of the door. To the web is not beating on the wall or furniture, it is necessary to handle not reached the surface by at least 1 cm. I usually exhibited on a finger, this is just the right indent from the surface.
Otcherchivaetsya pencil line along the lower edge of the canvas. The door sticks in position. The line will help determine the location of the hard lock, and rotation angle of the plane prompt, if you version with a smooth edge.
Marked drilling point on the stop protrusion. For this, he is put in the desired location at the desired angle. To make sure the layout, you can cut the pattern out of paper, and can be applied at the end of the pin chalk or other compound that will leave a mark on the floor.
drill holes. Drill diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the pin on the latch. variant 5,5-5,8 mm are used. Depth - no less than the length of the protruding portion.
The focus is set to the desired position. The pin is inserted into the hole, then you should check whether the lock is located, whether the pen does not beat the walls or furniture and are properly focused adjacent to the surface.
It marks the spot drilling dowel holes. Pencil point is drawn, after which the latch is retracted, and at the right place hole drilled dowel.

The most commonly used fasteners diameter of 6 or 8 mm 30-40 mm. Drilling depth should be 5 mm longer than the length Chopik.

The focus is fixed definitively. At first insert the dowel, then the emphasis is placed. The design of fixed screws, which comes bundled. After that, you can not use the door for fear that you damage the wall.

If you have a magnetic lock, then in addition to all the above work will need to secure a mate on the door leaf. It is important to accurately determine the position of the element, and then simply screw the two small screw.

It is important to accurately fix the metallic element, which will fix the door on the magnetic part

It is important to accurately fix the metallic element, which will fix the door on the magnetic part

wall limiters

Limiters on the door of this type have such features:

  • The main unit is mounted on a wall. It is very convenient for those environments where fixed stop on the floor there is no possibility. Also, this option is ideal if you do not want to spoil the expensive flooring;
It looks like Wall Limiter of opening doors

It looks like Wall Limiter of opening doors

  • Wide range of variants. You can pick the lock for any style of decoration. Also designs differ in length, it may be from 50 to 150 mm. It all depends on what position should be to stop the door leaf;
  • High requirements for base strength. If the door opens abruptly, then the limiter will have a very high load. Therefore, to fix the design on the drywall is highly undesirable, since you can just break through the wall;

The cost of these constraints begins from 150 rubles. It's a little, but outdoor variants still much cheaper.

Let us examine the main types of products:

Illustration product Description
Standard abutment wall. It is a rigid bracket, one side of which a rubber damping spacer, and the second - the fixing means 3 by screw. The design is simple and very reliable.
Limiter with magnetic latch. Used if necessary to fix the door in the open position. In addition to the bracket kit includes the mating part, fixed to the door.
Stop under the door handle. Often when installing interior doors stop just nowhere to put, and eventually to the door leaf are markings on the rubber part of the baffle plate. In this case, the perfect stop, which is mounted on the wall opposite the handle.
Wall limiter latch. This embodiment is a latch with a spring, which is attached at the bottom wall.

To the lower end of the door leaf is fastened a plate with a projection, for which clings retainer. This type of product is suitable where you need to reliably fix the door in the open position.

Disassemble the installation process makes no sense, since it is similar to the above-described embodiment. The only difference is that the design does not need to be fixed to the floor and the wall. And remember that if you finish drywall, it is necessary or further enhance the framework in a certain place at a stage of construction of the support system, or be attached to the substrate under the outside materials.

Nadvernye clips

This kind of product has the following features:

  • Mounted onto the door leaf. You do not need to drill the wall or floor, as the unit is fixed on the door. There are options, which does not require fixing, they are designed to eliminate slamming doors;
Turndown stops may be longer and keep both internal and external doors

Turndown stops may be longer and keep both internal and external doors

  • Easy to install. By the door can be mounted with screws without a drill and drill bits, you can do even with a screwdriver, 2-3 fasteners can be spun manually;
  • A variety of options. You can choose different solutions depending on the goals and means. Below is an overview that lists the most common types of products.

types of products

Illustration Description
folding locks. It stops with rubber spacer, which can be folded due to the spring mechanism.

A very convenient option for places where the doors must be fixed from time to time.

The length can be different, so you can choose the option for the premises and for the input systems.

belt limiter. The easiest and cheapest option, which is a solid piece of tape from synthetic materials, which are sewn on both sides of the fastening components. Great for houses and other buildings where appearance is not important.
Retractable clip. This embodiment is mounted on the bottom of the door and constitutes a brake shoe, which is lowered by pressing the legs.

Lying abutment as easily by pressing the side plate. Very user-friendly design, occupying very little space.

Trailing stop. Mounted on the leaf and door frame, and determines the maximum opening of the door.

With it, you can set any angle, which is very convenient. In fully open position the web is fixed due to the recesses in the groove.

The soft limiters. They are used in order to avoid slamming the door. Especially useful in children's rooms, where it is important to eliminate child nailing finger door leaf.

These products are very easy to use: simply put them on the door about halfway fabric as shown in the photo.

mounting process depends on the type of limiter you. The main stages are always the same:

  • Partitioning seats arrangement of elements;
  • Drilling fastener holes;
  • Fixing structure;
  • Checking the operation of the system.

Remember that the use of limiters nadvernyh puts a heavy load on the door leaf. Therefore, they are not well suited for the flimsy doors of MDF or chipboard, construction should have good rigidity.


I'm sure you can easily select a stop for the door and install it yourself. Videos in this article will help you understand some of the nuances of the theme is even better, and if something is unclear - ask in the comments.