Repair of doors with their hands: the restoration and installation of the interior of the school masters

Repair of doors with their hands: the restoration of interior, wood, glass, aluminum and input structures


Table of contents

  • 1 Repair of interior groups
  • 2 wooden
    • 2.1 restoration of paintings
    • 2.2 strengthening loop
    • 2.3 align box
  • 3 glass
  • 4 aluminum
  • 5 inputs
  • 6 Summing up

Repair of doors with their hands - an important and necessary question that we are reviewing today.

repair of doors with their hands

Repair of interior groups

Making repairs, do not forget about the interior doors. They require prevention, minor repairs, and sometimes even complete replacement.

So, if you have performed a quality finish apartments with their own hands, it remains a matter of choice of interior entrance group.

Depending on the material used for manufacturing:

  • wood;
  • glass;
  • laminated;
  • combined.

According to the principle of opening:

  • swing;
  • sliding (compartment).

The next thing will emphasize our school repairs - installation of interior doors and especially their repair, depending on the species.


repair of interior doors with their hands

Replacing loops

Old wooden door of vsehsuschestvuyuschih types require to himself, perhaps, the greatest attention.

They tend to sag over time, because of what bad start to dig, can burst, often have problems with the hinges and the curvature of the box (applies hinged wooden structures).

Subsidence of the box happens due to wear on the hinges axes.

Rectify this situation in two ways:

  • replace with new hinges by removing hinge straps with screws, removing the old loop by inserting a new and strengthened them lubricated epoxy self-tapping screws;
  • wear on the hinge axis washer to restore the previous level of loops and grease-lubricated machine.

restoration of paintings

If a wooden blade with cracked over the years - it does not matter, make a difference to help the restoration and repair of doors.

For this design is removed and mounted on a flat, rigid, elevated surface. Detach the old coating - lacquer or paint, using solvent or medium-grained sandpaper. Obscure the special mixture of wood cracks in the surface. We recommend the use of restorative and wax suitable shade, the price - from 160 rubles.

Note! Produce polishing surface with fine sandpaper. And depending on the future coating layer applied stain, or varnish and then primed surface and the ink layer is applied 2-3. On the architraves and a box doing a similar job.

strengthening loop

If you have any problems with the hinges should be re-fix. If nests under screws are not loosened, remove the old bent screws, lubricate the glue slots and secure the new screws.

repair installation of interior doors School

installation box

If the problem is in the nests, you must perezakrepit loop, slightly shifting it up or down with respect to the old position. Before mounting a new place, prepare the loop with a chisel.

align box

Curvature of the box leads to looseness closing. Remove the door by means of a spirit level, align and secure the box in a steady position and set the backup.

On the inner side of the box in the left and right side of the perforator perform the holes through the box, absorbed in the wall itself is not less than 5 cm.

Holes must be 2 on each side, one above and below. The holes should be formed to drive a metal or wooden studs.

Remember! If you had made the installation of interior doors - repair or preventive maintenance should be carried out at least 1 time per year.

To do this, check the structure for the presence of small faults, to be able to prevent major damage. Tighten the screws in the hinges which hang down and the screws on the handle, grease the hinges to avoid squeaking.


This type is mainly used in rooms with high humidity - the kitchen, bathroom, toilet.

Repair glass doors usually required in case of problems with fittings or with damaged glass facade. In the second case will only order a new design of similar size.

In the case of hardware failures the first thing you need to figure out the cause. Perhaps it lies in the incorrect adjustment of opening / closing system. In any case, more terrible outcome than replacing hardware, you do not threaten.


Repair of aluminum groups associated mainly with the replacement handle, adjustable hinges, locks lubrication, adjustment flap geometry. In the latter case it is necessary to re-produce the installation of aluminum construction.

The rest of the options are not so complicated. In case of breakage of the cylinder lock is held disassembly and replacement of the inner cylinder.

If the door is closed tightly, replace the rubber seal, inspect and lubricate the hinges.


repair of aluminum doors

Poggio loops

Next topic that will consider our school repair - front doors, their faults and how to repair.

If your entrances are made of wood and the border of street, repair differs proper application of water-repellent varnish or paint.

If the metal structure (so-called security door), a classic problem is usually of poor quality fittings, in most cases, shaky pen that can simply break off.

Tip! By setting the metal front design, make sure to equip its quality European furniture that faithfully serve you for years.

Let's hope that now repair the door with your hands you will definitely be a force. And do not forget that a good good-quality door can become a reliable barrier on the way to taking your "fortress".

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.