Door lock for metal doors: lever, cylinder, and other types of video and photo

How to choose a door lock for metal doors, plus the 7 most popular models on the market


Table of contents

  • 1 Main characteristics locking mechanisms
    • 1.1 Resistance to cracking mechanism
    • 1.2 Level mechanism secrecy
  • 2 What are the castles
    • 2.1 Principle of operation
    • 2.2 Pros and cons of different types of
  • 3 Rating of tested models
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It is no secret that locks the input metal doors are high, acceptable and poor quality. When I had to choose the mechanism to his door, I carefully studied the subject, and now tell you about the types and the intricacies of selection. And as a bonus 7 offer the most reliable locks to tie it in the iron door.

Protection is never superfluous.

Protection is never superfluous.

Main characteristics locking mechanisms

There are internal and external locks, plus the exterior still divided into mounted and overhead. Now an apartment or office are placed only internal or mortise locks for metal doors, and we will talk mainly about them.

Resistance to cracking mechanism

There are 4 classes of resistance to cracking:

  • 1 class - this is the most simple mechanisms, they are going out of low-quality materials, the level of difficulty there is a minimum, such a mortise lock can reveal for 3-4 minutes. As a rule, they put on the doors and utility rooms;
  • 2 class - these mechanisms are already suitable for the front door, but they are also not very reliable, the maximum resistance to breaking for 5-7 minutes;
  • grade 3 - these locks are best suited for apartments and private homes, except for the locking mechanism in this class Be sure to install additional secrets, and most importantly all items are high quality, protection against rogues 15 minutes;
  • 4th grade - a high-class, it is believed that such a lock on a metal door must hold at least half an hour, they put on armor, heavy doors in rooms with high protection.

The separation in time of opening the conditional, the developers focused on middle-con with a set of lock picks, a crowbar and a hammer. In our country, these parameters are partially prescribed in ISO 5089-2003.

Protection against mechanical break - this is an important option in any castle.

Protection against mechanical break - this is an important option in any castle.

Level mechanism secrecy

When selecting consultants in stores soon "stun" human fantastic number of possible combinations, in fact, this feature - not the most important. You need to look at the overlapping protection from the master key, knocking, drilling, as well as the quality and level of wear resistance of materials.

Do not skimp on the protection of master keys.

Do not skimp on the protection of master keys.

  • Low or minimal privacy - such locks can be seen at a glance how the housing and the mechanism is quite poor quality. As a rule, they do not have any protection, and they are open almost the "toothpick" and the number of key combinations ranges from 10 to 10,000;
  • The average level of secrecy It means from 5000 to 5 million possible combinations. Most of these mechanisms are protected by master keys and knocking, but this requirement is not necessary, so there are also non-secure model. But such locks have a complex combination of pins and the mechanism is assembled from high-quality materials, although the housing may be cheaper;
  • The highest degree of secrecy means a billion possible combinations, protection against mechanical burglary and master keys, plus such mechanisms are made of high-quality acid-resistant metal, in other words, it is the most reliable model.

What are the castles

Mortise lock for metal doors can be made of different materials, have different degrees of reliability and shape, but the mechanism is only 3 types:

  1. lever,
  2. cylindrical,
  3. electronic locks.
The lock on the door should be not only beautiful but also reliable.

The lock on the door should be not only beautiful but also reliable.

Principle of operation

  • Any cylinder lock consists of a power cylinder and locking mechanism, in which actually inserted key. The classic mechanism classify cylinder mounted pins. Upon entering the key are arranged in a certain sequence and the key is turned, it is now instead of or in addition to the probes can be used pins and wheels;
The more pins, the more reliable the cylindrical head.

The more pins, the more reliable the cylindrical head.

  • Locking lever - is a single mechanism, metal plates (levers) are integrated directly into the power of the lock and, unlike the cylinders can not be replaced. The principle is simple: when you turn the key spacing between the levers is changing, they are built according to the "drawing" key and the lock opens;
Here is the general scheme of lever locks.

Here is the general scheme of lever locks.

  • Electric and electronic mechanisms at the input metal doors are relatively new, they are working on the electromagnets, the easiest an example of this approach the door, but for apartments and offices are now sold combined options where motor drive acts as an extra protection.
Electronic systems are good, but not always reliable.

Electronic systems are good, but not always reliable.

Pros and cons of different types of

dignity disadvantages
Classic cylinder lock with sekretki based pinah.

Classic cylinder lock with sekretki based pinah.

  • Acceptable price;
  • Worthy appearance;
  • Easy removal of key holes, to put it simply unscrewing a couple of screws so the cylinder can be changed with their own hands, they are on sale.
  • The cylinder can be drilled using a simple screwdriver;
  • In the presence of a metal rod and a good hammer cylinder distracting for a pair of punches.
Cylinder lock mechanism with a cross.

Cylinder lock mechanism with a cross.

  • Affordable price;
  • Simple installation instructions.
  • Low level of security;
  • Strong man can for a couple of minutes to crack the mechanism by means of a good cross-head screwdriver;
  • Separately, the cylinder does not change in case of breakage need to replace the entire lock.
The pin cylindrical head.

The pin cylindrical head.

  • Average, and in some models even higher level of security;
  • Easy to change if necessary.
  • Easily knocked or drilled.
Castle with disc cylinder.

Castle with disc cylinder.

  • The highest degree of secrecy of the mechanism;
  • Availability of picking protection;
  • Such a cylinder can not be drilled out, as the wheels will just spin.
  • Expensive;
  • If you do not install protective bronenakladkami, this cylinder is easily knocked out.
Combined eurocylinder.

Combined eurocylinder.

  • The highest degree of secrecy;
  • There is a protection from the master keys;
  • Not drilled.
  • Expensive;
  • Without bronenakladki easily knocked out.
Mortise lock lever on the door.

Mortise lock lever on the door.

  • Knock lever lock is possible only together with the door;
  • The mechanism is not drilled;
  • Relatively easy to install;
  • If the castle has more than 6 levers, the master keys are powerless against it.
  • Quite a big key;
  • The presence of the through-hole in the door lining to protect, but only from a draft and prying eyes;
  • In the event of a breakdown you need to change the whole lock.
Combined mechanical locks.

Combined mechanical locks.

  • A high level of security;
  • Redundant safety system;
  • If you take 2 locks separately, it will cost more;
  • The presence of the auxiliary locks;
  • Knocking or drilling the cylinder does not make sense.
  • Such locks need to be opened and closed in a certain sequence, which is not always convenient;
  • Breakage of the lock may result in failure of the entire system.
Electronic lock.

Electronic lock.

  • Lack of keyholes;
  • Castle is easily recoded if necessary;
  • Some models have remote control function.
  • Models for apartments worth serious money;
  • Such a lock need an independent source of energy;
  • Electronics can fail;
  • In the presence of rogues electronic special equipment, which is now quite possible to get this lock opens for a few seconds.

My advice to you: do not take the locks open on the retina or a fingerprint, they are expensive for an apartment or small office, and give constant failures.

Rating of tested models

Photo a brief description of
table_pic_att149156392015 №1 «ATRA-DIERRE»

Rating the most popular locks for homes headed by Italian company «ATRA-DIERRE».

The line includes various kinds of mechanisms, but is considered to be the most popular model of «Atra Heavy».

Among these are the best lever locks, in addition to a high degree of privacy there is the possibility of connecting to the spacer system.

There are models with a pen and without it.

table_pic_att149156392016 №2 «Mottura»

It should also go to the Italians, the model «MOTTURA 52 YM 515 B / 37" stands out among the «Mottura" company products.

In this castle there:

  • 4 cylindrical bolt;
  • Replacement mechanism of classification;
  • It is possible to embed in the system of the spacer;
  • Locking key hole;
  • Additional protection against ejection.
table_pic_att149156392117 №3 «Cisa»

This manufacturer is considered the most popular model of «Cisa-57.535.28.C5», it has:

  • 4 bolts with a diameter of 18 mm;
  • The reversing pawl 19 mm;
  • 2 pins for vertical fixation;
  • It is embedded in the spacer system;
  • Anti-vandal protection.
table_pic_att149156392218 №4 «Cisa»

If you need a more powerful protection, the Italians have for you an integrated lock «Cisa 57.985.28-A C5"

This is coupled with the lock several overlapping systems of protection, but it is worth it dearly.

№5 «Mul -T- Lock»

This Israeli company, the best models that come to our market for public use is: «Mul -T- Lock 235» and «Mul -T- Lock 265"

The high level of handling and fitting parts eliminates the need for lubrication, so even at high frost this mechanism works smoothly.

The average degree of privacy, but if there will be a good bronenakladki obstacle for thieves, plus it can fit into the spacer system.

table_pic_att149156392720 №6 «The Guardian» Russia.

Domestic manufacturers are also not lagging behind the world leaders. So well-proven combination lock "Guardian 15.12"

Six crossbars and a latch, plus the presence of the cylinder lock in the kit does not leave a chance to master keys.

table_pic_att149156393021 №7 «Granite» Russia.

This model is considered the best producer "Granite 1.06.02", the lock is designed for heavy constructions.

  • 4 protection class;
  • 5 crossbars 18 mm;
  • 6 levers.


I hope this information will make it easier to understand the sea offers and choose a good lock on the metal door. The video in this article you will find advice on selecting and installing the lock, and if there are still questions, write in the comments, I'll try to help.

Castle with a spacer system will be much safer.

Castle with a spacer system will be much safer.