As wallpaper glue: Video gluing ceiling

As wallpaper glue: video instruction (36 photos). Preparing walls, the choice of adhesive and gluing


The word "repair" for many is associated primarily with wallpaper glue. And this is no accident, because how do without them? They create mood and unique atmosphere in the room due to its color, pattern, texture. It is therefore very important to make the process of gluing them accurately and correctly.

After the crack vials, plates and other defects are evident immediately, thereby spoil the impression of repair. In this article you will find answers to the question of how to hang wallpaper: video tips and vivid photo process.

living room designWhere should you start? Indeed, so eager to learn how to hang wallpaper on the wall right!

Firstly, make sure that the walls were perfectly smooth, clean and smooth.

Should not be allowed when wallpapering the walls of the presence of cracks on their surfaces, ink spots, blisters and other irregularities. And under no circumstances should the new glue the fabric on top of the old, no matter how well they are kept.

By glue, they shall be melted and can move together with the new layer.

The second stage - select glue. Its composition depends on the type and preparation of the coating. Most are made on the basis of PVA.

Note! When cutting blades leave allowance of 10 cm. This reserve is needed to ensure that the sheets a bit "caught" after the glue has dried.

Next, glue is applied to the strip via the roller. Movements should be directed to the edges to the center. Then we add up the web in half and give not soak for 10 minutes.

As long as the sheets are soaked, apply the adhesive to the wall.

After drying, putting a strip to the wall and carefully smoothed. Rag paper only advised to smooth finish, if you use cloth, which have relief pattern, it is better to arm roller, which is not only a firm foothold in the sheet, but also squeeze excess glue.

adhesive Application

Spreading the adhesive onto the surface

It is imperative that the first web has laid down perfectly straight without distortions, as all the others will be leveled at him.

If you combine overlapping webs, carefully plastered over the edge if the same held taping for painting, can be glued butt joint.

When gluing non-woven wallpaper overlapping start the process from the window, then the joints will not be as noticeable. Never glue the whole canvas in the corners, it will be sure to keep up when the glue dries. The angle is made always overlap so that the sheets are covered with each other per centimeter.

To glue the ceiling is made similarly to the wall version.

finishing the ceiling

finishing the ceiling

But, due to lack of openings and rosettes decorate the ceiling easier. The only difficulty is that the work falls to the surface which faces downward. Create your own convenient conditions and then the process is not difficult. For those who took the tough repair business, we have prepared a video how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling.

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