What wallpaper to choose for a small room and how to make a choice for the corridor and the ceiling for painting

What wallpaper to choose for a small room. The choice of color and pattern. Troubleshooting layout. Finish corridor and bedroom. classification of coatings


Table of contents

  • 1 Color and pattern - our allies
  • 2 We solve planning problems
    • 2.1 High and low ceiling - balance the space
    • 2.2 darkened room
    • 2.3 narrow room
  • 3 Corridor - the most popular place in the house
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 5 And if you want to change something
  • 6 Classification
  • 7 Summing up

People who have large cottages, houses, villas, easy to talk about the location of furniture according to Feng Shui, the free choice of size and color of accessories and wallpaper. But today we'll talk about those who are less fortunate.

About people who have a small apartment or a house. What wallpaper to choose for a small room - the theme of today's article.

What wallpaper to choose for a small roomBright wallpaper, soft ceiling paint, walls and floors, small furniture, beautiful mirrors and accessories are able to visually enlarge the area.

We stopped on the choice of wallpaper, as they occupy in our apartment is quite a large space, so the question of how to choose the right wallpaper is very important!

Color and pattern - our allies

First of all, you need to remember a few important and necessary rules:

  • Large pictures, repeating pattern, geometric shapes, large flowers visually reduce the area of ​​the room.
  • Also discard the colorful and dark covers, because they darken the space, making it even less.
  • Pay special attention to the pastel colors, which may be warm or cold, and a textured surface.
  • Stop your choice on the cover with a discreet vertical ornament, it visually "pull" of the wall. You can also use a special sticker on the vinyl wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper in a small room, use a few shades lighter than the other rooms of an apartment or house.
  • And if you're wondering what to choose wallpaper for the ceiling, choose a slightly lighter version of the walls.
Design a small room

Design a small room

These simple tips will help you to "carve out" those most cherished couple of centimeters and visually enlarge the room.

We solve planning problems

High and low ceiling - balance the space

For a room with a low ceiling coating well suited bright colors with vertical stripes. But the wide border should be avoided, because it tends to make the ceiling is even lower.

At the same time curb rescue, if you have a room with a high ceiling, because it balances the size of the room. If your apartment ceilings over 3 m, Try pokleit cloth slightly retreated from the ceiling, it will reduce the height.

darkened room

For a room, which gets a little light, the question of how to choose the color of the wallpaper, is even more acute.

If you have a problem - not an easy design of the room - the wallpaper, choose a warm yellow hue because this color will make the room lighter and more.

Excellent fit and glossy coating, because they reflect light, visually increase the room. But matte finish wall has a reverse effect.

narrow room

To expand the narrow space just obkleyte long wall paintings with a larger pattern than the rest of the walls.

Corridor - the most popular place in the house

Probably, the corridor has earned the right to be called the most visited place in the house, because wherever we went, and no matter where they returned, we did not go around his face.

corridor design

corridor design

We are looking for the answer to the question what to choose wallpaper for the hallway.

  • Experts recommend choosing light-colored coating, allowed small, unobtrusive figure. Finishing must be washable, because the corridor is always a lot of dirt and dust. For the same reason exclude white wallpaper.
  • If your hallway is narrow and long, choose lighter shades without striking, contrasting details. Forget the cover with stripes. Indeed, vertical stripes will narrow corridor, and the horizontal - make it longer.
  • Also pay attention to the lighting. In the light of the hallway, you can use a variety of colors and patterns, and in the dark - from the darkest color should be abandoned.

Note! Under the influence of artificial light color of the coating can vary, so before you buy wallpaper, Take a small piece and look at how it will look artificial in your hallway lighting.

The main criterion for the correct answer to the question, what to choose wallpaper in the hallway, how to create a nice overall design, is the comfort of all family members, as well as comfort in the house.


Bedroom important basic interior color. Bedroom we use to sleep and rest, and choosing the wrong color, you can get the opposite effect - the activity or even aggressive mood.

Bedroom in blue tones

Bedroom in blue tones

Therefore, when deciding how to choose wallpaper for the bedroom, look for soothing colors. Also, when choosing colors lean on the character traits of people who will be in this room.

For example, for people who are constantly in motion at work, suitable finish in blue tones. They soothe the nervous system and prepare the person to sleep.

Apart from the nature of man, pay attention to the "character" of the room. Closely examine it and indicate priorities.

Would you like to expand the room to lighten it, raise the ceiling, remove the bumps, make the room more proportional?

All these complicated at first glance, the problem can be solved by properly chosen finish.

Choosing paper wallpaper, you run the risk of soon return to the issue of repair. But vinyl and non-woven fabric will delight you with not only their durability, but also the richness of texture and color selection.

And if you want to change something

Repairs have already been made, it took a little time and want novelty. If you have noticed for themselves or for their loved ones such a feature, it is better to take care of wallpaper for painting.

But how to choose wallpaper for painting, we now face it.

Ceiling specialists recommend to take cover in the paper and on the paper basis. Here they will serve you faithfully for many years, surviving even the original color of fantasy.

Remember! You can not start painting until dry finish.


Classification and typing wallpaper

Classification and typing wallpaper

On each roll manufacturer kindly wrote us clues that we can not always decipher, but with this we try to figure out in the end.

  • A - acrylic;
  • B - paper;
  • BB - foamed vinyl;
  • PV - flat vinyl;
  • PB - embossed vinyl;
  • TCS - textile;
  • PAGE - structure for painting;
  • STL - fiberglass.

Summing up

Wallpapers give us a great platform for the realization of design ideas, but their choice should be approached with great responsibility, taking into account not only personal preference, but also the characteristics of the premises. We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.