How to pokleit wallpaper: What pokleit in the nursery, examples, samples, sticky textile coatings, screen printing

How to pokleit wallpaper (33 photos). Varieties material. Nuances pasting of corners and the ceiling. Dependence complexity gluing on surface


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  • 1 The sequence of work
    • 1.1 Training
    • 1.2 Nuances pasting corners and ceiling
  • 2 Variety of material and sticking
  • 3 A special issue - children's room
  • 4 Type of surface: when he is important
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Repairs in the apartment - an exciting experience, especially if you need to think about their own future and choose interior materials to create it. Wallpaper - quite a popular decorative material, but on how well pokleit wallpaper, knows not everyone.

There are many nuances that affect the attractiveness and durability of the finish. how to pokleit wallpaper

The sequence of work


Stage of preparation of the walls - the most important and crucial. When poorly machined surface of the new layer will not have sufficient adhesion to a wall or ceiling.

  • The first step - delete old finish layer from the work surface. You can use a metal spatula or a scraper. To facilitate the removal process, you can wet the paper and wait for it to swell.

Fiberglass glued on a dispersion adhesive, can not be removed without the use of the composition of the solvent.

  • Clear the wall of coating residues, dust and dirt via large sandpaper.
  • Level the surface using putty. Gloss over all the small cracks and irregularities.
  • If the wall has deep cracks and signs of destruction, require alignment of capital with the help of rules and reinforced mesh.
  • After drying, the plaster layer should be thoroughly primed surface and to walk a fine sandpaper.

Note! If you do not know how quickly pokleit wallpaper, use a special machine for spreading fabric glue and sheet cutting. This arrangement greatly facilitates the performance of work and allows to apply the adhesive uniformly and economically.

Nuances pasting corners and ceiling

how quickly pokleit wallpaper

The combination of different upholstery materials

Wallpapering in tight spaces requires knowledge and practice. So, how to pokleit wallpaper in the corners we asked professionals.

Pasting angle can be two versions - internal and external. With external angle is simple - after drying fabric adhesive qualities it snugly and securely, so it will be quite a small allowance sheet.

On the inner corner of left projection of several centimeters, and the following web overlapping glue and then glued on top ledge.

After drying, parts of the sheets might peel off from the wall, but will be bonded to each other and do not create gaps.

Samples Wallpapering

Samples wallpapering the ceiling

Wallpapering the ceiling - quite a difficult job, but doable.

Remember that before pasting required training ceiling.

All old finish peeled off, cracks smeared with plaster, to align the fixed reinforced mesh ceiling completely leveled and primed.

Canvas pasted on the window, the butt joint.

Measure out the tape measure the required distance, retreating from both sides in the width of the roll and then measures the length.

Examples Wallpapering

Pasting ceiling surface

We carry out work in stages:

  • glue is applied to the reverse side of the sheet from the center to the edge;
  • add up the sheet in an accordion;
  • the upper bellows portion is applied to the ceiling, align and straighten the rubber roller;
  • gradually straighten accordion without forgetting to align the surface from the center to the edges, removing air bubbles;
  • the next sheet is laid end to end to the first joint, the procedure is repeated.

That's how you can easily paste over the ceiling wallpaper, without involving the second person. Quickly and conveniently.

Variety of material and sticking

What pokleit wallpaper in the nursery

Reception "accent wall" in the nursery

For gluing paper webs used purpose adhesive, which is applied to the reverse side of the sheet. After 2-3 minutes, you can start gluing.

Slightly different technology gluing textile fabrics. They are quite heavy, so to keep them on the plane need to glue PVA-based. It is applied to the underside of the sheet and directly onto papered surface.

If you do not know how to hang wallpaper silkscreen - memorable. Silkscreen as vinyl coated, should be well impregnated with glue.

Fiberglass glued with a special dispersion adhesive, after drying, they are very difficult to dismantle the wall. Glue is applied not to the back side of the web, but only to paste over the surface. Similarly glued vlies material.

A special issue - children's room

What pokleit wallpaper in the nursery? This is an issue which can be solved, it is necessary to consider not only the design ideas, but also environmentally friendly materials.

  • natural wallpaper with bright decorative surface suitable for this room.
  • This may be conventional vinyl coating with a beautiful pattern with paper webs adhered stickers or fabric finishing of natural material.
  • Separately can be considered liquid wallpaper, they can be used to create a wall drawing of heroes favorite cartoon.

Type of surface: when he is important

It is known that the type of surface on which are glued cloth affects the result. If we consider the examples, you can see that it is best to trim rests on the leveled surface or primed drywall sheets.

Often the question arises whether it is possible to glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper? Our response - a categorical "no." We will continue.

Concrete has too many irregularities, the old cloth can move away from the wall, tile too slippery and does not provide a firm grip for wallpaper paste, lime sufficient wet.

how to hang wallpaper on lime

Adhesive for different types of wallpaper

If someone asks how to hang wallpaper on lime, explain the absurdity of this idea.

The only material that can be glued on the new canvas without much prior training - oil paint.

You need to clean the surface with a metal spatula to make a notch and primed with diluted glue.

After this wall, painted with oil paint, will be ready.


So, now you know how to pokleit wallpaper - video in this article will be a logical continuation of the consideration of the topic. Good luck in creating your own unique interior!

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